Introduce Yourself : Hi, I'm Tom Lazarus: I've written seven movies, 100 hours of television, am a Script Consultant to writers around the world, I've written more than fifty original screenplays, three books on screenwriting. I've directed five features and shorts and docs by Tom Lazarus

Tom Lazarus

Hi, I'm Tom Lazarus: I've written seven movies, 100 hours of television, am a Script Consultant to writers around the world, I've written more than fifty original screenplays, three books on screenwriting. I've directed five features and shorts and docs

I've got a lot on my mind.

Frank Di Muccio

Hello Tom! Good to see you here. Welcome aboard!

Scott Brandon Hoffman

That's A LOT of material great work Tom! Have you been able to sell or produce a bunch of them? I love hearing great stories!

Tom Lazarus

Check my credits on I've sold eight originals that have been made into features....and I've had seven or eight MOWs made. The idea is to keep writing and writing. The more you write, the better chance you have to something optioned and made.

Scott Brandon Hoffman

True words my friend, and very impressive!

Tom Lazarus

Thanks. I'm a better writer now...but, like everyone else of a certain, it doesn't seem to make a whole hell of lot of a I write and direct6 a good deal more theater which is much the same process without needing 120 million to do it. I love it all.

James Oldham

You should consider writing a book , script , or movie about me .

James Oldham

Gee , are you trying to tell us all that we might actually have to do some work ? I mean research !

Tom Lazarus

It's all about work. In this day and age, research is so easy (the internet). Don't get lost in the research. Get lost in the work.

Brandon L. Paige

Tom, You my friend have some awesome work credentials. They don't do tv series like they used to. IMO, Classics like the ones you wrote for, seem non-existent today. Also (swallowing my pride here) Stigmata scared the hell outta me. And if your work ethic doesn't motivate me to keep writing, then I don't know what will.

Maria Pretorius

All that I can say is respect for all that energy

Tom Lazarus

Write every day. Write for yourself. Don't listen to them. You know what a good movie is.

Tommy Bull

So very true. Creative you are. Nice to meet you. Tommy

Marysia Trembecka

some great stats there ;-)

Demiurgic Endeavors

Is one of those things on your mind is whether Jesus will raise you from the dead for a second time?

Robert David Kelso

Hi Tom nice to see you here. Really liking your bio. .

Joe Harwell

Hi Tom. I'm a novelist publishing my 6th novel since 2009. 5 are historical fiction, including the most recent one, Mile of Cars Murders. The team that took it through final edit raved about the movie worthiness of the story. I'm looking for film making contacts to read the story and evaluate it for a movie. Please call on me any time I can assist you.

Tom Lazarus


Tom Lazarus

Not so much. Thanks for the thought.

Sean McElhiney

Holy crap. You are what they call a "working" writer. Nice to see you here. Makes me feel a bit small for not being able to afford your $500 fee.

Tom Lazarus

That's the idea. No, just kidding. Just keep writing and keep thinking about writing. My books are a lot cheaper...and I answer questions if people ask. It's all about writing. BEst, Tom.

Neyda Barbeito

Congratulations! Your dreams come true!!!

Bryant Low

Hi there! You sound very prolific. Where can I see your short films and features?

Maria Pretorius

Would also like to see the film

Maria Pretorius

Thanks will do

Bob Slatyer

Welcome Tom. I'm a beginner so I suppose I have even more on my mind.

Mary Winborn

Hi. So good to see a pro post. Have only written 2 scripts or movies, one of which could be cable serial. Am big, big fan of Milius. More about script consulting,please.

Tom Lazarus

I do script consultations for writers all across the world. I"m very blunt, very thorough and as part of the service strategize what the rewrite should entail. More about my script consulting with samples on my website Thanks

Tom Lazarus

I think in some ways we're all beginners each time with we write a new script. I know in some cases I make the same mistakes each time and have to make a lot of the same corrections. I think we are who we are and have to learn how to accomodate for that each time.

