The Stage 32 Videos: Tv Pilot

You've Been Served Pilot H264 4K.mp4

Filmed in late 2019, written, directed and produced by me, Shen Friebe. The Big 19 put a spanner in the works for me to pitch this to production companies (let alone, being a filmmaker from Australia is a hell of a spanner itself) so I figured at least, others out there can enjoy what we all worked so hard to create (well, we hope you do!). So, pour yourself some French champagne I won't be able to afford on my salary, sit back, hold tight, and make yourself at home at The de Lacy manor. A special thanks to every single cast and crew member who was a part of this very special project. Your talents are immeasurable.


CollegeU is a patented show created about the life of a college student and what him and his adventures. Contact me for more info we are working on looking to do more with this show along with critiques of the script writing and other elements.


Title sequence animation for the TV Pilot, JOB HOPPERS.

Age of Prophecy Prologue3 promo

Age of Prophecy Prologue pt3 promo, is an adaptation from a series concept, and a series treatment. This is a promo clip in lieu of the full clip - coming so...


*NSFW* (Adult Themes/Language. No Nudity.) The Robinsons can't possibly imagine the wild journey they're about to embark on when their new pansexual roommate, Lana, enters their lives and pushes their open-mindedness to its limits. It's unconventional for a married couple to live in DTLA, to have a roommate, and certainly to explore the world of polyamory. But at least life in Julia and Zerek's crowded loft is anything but boring, routine, or normal. Format: Half-Hour TV Series Genre: Dramedy/ROM-COM The Team: Jennifer Smith - Screenwriter and Executive Producer Maurice Whitfield - Actor and Producer Carly Casey - Actor and Producer Gerrad Wilson and Andrew Fairbank - Executive Producer

Mo's Slim Chance - Pilot Presentation

An over-the-top mockumentary following an Arab immigrant's chaotic path to becoming a U.S. citizen, while struggling to balance political correctness, social consciousness, and what it really means to be Arab in America.

CREOLE Pitch Teaser

LA based writer seeking pitch opportunities. CREOLE is a show that I conceptualized almost 3 years ago. My goal as a writer who is looking to create scripted television is tell new, original, and daring narratives. Creole tells the story of a New Orleans family of VooDoo witches who quickly find that their family and world is in immense danger as dark forces murder their patriarch. People of color can lead a fantasy filled show and it can appeal to the masses. Please enjoy our teaser.

Monstra Teaser

After a brokenhearted father discovers his wife’s infidelity, he travels with his son to Arcata to stay at a family property to clear his mind and heart , but when his son finds a strange, gothic key and vanishes without a trace, the desperate father must solve and face the impossible : crossover into a dead world and find his son.

Comedy Pilot - Thugs in Blankets

A comedy show Pilot I co-wrote, directed and starred in.

The SZN Teaser Trailer #1.mp4

A conceited entrepreneur concocts his way to become the next COO of an independent media company to prevent his partners from taking the throne. Premieres July 17 at 'The Cinematic Affair' in Houston, Texas & streaming on SGA TV Network.

Bees helping those in need. "The Medical Messengers" Ground…

For thousands of years we have turned to the bee for medical reasons.Now may be the time to revisit why and in the process save mankind.
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