Introduce Yourself : New to lounge! by Jeff Auld

Jeff Auld

New to lounge!

Hello everybody! New to Stage 32 and wanting to say hi to the group. Seems like an active group thus far. I am an Independent Producer and ALWAYS looking for good projects. Look forward to networking with everybody! Cheers

Merri Christi Pemberton

Hi Jeff .Welcome to Stage 32! My name is Merri Christi. I am a recording artist, long time writer and a new filmmaker. I would love to learn more about you and your projects.

Janet Scott

Hello Jeff, nice to have you on board....

Jeff Auld

Thanks Merri, look forward to sharing projects with the crew

Angela Peters

Welcome. We are a pretty friendly bunch on here Jeff.

Chris DiNardo

Sup Jeff and welcome

Debbie Elicksen

Good to have you aboard, Jeff.

Luis Bell

Welcome to the club. I've talked to some really interesting people with different experiences on here, so I'm sure you'll find something you like.

Jeff Auld

Thanks for all the intros everybody, love that it is a very active and friendly group!

Pat Savage

Welcome to Stage 32! Good luck with all you do and dream and have fun and great success networking here :)

Rich Pulin

Hi Jeff, Welcome! Speaking of 'Projects' Check out "Offside" on our page, have a read and let us know what you think! Kindly, Rich

Jahmilla Jackson

Welcome Jeff!!!!

Deborah Roberts

Hi Jeff very nice to greet you to stage 32

Jeff Auld

Kathryn, I will definitely take a look, thanks again for saying hi!

Mukesh Sen

if you are looking for a story so please mail to Elisabeth on , she wrote a good story and looking for a producer, give my reference

Arhynn Descy

Hi Jeff, Welcome.....and if you're ever in need of a composer do shout. My online demo is at Best, Arhynn

Mona Deutsch Miller

Hi, Jeff! I'm both a screenwriter and playwright. What kinds of stuff are you looking for?

Roz Wolf

Cheers! I am a publicist with entertainment background. I am the PR person for the LA Jewish Film Festival and I work with a larger, red carpet agency, The Jolson Creative PR Group.

Jeff Auld

Mona, hate to say it this way, but looking for anything different and original. Something with that real indie story type of feel. Clever thriller or quirky comedy would be the target I suppose

Mukesh Sen

Hi jeff,, can you produce big budget movie ?

Rich Pulin

With regard to your answer to Mona, as I suggested to you a few days ago, check "Offside" on my page...I believe you'll find what you're looking for! Cheers!

Prince Kelly U Kanu

Hi Jeff. I have some smart, educating, intelligent stories. Good for all age. I need help to bring it to light.

Tabitha Baumander

plenty of material on the loglines and screenplays page of my profile

Janet Scott

Hello Jeff, nice to meet you.... Janet.

William Harrell

Hey Jeff ! I have two loglines and the first act of a screenplay on my page. I also have a website www, . regards, Bill

Jeff Auld

Bill, I will take a look, thank you

Rich Pulin

I'm beginning to wonder? Wrote twice, no response!

Rich Pulin

What films have you produced? How have the done? I didn't see anything on IMDB

Jeff Auld

Rich, I did like a previous post of yours as well as took a look at your logline. You can see my bio on IMDB, there is also another credit that has yet to show up on IMDB that will be there soon. Cheers.

Barry K. Pagel

What genre do you prefer?

Rich Pulin

Jeff....You'll please excuse me....I'm not too into the social aspect of these sites, and really don't relate, see, or understand "likes". I'm a 'rare' dude in that I work 24/7 on both the creativity AND business aspect of music AND film-writing! The script on my page, that I keep referring to, "Offside", went through several re-writes, and in 2006-07 we added another writer, and script consultant on a 'new' UK version.. No less than Claire Kilner ("Wedding Date") had very nice things to say about "Offside".. This isn't social for me..its business! In the early days of this script, we could have sold it, but held out because we wanted to produce it ourselves.... Once again, we LOVE everything to do with the creative process, but at this point, this is business and 'perish the thought' earning money is at the top of our list..we have a dozen original screenplays and about 100 original songs and compositions for the scrutiny of serious people! Thank You for your understanding!

Henry Rivers

The Title of the Article Speaks For it SELF, it was Funny and Inspirational and not for the faint of heart, it could be best served if it were made into a MEL BROOKS Movie...

Keisha White


Cindy Lee Davis

welcome, good to have u with us

Renata Green-Gaber

Hi Jeff - I am a writer Director local in OC. Just wrapped Directing my first feature. Would love to touch base about any goals for 2014.

Jeff Auld

Renata, just took a look at the film site. Pretty touching stories it sounds like! What is the timeline for post, festivals, distribution, etc......? Would love to chat sometime. Thanks for reaching out.

Renata Green-Gaber

Actually, I just wrapped a teen thriller/horror, my posted project "Stand The Gaff" is currently undergoing rewrites. We held a reading and invited veterans to attend and based on their feedback we are adding some legal clarity to the story. I am hoping to get it off the ground October of next year. Thanks for checking it out! Would love to chat : ) 213-309-6695

Rich Pulin


Jeff Auld

Talk soon Renata

Eric Cairns

Hi Jeff and welcome!!

Vicky Edwards

Vicky Edwards Email: 07849 667933 We have actors, TV extra and many more. Please give us a call: 0131 455 6812 or 07849 667933. Vicky

Carl J Tengstrom

Hello to you all! My name is Carl. I am a retired lawyer, who always has been interested of Theatre, Film and Music. I was born in Turku, Finland. Now I am living in Lidingo, an island on the east side of Stockholm, Sweden. Nowadays I am writing a lot. In 2008 I published a poetry book with the title 'In Other Words". Right now I am writing a book about some cases I had during my time as an attorney-at law. I also act occasionally as a walker-on in TV and Film.

David A. Bromley

Hi Jeff and welcome aboard!

Vicky Edwards

Hey Jeff, Happy networking.

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