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Laurie Ashbourne

Today's Wish and Creative Tip

As promised here are all of the (1st) 100 tips in one post. #12 is missing if someone finds it, I'll give you a prize. 100 Creative Tips and Inspirational wishes [volume 1] Sneak it in Where intention goes energy flows Change how you feel Fostering Babies Truer words have never been written Dialogue polish Explore Conflict on all Fours Break Your Theme Early Give Your Characters Space Exaggerate Precisely Show vs. Tell; character edition Plot exists to force your character to change When do you start with the end? Not all clocks and bombs have to tick Every World has Rules The Driving Force Cause and Effect Putting them through Hell Know thy elevator pitch Make me Care Trash Stories Order Up! The Promise vs. The Premise When to move on Character Arcs How to work a festival or conference Write your major turning points by hand Action Development – it’s elementary An Experiment Make Snoopy stand up Action Cures Fear Burn the Hearth of your story Weed Your Backstory The screenwriter’s conundrum Part 2 (the screenwriter’s conundrum) Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Walk the Line Precious Cargo From Zero to Hero Tangible Results Fatally Wounded Don’t write what you know Getting comfortable with conflict Plotting easy as ABC Satisfying Climax ELF 1st 10 pages Be Shameless Breaking up is hard to do Get to work The most engaging way to open Internal clarity and intentional choices Not all arcs are created equal Why? CUT TO: KISS Transformative bots Justice Metaphorically speaking Flawsome Scene Height Requirements What if? And When? How to start and end Picture your audience Conflict the sequel How do you picture success? Land Lines (dialogue) Remember When? Listen to TED Identity maintenance and your audience Page turners Feeling at the scene level A story vs. a thing that happened. Dialogue as Theme Depth of character Midpoint murders Are you keeping your story from being great? Character traits A whole new world Premise vs. plot Story Bored? Set the Stage Flashbacks Subtext Is age a barrier? Walk away Should you think like a studio boss? Is your world cinematic? How to be an ass Anti-heroes Changes Dialogue Life or Death Stakes Perfection The Creative Food Chain

Dan MaxXx

thank U Laurie! Im gonna read all of your articles for memorial weekend. cant compete with the Navy boys here in NYC for Fleet Week. No Uniforms at my Barnes & Noble store :0 and disturbing my peace and comfort zone!

Laurie Ashbourne

Have a great weekend, Dan -- I haven't forgot about you. ;-)

Dan MaxXx

no worries L. I can wait! Enjoy your weekend! Im already rewriting... :) Def Jam Comedy skits meets John Woo violence!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Thanks for taking the time to collect all your incredible posts in one place, Laurie! This is great! :) So, is your book coming out soon?—hint hint. LOL!

Bill Costantini

Great job, Laurie!

Fiona Faith Ross


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