Filmmaking / Directing : My HollyShorts Film Festival Experience with Stage 32's Short Film Program Premiere! by Sy Huq

Sy Huq

My HollyShorts Film Festival Experience with Stage 32's Short Film Program Premiere!

Heya fellow friends,

Good day! This is Sy Huq, writer/director of the short film, "Things That Fall", one of the winners from the 4th annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest, excited to make my first Stage 32 post.

Wanted to write about the experience. On August 17th, I brought myself, cast, and crew and rocked HollyShorts Film Fest's red carpet with RB, Amanda, Tanya, Carlos, Avery, and Jonathan. We did some fun interviews, gathered together for a little huddle, and we connected almost instantly. Like put us all in an instant sugar-free Quaker Oats bag, set a microwave for 2 minutes (less if you're using milk) and BOOM -- family.

Afterwards, we rushed into a theatre of the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre (think, that Rush Hour shot) and walked into a SOLD OUT showing of our films. What a blessing. Even more -- the films were incredible. One after the other they continued to blow me away. By the time the showing was over, I had stars in my eyes. What incredible filmmakers and storytellers. 

They invited us down for a Q&A, and the audience was really engaged. Tons of questions, tons of laughs, and tons of inspiring moments. Afterwards, it was hugs all around, and I felt this communal sense of passion in storytelling tantamount to (if I may) astronauts strapping into a brand new rocketship, aimed at the future, hi-fiving each other for completing the gruesome training, a little terrified that the engineers spent 45-minutes making sure the seatbelts would hold us down, but ready for takeoff.

All in all, I'm pretty honored (and lucky) to be included among this incredible community. This introduction, and the main reason why I'm jotting this down for the Stage 32 community, is to leave a little testimonial that my personal experience of making the transition from writer to filmmaker included some of the most collaborative and warm people I've ever met, and that resides within the filmmaking community itself.





A college student haunted by the auditory hallucinations of schizophrenia finds a connection with a deaf classmate in a library and makes a lot of noise to get her attention.


Jahmilla Jackson

Congrats to yall!!

Philip Sedgwick

Congrats to you and your team, Sy. Glad you found the "family" setting on the microwave.

Dan MaxXx

is the entire short movie online to see?

Sy Huq

Dan MaxXx not yet, we're still on film festival tour with it! Thanks for asking!

Joleene DesRosiers

Sy Huq check you inbox!

Artur Lago-Varjapetian

Congratulations! Looks very good.

Juliette McCawley

Congrats! Thank you too for sharing your experience - got me inspired and motivated!

Jean Buschmann

Congrats, Sy! Powerful trailer. Story hits home as a long time advocate for someone with severe mental illness. So glad to see you busting stereotypes and serving up compassion. Please post link where we can see it online if/when it's available.

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