Success Stories: JUL'30 Nicholl Fellowship

Nicholl Fellowship

I just got an email that my screenplay CLIMB advanced to the Quarterfinal Round at Nicholl! Very excited about it - even if it doesn't advance, I'm happy it made it this far!

Eric Pagan

Congratulations. Good luck!!

Jerry Robbins

Thank you, Eric. I appreciate it!

Philip Sedgwick

Nicely done. This placement in itself is an accomplishment!

Craig D Griffiths

That is like winning 10 other comps.

There are thousands of competitions. The Nicholl is the only one that matters. After all it is run by the same people that run the OSCARS.

Bill Albert

Have to start some where. Good luck.

Erick Freitas

That's awesome, man!

Phillip "The Gent" Hardy


Martin Reese

That is great! Quite an achievement in such a prestigious contest.

Doug Nelson

Congtats are in order. Quarterfinal in the Nicholl puts you ahead of 90% or more of the pack!

Michael Elsey

That is great news.

Jerry Robbins

Thanks, everyone! It was a total shock. Didn't think I stood a chance!

Stephen Foster


Andrew Jay

Is this the script formerly titled JIMMY AND... ? Phenomenal story. Congrats and good luck moving forward.

Romario David Ashley

awesome! best of luck in the Quarterfinals

Jerry Robbins

Hi Andrew! Yes, it is! Thanks!

Stephen Carter

Congratulations! That is really great news.

Stephen Thompson


Heidi Schussman

Good job Jerry!

Annie Shaffer

Wow! That is impressive!

Phil Parker

Well done!

Oliver Thomas

Congrats Jerry!

Daisy White


Monty C. Floyd


John V Amodeo


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