Screenwriting : Sorry... by Anthony Cawood

Anthony Cawood


Shameless brag, but I'm a tad excited... just been hired to write a low budget horror feature, scheduled to film next summer ;-)

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Nice Anthony!! How did you get the job?! Definitely keep us updated!

Anthony Cawood

Thanks Jean-Pierre, they took one of my shorts and liked the writing enough to hire me to write a feature... will def keep S32 updated.

Pierre Langenegger

Fantastic news Anthony, well done

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Anthony, how exciting!. These successes give everyone HOPE and we love GOOD NEWS! Is the low-budget horror script on vampires, zombies, or women who date too much? Also post this in the "Success Stories" category. Hooray, Anthony!

Tony Mcgrady

BRITISH Independent film producers Do they accept scripts through the post? What's the best way to get a script on your desk? Can you give any tips on this matter. If you could help shed some light on this I'd be very great full . And congratulations on your new job.

Anthony Cawood

@ LindaAnn - thanks and not strictly any of those, though I might try weave in some of the latter :-) @ Tony - thanks and regarding your questions... The script has been commissioned by someone in LA but don't think scripts go through the post in general these days, all on email. Re tips, I've been writing a series of articles for SimplyScripts you can find the links on my site - these should help. @ Pierre, many thanks Anthony

Tony Mcgrady

Thank you. And be lucky.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Anthony, I do think the theme of "women who date too much . . . meeting THE UNDEAD" - - gee, think of the possibilities!! - - could produce a new horror rom-com genre. (wink)

Anthony Cawood

Thanks Lisa, but alas no, next summer.

Tony Mcgrady

Wished I never read that link now, feel so deflated, never knew there was so much to do getting a script out.

Michael L. Burris

Cool. A jobs a job. Know where I can get one. Just kiddin' there. I'm trying the fellowship avenue again this year since I like to write television.

Kristopher M. Satchell


Becca-Chris M

Congrats, Anthony!

Anthony Cawood

@ Tony, writing the script is only the first step in a long journey, you're gonna have to get yourself out there.

Laddie Ervin

If you don't blow your own horn, there won't be any music. Congratulations on landing the gig.

Guy McDouall

Brag away! You're allowed to feel a tad pleased with yourself.

Phil Parker

Well done, Anthony! Thanks for sharing your success. We are all striving for moments like those and hearing inspiring stories keeps us going :-)

Nardz Belen

Big congrats, Anthony!

Shawn Speake

Yes! That is great news! Gotta say, I knew you were on your way. Your skills shine in your coverage. You are one class act, my friend!

Shari D. Frost

Congrats - and no need to apologize. Enjoy the moment!

Anthony Cawood

@ ALL - many thanks for the kind words.

Anthony Cawood

Thanks Clif, and don't worry Lisa we've set much closer delivery deadlines in the contract ;-)

Beth Fox Heisinger

I'm so happy for you, Anthony!

Anthony Cawood

Thanks Beth

Helena Ellison

Way to go Anthony!

Rick Reynolds

Awesome! Congrats, Anthony!!

Dash Riprock

Nice going Anthony!

Diego Lopes Silveira

Congratulations! Best of luck, man ;)

Phil Clarke

Congrats, Andy. Wishing you all the best. By all means get in touch if you need any help, analysis, advice etc.

Joseph Chastain


Nardz Belen

Big congrats! I do look forward to your forthcoming projects!

Jorge J Prieto

Congrats Anthony and keep us informed when production is completed.

Peter Elliott


Nardz Belen

It's always a great celebration learning that a Stage 32 Network member gets a screenwriting job! Cheers!

Anthony Cawood

Thanks agaian to all the recent well wishers, your support is really appreciated.

Natalie Melvin

Congratulations, Antony! Wonderful achievement! Tweeted your success. Warmest aloha!

Anthony Cawood

Larry/Natalie - many thanks. appreciated.

Lisa Clemens

Congrats!! Good luck!

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