Screenwriting : Loglines are gone by Ingrid Goldberg

Ingrid Goldberg

Loglines are gone

All my loglines have been dropped from my profile site! Has anyone else have this happen?

Aaron Carlson

Yes. Mine are gone as well.

Jay Han-San


Rutger Oosterhoff

Why do I feel everybody lost his/her loglines? Oh, welll, just got a parking ticket. What' s next?

Eoin O'Sullivan

It's best to report Technical issues to or using the site contact form.

Jerry Robbins

Yep - just came here to see if anyone else had the same problem.

Carlos de la Torre

Mine also gone!

Ingrid Goldberg

I e-mailed the " and have not heard anything back. That was 3 hrs ago.

Eoin O'Sullivan

I'm sure technical support is on PDT time and may not attend to emails on a Saturday. The issue is probably due to a site refresh or update and can more than likely be restored from a backup. Let's not panic :)

Divij Kak

Hi Ingrid, my loglines and screenplays have been deleted as well. I'm an actor and screenwriter from Mumbai,India.

Nick Paul

yeah, me too. I'm trying to find out

Michael Hultquist

Same here. Across the board! Strange. Most likely a technical issue.

Richard P. Alvarez

Loglines and IMDB credits - both dropped.

Eve K.

Yep. Same here. All gone.

Matthew H Emma

Add me to the list.

Brett Hoover

Yep, mine gone too. Hope this is a temporary problem.

Debbie Croysdale

@All I got a more sinister problem, I keep getting invites from people who joined and left site up to ten years ago. Some of my log lines gone but no all. I think issue goes deeper.

Desiree Argentina

Same here! Everything is gone! Why???

WL Wright

Mine too must be a computer glitch. They aren't perfect. Or maybe it's Hal. :)p

Tony S.

Wiped out.

Bill Albert

Mine too. Added 6 yesterday and all 9 were there this morning.

Craig Prickett


Ellis Barrowman

Mine too

Niksa Maric

I don't see mine either. I'm pretty sure they have a site backup stored somewhere.

Carlos de la Torre

I guess we’ll have to wait till Monday!

Coreetta S Buchan

Same here also. I've never seen anything like this on here before though.

Pierre Langenegger

One of the many glitches we seem to get here, I'm sure they'll be back at some point.

Ellis Barrowman

Job postings are gone as well. Debbie Croysdale, I too have had some questionable invites this past week. I agree it's a technical issue, there was a negative comment on Twitter yesterday regarding technical issues. I'm gonna go back to watching Muppets :-)

William G Chandler Jr

Same here. The hope it's a redo of the page. The other option... Stage 32 could be telling everyone to get writing?

John Ellis

Mine are back - anybody else?

Owen Mowatt

And just like that, they're back.

John Ellis

Job postings, too.

Wilmer Villanueva

Wuao ... it seems like an epidemic ... it happened to me too ... but I already recovered them

Richard P. Alvarez

Yep = all back now.

Pierre Langenegger

I like the Kint reference, Owen Mowatt

Niksa Maric

Mine are back too, they restored everything a few days back but I just received a bunch of notifications (30+) about this post, every single one showed up in my e-mail at once.

Paul Grammatico

Mine were gone two weekends ago and then they came back the next Monday. Maybe an ongoing issue.

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