Introduce Yourself : Irish Screenwriter hell bent on scaring people by Eoin O'Sullivan

Eoin O'Sullivan

Irish Screenwriter hell bent on scaring people

Hello Stage 32,

I've been a member of the site since 2013.

Stage 32 is a fantastic platform for networking and building relationships - I encourage you all to use this Introduce Yourself weekend to put yourself out there and make new connections and hopefully lifelong friendships and working relationships.

I'm currently in development with a feature horror, called Banshee Awakening. It's been an epic rollercoaster ride, spanning nearly 7 years. At one point, we were very close to shooting, but as everyone in this game knows, for every film that gets to principal photography, there's a whole host of 'almosts'.

My writing buddy, Paul Lynch, and I have been very fortunate to get an Irish producer onboard last year. We've received some great feedback from cast (some LOIs in place) and crew and we're at the stage of putting a solid package together in 2021 for Development Funding. The webinars on financing and production have been invaluable to me in understanding this part of the process.

Keep writing. There are many ways to break in - persistence is key.

Melanie Star Scot

Great post! Keep pushing!

Ryan Johnston


Tasha Lewis

Congratulations on making it this far!

Richard "RB" Botto

Phenomenal post, Eoin.

Victor Ramon Mojica

Wish you ALL the best and much success, Eoin!!!

Maddison Bullock

Sounds like an incredible project! So happy to meet you!

David DeHaas

life lonf friendships!! sounds good (:

Edward Gehlert

I love it when a project gets off the ground! Congratulations!

Eoin O'Sullivan

Thanks everyone!

Victor Ramon Mojica

Congrats! Break a leg!!!

Izzibella Beau

Eoin, can't wait to see you make it to the big screen. keep going, sounds like you're on the right path.

Miroslav Trcak

@Eoin You're right my friend. Nothing happens over night. :)

Lewis Knight

Awesome post. Trying to get a horror feature rolling myself, so this great to read. Best of luck!

Noel Vinson

All the best with that project Eoin! Definitely sounds like a labor of love going into this! And hell yes to horror!

Angela Fealy

Hi Eoin, nice to see a fellow Irish creative on here! Best of luck to you and your team, all the hard work will pay off... Keep her lit!

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