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Matt Wolf

Screenwriter Matt Wolf

Stage 32ers,

My name is Matt and I'm a screenwriter who has had success in the thriller/horror space recently. Looking to connect with other like-minded individuals, so feel free to reach out and introduce yourself. In the meantime, here is more info about me:

I'm a Los Angeles native whose love of writing and entertainment are what led me to pursue a career as a professional writer. Self-taught, I've honed the craft through reading countless books, articles, screenplays, teleplays, listening to podcasts, and watching thousands of films and TV shows. To date I've written or co-written six features and four pilots. My recent successes include being hired by Mar Vista Entertainment, as well as a few directors, to write thrillers for them. I also developed a psychological thriller with Smart Entertainment (Blades of Glory, TED movies, The Boy Next Door), which they are now working to produce, and I'm in final negotiations to sell a horror feature to another production company. Ultimately, I'm a highly collaborative individual who has the ability to write across all genres by drawing upon my eclectic taste, personal observations, and diverse life experiences.

With gratitude,


Jerrod D. Brito

Hey, Matt. I am one of the like-minded individuals of which you speak. Congratulations on your recent successes. I have yet to work with a major production company (I've only worked on indie projects with my very talented friends thus far), but let me know if you'd like to act as a reader or bounce board for one-another sometime.


– J

Matt Wolf

Sounds great, Jerrod. Appreciate you responding to my post!

Teresa Barber

Greetings, and congratulations on your many successes.

I'm marketing my first feature, just completed a short and pushing now to finish up a collaborative project with a WGA friend/writer

Busy is good!

Alex R Price

Hey Matt,

I'm a novelist in Southwest Wyoming. I've heard more than one author say that a person shouldn't start writing until after the age of 40, basically to gain life experience. I've always been creative; thought outside the box; almost literally blown myself up via natural gas compressor; revived my son from hanging himself only to let him go a few weeks later; learned that my oldest daughter wasn’t mine. Yeah, I've got a fair dose of experience.

I've been transfering those experiences into novels but have come across some stories that would be better in film than a novel. I learn best by making mistakes.

I'd love to work with a mentor like yourself or some one you recommend.

All the best


Anthony Osarfo

You're certainly my kind of kind. Let's link up. Congrats.

Art Thomas

Hello Matt, nice to meet you. If ever there is a chance to collaborate, we are always open.

Some of our produced work can be found at:


AVA: and


Have a blessed holiday season and may 2020 be a great year for you and yours.

Art Thomas

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