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Paul Draper

Paul Draper

Hello Stage 32 people. I'm glad to have found this network. I'm an English (Dorset based) writer, for both screen and prose and am currently producing my first short film, "Hawks", which is due to be filmed in July. It's a story about spies, but deeper than that it's about what we sacrifice when we commit ourselves to a lifetime of work above all else. It's going to be dressed to be set in 1968.

My wheelhouses are horror (particularly folk horror) and comedy, and am working on a number of feature projects in that direction. My short story fiction collection 'Black Gate Tales' (available pretty much everywhere) gives short bursts of my writing and ideas if anyone fancies a look. My touchstones are Robert Eggers, Ari Aster, Jim Cummings, Brandon Cronenberg, Ben Wheatley, Edgar Wright.

Please feel free to hook up with me if that's your thing, or even if it's not. My motto is to 'leave a trail of friends', and am always interested in what folks are doing if they are passionate and able to leave the old ego at the door. Life's too short for aggro, eh? I'm loving reading all your profiles today. Nice to meet you! :)

Jaye Adams

Hey there Paul! Happy to connect! I’m in the midlands in the UK. Love that you are into folk horror and I have just grabbed the audible version of Black Gate Tales, so excited to give that a listen, right up my street! And absolute best of luck with your first short, I made my first short last year so more than happy to lend a hand or a chat if you need.

Tasha Lewis


Kat Rollinson

Hi Paul, I am a fellow Brit, just starting out with writing screenplay drafts. Nice to meet you too! I am loving the writing itself, it has freed a part of me that I didn't even know was trapped. Whether I make it or not, I will have had an incredible ride. You mention in your profile that you "mentor and moderate a number of local and online writing groups". I would be interested to hear more about that, although I am not local (London/ Essex based). I will now go an educate myself what "folk horror" is! Cheers, Kat

Paul Draper

Thank you folks!

Jaye Adams - Thanks for your interest in BGT! Do you have a link to your short? I'd love to take a look. I'm in the depths of classic vehicle hire at the moment. This producing job is pretty involved!

Kat Rollinson - Nice to meet you. :) I love hearing about writers who have just started tapping into that side of themselves. I always recommend watching "Ira Glass - The Gap" on Youtube for those moments when it seems like too steep a hill to climb. Just a two minute video which explains so much about getting to grips with the process. Feel free to DM me re: writing groups. Have a great day!

Phil Clarke

Welcome, Paul. I'm sure you'll find the site a benefit. If you ever want to talk one-on-one, by all means message me anytime.

Monica Mansy

Welcome aboard, Paul Draper it's great to meet you! Congrats on your short currently in pre-production; how exciting! I think you would love our Writers' Room. A few writers have created writing cafes, in which we meet over zoom and write and can take breaks as well. In addition to the cafes, we practice pitches, give and receive script coverage, have the opportunity to pitch working exec's and so much more. To check it out for a free month, please email Jason Mirch (, the Director of Script Services, for a free month.

Joanna Karselis

Welcome Paul, nice to meet you! I love scoring horror films and would love to chat sometime (actually just been audio-binging Clint Mansell's music for the new Ben Wheatley film over the weekend, can't wait to see the film!)

Magdel Roets

Hi Paul, I'm not sure your genre is my favourite, but I like your attitude and am happy to meet you here on Stage32. Blessings on all your endeavours.

Jaye Adams

Oh amazing, I love looking through classic/vintage anything but I bet cars are one of the harder things to find! No problem, I'm really enjoying BGT so far and it's great that you also narrated the audible version yourself too, you do it well :) Thanks so much for your interest in my horror short, if you want to have a watch you can do that with this link, it's a micro 3 minuter!

Paul Draper

Jaye Adams that was great! Good work.Thank you so much for acquiring Black Gate Tales, I'm delighted you like the audio version.

James Welday

Hey Paul, pleased to meet you. Sounds like a creative just up my alley.

Paul Draper

Thanks all and a special thanks for all the network requests. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Leonor R. Santos

Welcome Paul

Samantha Lee

Good luck with your first short film, keep us updated on how its going

Paul Draper

Thanks Samantha. We had our first table read this week, great to get together with the actors.

Samantha Lee

Hi Paul, sounds like its all going well, would love the day I could sit for a table read on something I have written. keep going

Tasha Lewis

Welcome! Congratulations!

Åsa Älmeby Thorne

Welcome and your film sounds great.

Leonor R. Santos

Welcome! Paul! Good Wish you all the best on your first short film "HAWKS" . It sounds very promising!

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