Introduce Yourself : Horror, Sci Fi and lover of comic by Morgan R. Tegtow

Morgan R. Tegtow

Horror, Sci Fi and lover of comic

Hi Everyone, I'm a screenwriter in North Hollywood who specializes in horror. Just finished producing a short for Cryptv. Anyone else into horror or sci fi?

John Ellis

Sci-fi as a vehicle to explore the complete range of human experience, from joy to sadness, nobility to decadence. Horror, no, not at all. But welcome to S32!

Morgan R. Tegtow

Thank you for the welcome and to you sir I say that horror is the truest exploration to humankind's greatest question: what lies between life and death.

And isn't it great to see people terrorized by monsters :)

Aray Brown

I love horror! Welcome

John Demuary

Love horror if you ever want to collaborate we should, Montana is untouched with alot of potential

Alan M. Cossettini

Yes! Check what we're doing here and leave your pitch if you wish btw!

David E. Gates

If you like horror, you might like my novels, The Roots of Evil and The Wretched.

Andrea D. McGee

Love horror and sci-fi!

Kelly Krause

raises hand Horror, sci-fi and fantasy are my favorites... Bit of a comic geek, as well, so we should get on just fine. ; ) Hope to connect and collaborate. Welcome to Stage 32! : )

Brian Alan DeLaney

I am a huge fan of horror and scifi. And I have really liked a lot of what I have seen from CryptTv. Congrats!

Rolando Joseph Herrera


Rutger Oosterhoff

Yes, but horror wit a humor in it. I like "Shaun of the Dead".

Brian Alan DeLaney

Rutger Oosterhoff , SotD is easily one of my favorite zombie movies.

Rutger Oosterhoff

... horror drenched in humor in a way only the English can deliver.

Carisia Switala

Yes, I have written two horror screenplays so far.

Chris Everheart

The Exorcist scarred me for life but Salem's Lot '79 miniseries is still a fave. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse is the funniest zombie flick since Dawn of the Dead, which becomes a comedy after you've seen it 30 times.

Aray Brown

I'm working on a drama/horror pilot

Jeff Gress

Writing my third horror screenplay now.

Qazi Fabia Hoq

I am interested in horror and dark drama. Nice to meet you, Morgan.

Eric Gilmartin

I read, watch, and write science fiction, and dabble in the fantasy. Horror isn't my thing so much, unless it's funny ("Shaun of the Dead" or "American Werewolf" spring to mind). I like the Hammer films, they're fun.

Allen Lynch

Hello Morgan! Fan of Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, & anything that has a good story!

John Demuary

Eighties horror has to be the best

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