The Stage 32 Videos: Dark Comedy

Reuben the Roller Roo | Teaser Trailer

REUBEN THE ROLLER ROO is a short film about a roller rink employee who struggles to balance his love of entertaining children with dealing drugs on the side. Starring Derek Hughes, Sam Landman, Anna Hashizume, Anil Margsahayam, Boima Freeman, Christopher Whiting Directed by Will Prescott Written by Will Prescott & Kellen Berg Produced by Justin Maas, Will Prescott, Kellen Berg, Nick Abdo, Stephen Holm

Ice Cream Man - Music Video - "Motion" 3D Storyboards

The future music video will be shot live action, on a live set, and with actors.Storyboards to music, for the future music video for the theme song "The Ice ...

Hit On Me - Proof of Concept

Directed by Liz Whitmere Starring Marvin Kaye, Paloma Nuñez, and Kirsten Alter

Completely Loyal to Me: a dark comedy

"And thus, like the wounded oyster, he mends his shell with pearl" Ralph Waldo Emerson Romancing their way into fortunes, Margaret and George meet their counterparts only to learn the tragic reality of a cliché. Margaret and George were a team, who used their considerable charms to romance others out of their fortunes. Margaret marries Samuel to inherit his millions only to learn after his untimely death that the terms of his will bound her to the estate and Samuel's manservant, William James. Changing their strategy, Margaret and George decide to get married. Instead of traveling the world to find new marks, they use the mansion to lure .them into their web. William James reluctantly agrees to help. When he meets Lennetta and Gary, William James realized that he has found who he had been seeking. Manipulating the meeting of the couples, he moves forward with each believing that he is their ally. It is only when their cons come to fruition that they realize he has another agenda.

1800 Degrees - A Short Film (Dark Comedy)

What happens when two crooks are put in a messy situation? 1800 Degrees is dark comedy about two guys trying to dispose of body. It follows some of the event...

Cleaning Junkie - A Short Film (suspense/thriller)

Written by a underground film studio, Cleaning Junkie takes a look into the life of a criminally connected punk janitor whose working a not so regular day at...

Mo's Slim Chance - Pilot Presentation

An over-the-top mockumentary following an Arab immigrant's chaotic path to becoming a U.S. citizen, while struggling to balance political correctness, social consciousness, and what it really means to be Arab in America.


Great advice for aspiring screenwriters and directors from Saha Baron Cohen's right hand man in creating Borat, Ali G, Brüno and The Dictator:

Official Trailer for Mrs. H 2021

Really pleased to present the new trailer for the film 'Mrs. H'. The story follows a young couple as they stay in a stunning B&B with a host who is more than a little odd. In fact, she's downright murderous! Fully self-funded; The film itself was shot safely during the pandemic ( the last week of Nov 2020) and we had the ENTIRE place to ourselves due to all hotels being on lockdown at the time. Written, Directed and Produced by Yours Truly. It's something I'm personally very proud of, as my first dark comedy. We had a fab cast and crew and now it's travelling around the festival circuit to see who bites. Until then, hope you folks enjoy the trailer. *Contains strong language*
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