Success Stories: APR'22 Yes!!

Lori Meyer


I'm thrilled to announce that I recently got a Rep for my new screenplay "Raina." Hopefully, this is step one to realizing my dream of someday seeing one of my screenplays up on that elusive big silver screen!

CJ Walley

Wow that's brilliant, Lori. Congrats.

Stephen Barber

Great news

Shari D. Frost


Brian Walsh

Fantastic! Keep us in the loop Lori. We'll be cheering for you.

Lori Meyer

Thanks so much, everybody!

Amanda Toney

Congrats Lori!! How'd it happen?

Christina Brewster


Chris Jones

You go girl! Congrats

Laura Cross

Way to go, Lori. All the best!

Nayana Khedkar

Congratulation ...lori

D.A Weiss

Congrats Lori, hope things continue to move forward with you!

Lee Bailes


Jane Salandria

Awesome!! Congratulations you must be over the moon!!!'

Judi A Blaze


John Charnay

Congratulations, Lori!

Lori Meyer

Shucks, you guys are all so nice. I so appreciate the encouragement. Lots and LOTS of query letters got me a great rep AND 7 requests from producers to read my screenplay. So Guys, query letters will yield results, but you must keep at it! Best to all of you!

Rebecca Beardslee


Andrew Bee

Congrats, Lori. That is fantastic!

Pete Stone

Congrats on getting to the next level, having rep is huge!

Amy Lloyd

Amazing, Lori. I imagine you feel a great sense of excitement and triumph. Best of luck with it.

Chris Jones

Great news Lori! Congratulations & best wishes

Brian Phillips

I hope to be as fortunate, congrats!

Marlene Hamerling

YAY! Keep on steppin'!

Sandra McMurphy


Laura Hanson

Congratulation...!! :)

Vincent Ivory

Congrats to you!!

Jon Eric Smith

fantastic I've been looking for 2 years for a rep.

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