Introduce Yourself : Development Executive, Script Consultant, Producer by Anna Marton Henry

Anna Marton Henry

Development Executive, Script Consultant, Producer

Hello! I am a 20-year veteran development executive, lit manager, script consultant and producer. My passion is working with writers on developing their passion projects, building their careers and shepherding projects through production companies, studios and networks. I have set up projects at Sony, 20th Television, EOne, Starz, Amazon, OddLot Entertainment, Corus, and others. I enjoy having a close collaboration with writers in refining scripts, expanding their range of material, and finding the best home for each project.

Check out my work with Stage 32 in the Happy Writers section. I also offer script and pitch consulting services at

Shawn Speake

That's what's up, Anna. It's great to have you with us on S32. I'm finishing a script for TJ Scott called, MAD MOUNTAIN MASSACRE. I'll check you out!

James Drago

Good to meet you Anna!

Ryan A. Clark

Hi Anna! Hope you had a great holiday. Welcome to the community!

Adam Harper

Hi Anna! Nice to meet you

Rachel Teo

Hi Anna, welcome!

Derek Reid

Wonderful to meet you Anna! Welcome to the site!

Valerie Michele Oliver

Welcome Anna! I hope you enjoy your experiences here. Cheers!

Chad Stroman


John Dawson

Hi Anna. Good to meet you and know you here. Am brand new to Stage 32 myself. I work as a story editor and script consultant, as well as screenwriting. Stay in touch! JD

Patricia Poulos

Hi Anna. Welcome. I envisage that you'll be inundated with those connections under your belt. There a many talented creatives on this site. You're in good company.

Pamela Bolinder

Anna, hi! Wonderful to have you here.

Doug Nelson

Hi Anna and welcome to the flock. You may find a client or two in here and looking at your rate sheet suggests that you're more affiliated with the professional crowd. All the best.

Lois Wolf Stern

Just watched your webinar on Professional TV Pitches ... thank you! invaluable answers to the questions circling around in my brain. I've completed my first pilot and am working on the pitch. I got the feeling that I shouldn't even try to pitch it until I have begun one of the other stories on my list. So that I don't only have one thing to discuss when finding a manager... is that correct?

Anna Marton Henry

Everyone asks me how to get representation and unfortunately there’s no one way to do this so it’s not an easy question to answer. There are people, for example, who write one script based on their unique expertise and get representation because it’s such an extraordinarily story that it sells. There are people successful in related media such as playwriting, directing commercials, acting, stand up comedy, novelists, etc. who reach a level where they get repped mostly off that. If you want to be a professional writer and go the staffing route, i.e. work your way up in the industry, then the general criteria is: minimum two, preferably more finished, outstanding scripts that are somewhat different from each other (NOT the same story told in slightly different ways), personable and professional demeanor affirmed by some industry contacts, some work or involvement in the industry whether as an assistant, crew member or creative individual in a related field. Contest or fellowship wins are a big plus. I have seen recent college graduates signed based on a combination of two spectacular scripts, recommendations from professors, internship experience, and college-level award wins. Pitch documents are less necessary for reps specifically and more for pitching to producers and execs and contests. Hope that helps!

Phillip Brock

Hi, Anna! I just finished watching the "How To Write A Professional Tv Pitch Document/Treatment" webinar. I wanted to say thank you for all of the great advice and information you provided. One question I do have is regarding being staffed on a show you've written. Understandably as a brand new writer you're never going to be the showrunner because of the scope of that job, but is it at all possible you could be a member of the writing staff for the show, or will they just want to purchase the show from you (if they're interested, of course)?

Anna Marton Henry

As a general rule you will be involved with the show if you want to be. Your level in terms of being a writer and part of the producing team will depend on what you bring to the table and your level of previous experience. Some writers bring experience in an outside field and are involved as consulting producers. Some are already accomplished writers and come in as executive producers, shadowing the showrunner with an eye toward eventually taking over that role. Some fall anywhere in between. As I mentioned, when you sell your show you’re selling yourself. It’s not just your idea, it’s your voice, your experiences, who you are. If anyone could just buy your show and make it without your involvement because it’s generic enough that at the end of the day they don’t need you to make it, then it won’t sell in the first place. I guarantee some version of your concept is being pitched right now that involves someone else’s distinct voice, experiences, etc. and if that person is vital to their project because there’s a clear answer to “why you” should tell this story, and your answer is “because I thought of it,” then theirs will sell and yours won’t.

Hope that answers your question!

Mike W. Rogers

Hi, Anna. Thank you for making yourself available! I have your latest webinar queued up next!

Deborah Champagne

I just signed up for your webinar, and can't wait to learn from it. Blessings!

Mark Schaefer


James Drago

Watched your webinar! Learned so much! Thank you!

Mark Dispenza

Hi Anna, I just took your Stage 32 webinar, How to Write a Professional TV Pitch Document/ Treatment. It was filled with useful information, timely, too, as I'm headed for the first time to AFM. Thank you!

Victor Chen

Hello Anna, just coming across this feed now and would love to connect and look at your webinars. Thank you.

Anna Marton Henry

Hi Victor, the webinars should be available on the Education tab. Thanks for checking them out!

Ted Westby

Greetings Anna. Just got energized reading your post. Looks like I'll be dropping by the webinar as well. Write on!

Victor Chen

Thank you Anna!

Ryan Rusch

Welcome Anna just starting out as a novice screen writer and look forward to connecting with you. Hope to ask for your advice and tips down the road.

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