The Stage 32 Videos: Instrumental

"More & More LIVE" by FItz Houston (Stressbusters For Your Soul)…

"More & More LIVE", written by Jabari Stewart (JMI Music), performed by Fitz Houston from his DVD "Hightlights of Priase" LIVE from Fitz Houston past Gospel Vibes Music Variety Show (2003-2009)

Market In Bellevue

Instrumental song from album "Once Upon A Time In My Town". Instruments: theremin, guitars, keyboards, basses, software.

Little Greys

This song called Little Greys is the opening track from my second album titled Inventing Fire. It was also chosen by U.S. movie producer Eric Moyer for the o...

[Audio] Renaldo Creative-Twerk (Instrumental)

Melodic Twerk Song CONNECT WITH ME

Courageous Conundrum by Gregory Warren Blunt

Composed, Conducted, and Orchestrated by: Gregory Warren Blunt This is the end credits to a major film. #music #instrumental #soundtrack #credits

AsWeDream Album #1

Father/Son team. Unique classic pop-rock music. Guitar-driven, crafted to sync with visuals. Zeppelin, Bacharach, Mancini, Jobim. Beatles, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder. Sophisticated, sensitive & heartfelt. Complex, melodic + bittersweet, à la 50s-80s. Not so long ago (as if time were real), many young people fell in love. Music inspired them to make music. And so they strive to keep magic alive. Meld heady pop and classic melodic rock. Add healthy sprinkles of nu jazz and prog. Flow and blend noodles in edgy sauce. Weave stiff structures tightly taut. Gently shake & softly swirl it. Repeat with v-v-variations. Keep it smooth moving. Kick and massage. Gently stroke, 'n stoke fire. Ooomm.

Plastic Dreams [Classical, Electronic, Instrumental]

A rather emotional tune, which consists of piano and electronic instruments. Together they go along into a slowly melodical and nostalgic moment. Subscribe f...


"Off the Pilgrim Road" is one of seven instrumental pieces that I composed on writings of T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia).


A train...not the "A Train".

To Be Free - Don Pardoe

Original instrumental composition by Don Pardoe performed by Don Pardoe. Filmed and produced by Eric Pardoe.


Listening to Silence

"Listening to the Silence" is the result of combining a long walk in the countryside with a recording session with my fx pedalboard. During a bike ride with my daughter, we stopped every bit at the explosion of colors and shapes that we saw along the way, photographing in detail every small plant we could find. It was as if, from his silence, trying to tell us something and, in order to hear it, we had to get closer and closer. Seeing details at first glance hidden, found in a tiny petal, a small insect that start to flight or maybe is a paraglider with motor in the horizon, the afternoon goes on and the sun goes falling, the crickets begin soon its serenade , using an interminable sound cadence, practicing their loops before I do it with mine to put myself in a song, listening to the silence ... Footage taken in Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, Spain 05/05/2013 Music by David G. Bonacho
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