James Oldham

I must be a ghost ,

James Oldham

Tom , You wrote Stigmata ? Please do a little research about me , follow the links . I am your next big success . I don't want any money , not one cent . Its about Elijah and his servant Elisha who took a bolt of cloth to make Elijah a cloak and got leporsy for his trouble . I could have wrote my own book and done it very well but freely have I received and freely I give . Someone will write my story and make a ton of money why not you Tom ? Stigmata is pretty close but really does not compare .

Tom Lazarus

Hi James = Thanks for thinking of me and yes, I wrote Stigmata. Your story sounds interesting, but as of now, my plate is pretty full. Good luck finding a writer.

William Philip Zacchi

Hey Tom, That's some pretty impressive resume. You seem to be a guy who knows his stuff. As for me; I didn't start writing till the age of 59. I will always regret that, but I was just to busy with my business. My screenplay, Blood Justice, and my play, Shepsel An' The Barracuda are posted on Stage 32. I would very interested in your opinion. I worked with a script consultant on both, and he's gotten out of me just what I'm capable of. Good luck in whatever you're doing.

William Philip Zacchi

Hey Alle. Very insightful. I know you didn't like the first five pages of Blood Justice, or you would have commented on it. I've learned to accept my limitations considering it was the first screenplay I've ever written. Here's where I need your advice. In Blood Justice the protagonist kills the antagonist on page 67. I've received a few comments from other writer's on Stage 32, that said when I killed the antagonist so soon; the script kind of goes flat, and takes away all the excitement. I would greatly appreciate your opinion.

Ken Belsky

As the newest/oldest member I salute you. Great fan of your movies.

William Philip Zacchi

Hey Tom, Would it be too much to ask you to read just the first ten pages of Blood Justice? I would totally value your opinion.

Tom Lazarus

Sure, I'll read them...send them to my email CPMASTER@AOL.COM. Give me a few days.

Jon Douglas Rainey


Lee Davis

Hi Tom: I enjoyed Secrets of Film Writing. I'm currently looking for a consultant who specializes in mystery/suspense (e.g., Hitchcock, De Palma, Soderberg, Fincher). If you know anyone who's particularly oriented to my genre, please send me their contact info. Thanks. Lee Davis.

Dr. Carl E. Heltzel

Aloha Tom, I am about to buy one of your books on Amazon, but meanwhile, would you be so kind as to provide a "in a nutshell" description of how you got started in the business? Carl

Jackie Penn

Impressive stats, Tom. Please let us know where can access some of your works. I'm an actor in Los Angeles and just booked a part playing a homeless character for a comedic web series. Also, doing a little writing of my own.

James Oldham

Good job Tom , but , full plate or not I think you should take a quick look at prophesies I have been posting on line since 2007 and they have ALL come to pass terrible posts of floods , hurricanes , tornadoes , and a New Dust Bowl worse than the dust bowl of the 30s posted on June 9 , 2009 to the remnant at .

James Oldham

I'd be glad to assist you Tom and I think you'd come to appreciate and value my suggestions . Above all I have the time to help you . Jim

James Oldham

Demiurgic , I could answer that questions with just a little more info .

Rebecca Ann Dowty

I look forward to having that kind of library of finished works! Congratulations on the accomplishment!

Tom Lazarus

Just keep writing. Thanks.

Rich Parrish

well Tom, you sure are quite busy and have been, so if you ever need another actor for your projects, just contact me anytime. thanks, RICH

Jo Hannah Afton

Would love to talk to you more about your script consultation. I have two projects in rewrites now and would love the additional feedback. One of them has already been sent out for development notes, and those were VERY helpful and am now looking for a consultant for the second.

Tom Lazarus

Hi Jo Take a look at my website and if you have any questions, let me know. Keep writing and keep thinking about writing

Sarah Nicole Faucher

Awesome stuff! I'll have a look at your website.

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