Screenwriting : Attention screenwriters: scam alert! by Phillip "The Scribe Who Cares'" Hardy

Phillip "The Scribe Who Cares'" Hardy

Attention screenwriters: scam alert!

Yesterday, I received this email from a man claiming to work with filmmaker, Sir Alan Parker (Mississippi Burning, Fame, Midnight Express) soliciting my services as a screenwriter. This person is using a Manhattan, New York area code and Alan Parker email address. Apparently, his real email name is Jet Lee Hollaryemmie. He sent this text to another screenwriter and member of S32, and so I'm posting it so you can be aware of it:

Hello, my name is Ian. I work for Sir Alan Parker from Alan Parker Film. There's a job opening for a writer on our upcoming feature film production starting a month from now. Your work on this production will require you to stay full time till the end of production and your pay per day would be $1,500. Kindly respond with your recent resume, availability and sample of your recent job (link) to my email ( prompt response will be highly appreciate.

I sent him an email with my resume and 10-page work sample and he sent me back this email:

Hi Phillip,

I hope this finds you well? Thanks for the confirmation of your availability and sorry for the delay in response. Your works has been reviewed and am happy with your works. You'll be a good fit for the project we have coming up in 3 to 4 weeks from now. You have been invited to be the write for out feature film titled DARKNESS

About Us:

Sir. Alan is a digital media strategist, Moving Picture Producer, Video Editor, Photographer, Videographer, Video Artist, Interactive Designer & Illustrator. Also i specialize in landscape and night-sky photography, motion-controlled time-lapse, and creative dSLR film-making. I also hold private and group workshops and classes, as I love to teach other people how to achieve their creative photographic vision.


1. To ensure that commissioned scripts are of the required standard, conform to the editorial brief and are available for use at the appropriate time.

2. To advise on all script related matters associated with the production, and to manage the

relationship between the writer and the production.

3. To generate creative ideas and story ideas of the highest standard consistent with Casualty.


1. Throughout the production, to represent the interests of the writer to the production team. To ensure that the author consents to major script changes and to convey the writer’s point of view in his/her absence.

2. To preserve the quality of the working relationship between the Production team/Director and writer.

3. To ensure that writers are sufficiently aware of the financial implications of editorial decisions.

4. To be responsible for providing writers with sufficient information to enable the editorial brief to be met in respect of style, content, form and any other special considerations.

5. To ensure the consistent treatment of established characters and continuity within the story line and episodes.

6. Where necessary to restructure and generate new storylines within your scripts.

7. To generate creative ideas and long term story ideas.

8. To turn drafts around quickly and creatively and to ensure all deadlines are met.

9. Where appropriate, to refer to the Script Producer to resolve doubts or competing views that may arise in relation to the script at any time.

10. To co-ordinate and communicate all script changes to those concerned.

11. To manage communication with medical advisors and co-ordinate all medical, technical and

editorial notes effectively.

12. To seek new material and take steps to identify and encourage new writing talent. To maintain an up-to-date awareness of emerging talent.

13. To ensure that scripts are prepared in the appropriate format.

14. To be aware of the full extent of the financial and purchasing authority of the post, and to ensure that this authority is exercised in accordance with BBC financial arrangements.

15. To ensure that writers are sufficiently aware of editorial values and standards, and that scripts are developed in a manner consistent with the BBC’s editorial policy guidelines.


1. Experience of script editing drama.

2. A knowledge of and access to new and established writers.

3. An understanding of copyright law, Writers Guild agreements, contracts and the legal implications of

the production process.

4. An awareness of the financial consequences of editorial decisions.

5. An enthusiasm and interest in popular entertainment, especially Casualty.


1. Interpersonal and communication skills sufficient to establish and maintain good working relations

with a wide range of contacts.

2. The ability to establish quickly the intentions of editorial and production notes, and convey these to

the writer(s).

3. An ability to empathise with writers.

4. The ability to generate creative production ideas, treatments and formats.

5. The ability to display tact and sensitivity when dealing with writers and producers.

6. Resilience and stamina to sustain performance when under pressure from tight schedules.

7. You’ll be proactive, self sufficient and able to trust your own instincts

8. The ability to work as part of a team.

9. The ability to keep abreast of professional, technological and working practice changes.


Analytical thinking - able to simplify complex problems, processes or projects into component parts, explore and evaluate them systematically. Able to identify causal relationships and construct frameworks for problem solving and/or development.

Communication - able to get one’s message clearly understood by adopting a range of styles, tools and techniques appropriate to the audience and the nature of the information.

Creative Thinking - able to transform creative ideas into practical reality. Can look at existing situations and problems in novel ways and where necessary come up with creative solutions.

Editorial Judgement - able to demonstrate balanced and objective judgement based on a thorough

understanding of the project commissioning brief, audience requirements, project guidelines and


Influencing and persuading - able to present sound and well reasoned arguments to convince

others. Can draw from a range of strategies to persuade people in a way that results in agreement or behaviour change.

