Introduce Yourself : Greetings from Italy by Alessio Vasarin

Alessio Vasarin

Greetings from Italy

Hi everyone, I'm Alessio from Bolzano(Italy). As many people out there I started as a hobbyist, and then I found myself trying and having to do this as a job. In December 2014, after 3 years of "solitary" work, I founded with some fellows FrabiatoFilm, an independent video production company. Here's our last showreel. Enjoy!

Gigi M. Green

Great work.

Alessio Vasarin

Hi Sean, nice to get in touch with you! Everything was shot here in Alto Adige and Trentino! If you would like we can talk further!

Einar Gabbassoff

Ciao, Alessio! Very beautiful showreel! Have you already done any TV commercials ?

Alessio Vasarin

Hi Einar, thank you to get in touch! No, any tv ads at the moment, mostly for web ads campaign or off-line advertising.

Alessio Vasarin

We've been working on various projects: commercials for web, live events, fictional works(short and length feature films), documentaries and reportages, we're now trying animation and infographic. You can find out more at our Vimeo page

Alessio Vasarin

Thanks Sean! This is currently the biggest project we are working on. Now we are in deep post-production, and ewe hope it'll be finished in may!

Alessio Vasarin

Unfortunately it's a no-budget production, and now we don't have the money for a proper campaign. But will be online as soon as possible!!

James David Sullivan

Nice job!

Maria Lee Carta


Debbie Croysdale

Enjoyable to watch, showing different aspects/facets of Italy, with a cross section of different kinds of people. Would make a fantastic cutting edge promotion, a lot more sparkier with more drama than usual banal tourism ads. The under water scene was a good "switch" after we saw the girl with the "shady character" in her distance. Debbie

Alessio Vasarin

Thank you Debbie for the comment, I really appreciate.

Dennis Alberti

Hey, I'm italian too! I'm a cameraman based here in LA with my own equipment, if you want to talk about any project let me know! Fammi sapere, magari ci prendiamo un caffe!

Alessio Vasarin

Hi Dennis, unfortunately I live in Italy, no LA for the moment! Quindi niente caffè per il momento!!!

Bryan Manley Davis

Really great stuff!

Alessio Vasarin

Thank you Brian!

Felicia Mariah D'Ascanio

Absolutely beautiful.

Alessio Vasarin

Thank you Felicia!

Richard "RB" Botto


Maria Lee Carta

2nd time I am hearing this great music and watching the video Fabulous!

Eva Pohler

Beautiful and emotionally moving. Very artistic!

Alessio Vasarin

Thanks guys, I really appreciate!

Jerome K. Wright

Pretty Cool!

Alessio Vasarin

Thank you!

James David Sullivan

"Memories of a Water-Color Tapestry"

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