The Stage 32 Videos: Sound Design

Nordic folk-style score

Here is a little video I put together with some music I created that will be used on a true crime/supernatural documentary that will be released this year.

Tormented by Marlon van der Strigt

Joint 3rd Place winner of the One Minute Film Festival 2018

The Guest List Official Trailer.mp4

Greetings Stage 32. Here is the official trailer of The Guest List. My job was sound design, dialogue/narration editing, mix, and master to spec. This will pull at your heartstrings, and give you a deep look into how quickly life can change in 90 seconds. REELZ will be releasing this on February 20th of this year, so be on the look out of this one-of-a-kind documentary.

Navid Lancaster: Creating Emotions Through Sound and Film

He creates emotions. Navid Lancaster is the one who tells you when to cringe during a thriller movie, or when to cry. He is a film composer, sound designer, and musician who touches a global audience from his studio in Trinidad and Tobago. He has composed music for film, video games, mobile game apps, and animation. He is also a huge fan of Jimmy Hendrix and the Japanese language.

Strawberry Sound Studios SizzleReel

Strawberry Sound Studios A Composer / Sound Designer Team

What Makes Me A Sound Designer_Jake Proctor more at: Designer, Foley Artist, Film Mixer, STORY TELLER.

Has anyone ever heard of a demonic sewing machine?

Hello Stage 32 community! I had to make a "sound design only" quick reel for a potential opportunity, but it was so much fun to work on these 2 films. I truly love the creative process of sound design. Horror comes naturally to me, because I've been watching horror for over 30 years. When VCR's first started entering more homes, my dad picked up a couple of movies on VHS at the local gas station, and one was A Nightmare on Elm Street, the other one was called The Slayer (1982). This film at the start shows that you can make any object an ominous subject, even a sewing machine. When she is running through the forest, you can still faintly hear the sewing machine churning away. I wanted to make it sound distant, and abstract, existing in a different realm. What I did was I used a machine sound like you would hear in a factory smashing down. I pitched shifted it down, slowed it down a bit, rolled off the high frequencies, and sent reverb to the track.


Working with Hyperrealism truly opens the doors to different creative dimensions. This short clip starts with normal Foley of garage door latches closing, then a massive slam of the needle placement of the sewing machine telling us we have crossed back over to another world.
The pulling of the string is actually abstract scrapes from a cello. I had my composer, who collaborated with me, create multiple takes of abstract/experimental sounds on the cello, and this actually worked out perfectly for this scene.
As the sewing machine mashes on, it ends with a nice impact with a long reverb tail that fades. The credit rolls as this churning mechanical sound seems to be rolling the credits on its own.
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