Planning and Organising - able to effectively manage time, prioritise and plan activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors such as deadlines, staffing and resources.

During the production you’ll be booked in a hotel which is about 2 blocks away from the studio so transporting yourself to the studio shouldn’t be a problem. The pay is $2,000 a day, that is $6,000 for the 3 days you’ll be working for us. Both travel/hotel expenses will be covered by the company. Work hours will be from 9am to 2pm daily.


• AD & D Insurance

• 401(k)

• Medical, Dental, Vision

Available Position: Writer/ScreenWriter

Willing to take this job position, I will take necessary step to have my financial officer have payment for the purchase and allowance to carryout the task, mailed to you. The trial period runs for a week or two. If you want to sign up for this, Kindly provide the details below ...

Your Full name:

Mailing Address:

City, State, Zip Code:

Mobile Phone Number:

Two Work or Personal References

Best Regards

Ian Gianopulos

F: Sir Alan Parker CBE

Alan Parker FIlms

Mobile No: +1 (646) 588-1384





IMPORTANT\CONFIDENTIAL: This message and any attachments to it contain information from American film Industries, Inc., that is intended only for the use of the individual or other entity named as the recipient. No other individual or entity should rely on any opinions that may be expressed in this message or any attachments to it, as any such opinions are intended only for the benefit and use of the individual or other entity named as the recipient. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient or the employee or other agent responsible for delivering the message and any attachments to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this message and any attachments to it is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message and any attachments in error, please notify us immediately by telephone at (951) 429-0612 and permanently delete the message and any attachments from your e-mail system. Thank you.

The end game of this scam is to get your personal information, send you a phony check saying you've been overpaid and to try to get you to payback the difference. Here is another link to a variation of this scam from 2017:

This is a predator playing on people's hopes, desires and ambition. Need I say more?

Alan Parker - Director, Writer, Producer - Official Website
Alan Parker - Director, Writer, Producer - Official Website
The official personal website of the Oscar and BAFTA award-winning film director Alan Parker contains over 1000 photos and many behind-the-scenes essays.
Joey Madia

Thank you for sharing this!

Phillip "The Scribe Who Cares'" Hardy

Joey: You are most welcome.

Jody Ellis

ugh, the “let me send you a check” scam is a very common one and I can’t even tell you how many people have fallen prey to it. So annoying that it’s infiltrated the screenwriting industry.

Philip Sedgwick

Thanks for this. I have seen similar posts on Mandy. In fact, had all sorts of nonsense with some Indian/Chinese company wanting to shoot in my area and hire me to write for them. Mandy informed me that the posting party was under FBI investigation. Anyone have that number handy?

Erik A. Jacobson

This is simply a variation of the longtime scam on car buying run by a group of men out of Nigeria, although they use U.S. phone numbers. I've received dozens of offers from them on high-end vehicles. Usually things go silent when I respond with something like "Accept your offer. What time is your flight arriving from Nigeria?"

Phillip "The Scribe Who Cares'" Hardy

The bottom line if someone asks for money, run for the hills.

Tony S.

Hey, Phil. Can I borrow a hundred?

The following site is dedicated to a group who turned the tables on scammers. It is hilarious. Look for the story of the scammer who was told they'd get money for pledging to the anti-scammer's church if they returned a picture of them with a fish on their head. Or the anti-scam asking for a picture of a male scammer wearing panties... and they did. There's a few where the scammers got taken for money. Hours of fun!

Tony S.

Yep. The Church of Loaves and Fishes.

Pierre Langenegger

The Gmail email address for an LLC should have given it away immediately.

Cherie Grant

omg how bizarre. I wouldn't have responded to the first email as it's was so strange.

Bill Costantini

Grifts like this usually end up one way, and one way only: with Lily bringing Bobo the towel.

The good thing about this: it reminded me of how great Alan Parker's website is. Those are some great essays he shares on all his films.

I think I'm gonna go watch Angel Heart now. That sure is a great one.

David E. Gates

I'd take the money and run! LOL.

Phillip "The Scribe Who Cares'" Hardy

Bill C: Alan P really made some landmark films.

David E: There is no money and the checks these guys send out will bounce all the way back to the internet cafe in Nigeria.

Phillip "The Scribe Who Cares'" Hardy


I will generally respond to most leads but would never provide personal information like Social Security or bank account number. And never, ever give money to anyone. I answered an add on Sunday for a guy claiming he's a big player in Hollywood that wants a script on spec. After some due diligence on my part, my estimation is I'm far more connected than this "producer". So what do I need him for? However, it never hurts to look or reach out to someone. You never know what you'll find.

Phil Parker

The wandering job description is gold. From paragraph to paragraph it changes. You started out being hired as the writer for a feature film and end up like a gopher/script editor/production liaison/circus juggler lol.

Bummer. It would be hard not to get a little bit of hope up in the beginning, hey.

Ami Brown

I got the same message!

Lisa Clemens

He texted me. Knew it was too good to be true

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