The Stage 32 Videos: Full Length Feature

the mouse anouncement trailer

An announcement trailer for a new film directed by John Wheeler and starring Matt Barnes. The music is also by Matt Barnes.

FREE Live Training Course: FilmBusters M3 [Make-My-Movie] Challenge

‼️ASPIRING FEATURE FILMMAKERS! Take our FREE live online training course event - FilmBusters M3 [Make-My-Movie] Challenge for 5 days on June 25-29, 2020!

Texas Tall Tales Trailer

A group of friends stay in and tell tall tales of killers, demons, and doom. Will it be too late when they realize they are in a tall tale of their own?

Gunpoint - Indie Feature Film Trailer - Written, Directed,…

Gunpoint is a disturbing thriller about a home invasion of a wealthy family that lives in a small-high end apartment. The family is taken hostage as the invader psychologically tortures David, the head of the household, by causing harm to his family members as he watches. Subscribe and Follow at bySinclair on social media.

When All Is Said And Done

Comedy Drama. Shy bookshop owner, Ian,is thrown into the world of dating and looking for love when his best friend , Martin, turns up and is determined to pr...

CO Release Video 1_1.mp4

Crime Poker film Cashing Out available Feb. 25.

Confronting sons in "Mans Best Friend".mp4

The Mayor confronting son's about a person living in town. "Man's Best Friend", feature film - 2019

Wild Faith confrontation

Preacher Collins played by Dean Teaster confronts Emmett


Hi there, I am Sascha Kratzer, a 43-year old media and film composer. I was born in Germany, currently I live and work in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, since 2010. I developed one of the biggest studios in the area, that works with music and post production, my company, called Astrals Music Production. I have over 25 years of experience as singer, songwriter and producer and 14 years as a full-time media and movie composer. In the last years I scored 7 national feature films, 4 documentaries, more than 10 shorts, 6 tv series and hundreds of tv ads. This year I was nominated at the MASA “International Music+Sound Awards” with the movie “All Roses for Lola”, by the great Carlos Lascano, as finalist for “Best Original Score For A Short”. I am also the 2019’s winner of the 47th Gramado Film Festival, one of the largest and most prestigious movie festivals in Brazil. I won the main prize, the Golden Kikito for “Best Original Score” for the Brazilian movie “The Friendly Man,” by Iberê Carvalho. Here you can take a look at my actual showreel! Feel free to contact me. Hava a great day.
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