Introduce Yourself : Late to the Party but glad I'm Here - Director/Actor/Writer/Producer by Cate Carson

Cate Carson

Late to the Party but glad I'm Here - Director/Actor/Writer/Producer

Every now and then doesn't it make you roll your eyes at yourself a little bit when you put 17 (or 4) titles next to your name? Or is it just me? :) Hey everyone - I have only recently started getting hip to all that is Stage 32 - it was one of those things where I already had a bajillion social media sites and didn't want to keep up with another one. BUT thanks for being persistent RB because I'm glad I'm in. Just this month alone, I've watched 6 webinars and found tons of useful information. Oh wait, I'm supposed to be introducing myself. OK let's see - well I'm pretty excited to finally be moving to LA after working in film in New England for the past 5 years. I started as an actor and then moved into the production side of things, starting the company Sensorium Pictures. This last year for me has been a whirlwind of competition-based filmmaking - HBO's Project Greenlight Top 20 "Whiskey Boys" , followed by Wildcard winning/Top 4 Lionsgate finalist for a national comp they ran for female directors. Now, thanks to the hibernation that is winter, we are almost at the finish line for my two-film short film "Cleave" that will be submitted to the 2016/17 fest circuit (you can see the first trailer here: I'm pretty excited about how it's shaking out. We're also finalizing the packaging for a Period Western (or Eastern as we refer to it) miniseries set just after the Civil War. * I would tell you more, but we haven't copy-written the new script yet and all that jazz. The second package we're working on is for a low budget family/holiday/dramedy/whimsical fantasy feature, "Charlotte Sometimes" This of course means treatments/biz plans, look books, briefs, character profiles, posters/promo material, and branding. It's pretty much essential that I do yoga every day or I'm liable to not fit in my pants anymore with all the time I'm spending with my computer. So there's that. Acting-wise, I'm buckling down on training right now. I'm enjoying the Masterclass with Dustin Hoffman and getting together with scene partners to work stuff out. Because of the move, I don't have more in production right now, but I'm cool with that because I get to studyyyy. Anyway, that's me. I have more stuff wherever @catecarson can be found - , and @sensoriump. Our site is under construction as we wait for @thegrid to finally be available to us. It's been in beta forever, but an AI website? Yeah I'll wait. So- would be better for now. Oh btw - Christmas in 4 days. Final shopping reminder. You're welcome.

Cleave. 554 likes. A blue-collar couple living the "American dream" suffer while remaining loyal to a failing and toxic marriage.
Aaron Murray

Hello Cate! Oh my goodness it looks like you've been keeping busy. That's awesome. Good luck on your move to LA and on your projects!

Madelyn Ritrosky

And hi to you, Cate. Yes, I noticed you as a woman director.... I just edited my post to add website info etc for anyone interested. I also see the Civil War era miniseries you have in development -- I added a note to my post about my film actor son Jared Winslow and his Civil War feature....

Cate Carson

@Madelyn - thanks for sharing, will check it out. @Aaron, thanks! You as well. Not the moving to LA part obvs. :)

David Perlis

Wow, Cate, you've got so much going on! Enjoyed watching your trailer. I'll be heading south to L.A. in a few months, myself. Catch ya there!

Cate Carson

@David - thanks for watching the trailer. And yes, let's connect now and see you there!

Phil Duran

Wow, keep up the great work! I hope to work with you someday soon!

Kevin Murray

Welcome Cate. Everything you are working on sounds super exciting. Congrats on the successes and may they continue for a long, long time. Cheers from the east coast.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Great intro Cate. You've covered kind regards, multiple projects and a holiday shopping reminder, so I bet everything on your checklist is already marked off. :) You mentioned webinars so you probably already seen this one: But you haven't mentioned any blogs, so here are few that reference moving to LA: I hope some of this helps. Cheers and Happy Holidays, Tomasz

Cate Carson

Thanks @Phil and @Kevin! @Tomasz, everything except finalized food making plans. ha! I did actually watch that webinar, thanks :) I will definitely check out the blog section. Happy holidays to you as well.

Kenneth W. Wood

Welcome to the community Cate. All the best.

Francesca Varisco

Welcome here! You sound very happily busy :)))

Bruce L. Stanton

Hi Cate, nice to meet you.

Alex Sanon

Welcome Cate! We are glad you are here.

Jeanie Hobgood

Hey Cate; better late than never. Hope you have a good holiday.

Ashley Moore

Hi Cate, I'm Ashley Moore Nice to meet you here.

Sue Lange

Good luck with the film festivals!

Shereen Elcherif

Good luck Cate.

Kirk Ryde

Wishing you success Cate you're doing fine work!

Cate Carson

Thanks all! Great to connect :)

Aliyah Mitchell

You are indeed here, nice to meet you! Keep learning! Best, Aliyah

Tom Luca

Hi Cate, pleasure meeting you.

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