The Stage 32 Videos: Female Director

The 31: Origins; Drek and Nukte meet Kane

That is a real machete at my throat, but the blood is chocolate cherry flavored. Concept film for The Lost Ones, an offshoot of The 31, about how Kane recruits Drek and Nukte from surviving on their own for many years to serving as second in command of the powerful, opportunistic militia that preys on unwitting groups of survivors.

Colleen Davie Janes - Directing Reel (2020)


The Hitchhiker (Short Film)

A woman gets more than she bargained for when she picks up a stranger on the side of road. Written and directed by Lindsey Paulette Starring Kyle E. Felter ...

One Stop Arcade (short film)

Two arcade patrons must survive a night locked inside with an unknown evil.

The Summer Shift (Original Pilot)

A mockumentary following the lives of six sleep away camp counselors.SUBSCRIBE to see future projects and check out my "Short Films" playlists to watch past ...

Voices in the Trees (Short Film)

A young woman goes on a camping trip only to find herself face to face with the monster that took her sister the year before.Starring Graciela Perez and Kyle...

Zoomzilla Bloopers

Filming from home can be difficult and fun...check out some of the cast bloopers! Thanks for supporting! Jeanette will be enrolling for her 2021 students. ...

Rebekah Wiggins Director Reel

Rebekah Wiggins is a passionate people focused award-winning director, writer, filmmaker, intimacy coordinator and certified Chubbuck Acting Technique teacher who tells fierce female-centric stories boldly showcasing various ethnic, religious and sexual orientations.

cenizas :: ashes :: trailer (2012)

“Cenizas” está inspirado en una masacre ocurrida en una estancia en General Villegas el 8 de mayo de 1992 que aún permanece impune. Relata el momento en que el Comisario encuentra los cinco cadáveres brutalmente asesinados e intenta descubrir al asesino. “Ashes” is inspired in a massacre that took place in a farm in General Villegas on May 8, 1992 and still remains unpunished. Tells the moment when the police inspector finds five brutally murdered corpses and tries to discover the assassin. Winner of INCAA’s Historias Breves 7.

las dos mitades : the two halves :: trailer (2017)

Aristotle, Cleopatra and Darwin considered earthworms essential, even sacred creatures. But the only thing we learn about earthworms it's that if someone cut them in half, they will regenerate. This story demystifies that belief. This is a story about someone who was cut in two when she was born, but only one half made it through. The half with the head survived, as earthworms do. Aristóteles, Cleopatra y Darwin consideraban a las lombrices seres esenciales, casi criaturas sagradas. Pero lo único que aprendemos acerca de las lombrices es que si las cortas por la mitad, se regeneran. Esta historia desmitifica esa creencia. Esta es una historia acerca de alguien que fue cortada en dos cuando nació, pero al igual que las lombrices, solo una mitad sobrevivió. KEM - The European Movie Masters Lisboa, Portugal / Edimburgh, UK / Tallinn, Estonia

Esto no es una despedida :: This is not a farewell :: Trailer (2017)

Una pareja se enfrenta al desafío de superar un distanciamiento forzado. Ella, extranjera, no tiene permitido continuar en el país. Él, esperanzado, busca una forma de mantener a la pareja siempre unida. A couple faces the challenge to overcome a breaking up due to distance. She is an expat who can no longer stay in the country. He is full of hope and looks for the way to keep the couple always together.
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