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Kathryn Wasson

Top sites that get attention

Hello everyone! I have my pilot posted to several sites and pay for them. Just curious if anyone has had success on certain sites, and which ones to steer clear of. I have some attention on my pilot and really want to move forward! Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!!

Matthew J. Kaplan

Hi Kathryn, I'm responding in part so I can follow this discussion, but also curious if the attention you have received from your pilot is though one of these sites. If so, can you share which one? Thanks!

Kathryn Wasson

I have it listed on TV writers project, The Black List and InkTip. The Black List has been very helpful and getting attention there.

Kathryn Wasson

I've also used script coverage here. The feedback is very helpful in the drafting process. If you can afford it, it is worth it!

Eoin O'Sullivan

Hi Kathryn. I think as with most things in life, it's worth doing due diligence. I've no experience of using Ink Tip, but I remember they used to have a list of successes a few years back (maybe they still do) and most, if not all, were clones of major studio properties, like Metal Man (Iron Man) and another that stuck out which was along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean. From what I remember they were low to no budget, by independent companies. The Black List has some major successes (just starting hosting a script myself last month) but unless you score above the site average and/or have industry help to bump your script, it's tough to get traction.

Craig D Griffiths

Script Revolution

Works well and has worked for me.

Craig D Griffiths

Hostage sold from a contact made there. It is a good place to make contacts. It is up to you to build a network from there.

Inktip states that you cannot contact people.

Pete Whiting

If you have an Indie low budget film then Ink Tip could be good. Not so good for anything more. A lot of the companies or producers seem to have done tv ads, film clips and low budget work. Not to say they are bad or ink tip is not good, just dont except much if you put your 70+ million budget sci fi on there. I always find some of the scripts people seeking kinda weird too - "wanting a sci-fi comedy set in Peru with child protagonist who is blind but is selected to go to space to fight galactic aliens. Budget 200-500k".

Or As I had happen someone requested a family comedy that was "Goonies meets Home Alone" featuring a 12 year old boy and ironically my script G.I BRO met tihs criteria was described exactly like that by me and 2 coverage services and got very good feedback. Sent it in but told they were not interested. So might have come down to budget.

Have scored 8 on blacklist for scripts but nothing come from it for me. But have heard others having success.

Had my scripts downloaded several times from script revolution and ISA but nothing happened yet.

Have had more success from query letters.

Craig D Griffiths

I get the Inktip leads once a week. I am beginning to see “if you have pitched us before don’t resend”. I am think they are not getting as many producers using their service as it did before.

Kathryn Wasson

Thanks for all the info, just signed up on script revolution... is it worth it to donate for additional info?

Bill Albert

So Script Revolution and Ink Tip are places to check out?

Louis Tété

Slated is useful, i heard some success stories from partners. You should check it out Kathryn Wasson

Richard Buzzell

I sold my feature script, "Robot Love" through Script Revolution, so I would definitely vouch for it as a worthwhile place to list your scripts.

CJ Walley

Have to admit I just got a little misty-eyed to see Script Revolution being recommended alongside the Black List and InkTip. In the eight years I've been in the game, I've never seen a topic on script listing sites where it's the actual writers posting talking about their own success stories. Kinda gives me a lump in my throat to know SR is working for so many of you. Gulp. No you're crying!

It's been a tough three years growing the site and, as some of you know, life's kicking my ass right now. Thanks to the Patreon supporters, it's still hanging on with a community that's growing stronger every day. Plus I've been able to really push my technical skills lately to bring in lots of new features.

Also remember that the site you are on right now is enormously powerful with its own script listing facilities and incredible networking possibilities with a popular blog providing a great opportunity to share your thinking on the craft and business.

Jerry Robbins

I am on both Inktip and Script Revolution. I was optioned on Script Revolution, and then the option turned into a sale. On Inktip, I've had lots of script downloads from small companies in the 100-500k range, and also bigger players as well. I have not nailed a sale yet on inktip, but I have had a couple of shop options. Both are great sites; Black List wasn't for me. I've done a few pitches on Stage 32 and had some script requests.

Matthew J. Kaplan

I just joined and added projects to Script Revolution. It’s great - thank you, CJ!

Craig D Griffiths

CJ, I believe that you have attracted good writers to your site due to you not being money focused (I have tried to encourage some more monetisation).

This collection of good writers has made the not so good raise their game. It has also resulted in producers coming over to find material as the quality is high.

Well done.

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