Success Stories: SEP'6 Creative World Awards

Jan Evans

Creative World Awards

My American Civil War romance JACOB'S OCEAN took first place all Drama and Family in the Creative World Awards Screenplay Competition.

Philip Sedgwick

Wow! Congratulations!

Linda Bradshaw Rogers

Nice Job!

Bill Costantini

Another winner! Movie Making Gods/Powers That Be......Somebody Get Jacob's Ocean FUNNNNNDED!!! Great job and good luck, Jan!

Philip Sedgwick

PS... I love Civil War films.

Erik Grossman

Awesome job! Congrats!

Alex Holland

Congratulations! That is a good feeling to know!

Ethan Marten

Mazel tov, Jan!

Sadie Dean

Congrats, Jan!

Crecia Mathalia

That's fabulous!! Congrats!!

Richard Willett


Evelien And Dorien Twins

Congratulations, Jan! Major accomplishment!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Well deserved! (And keep on writing!)

John Forrest


Steven Fujita


Daniel Berkey

Awesome! Keep on rockin!

Roberto Dragonne

Yeah! Congratulations!

Jason Abagnale

Congrats that's awesome

Rick Jey


Pat Savage


Richard G Hector

Congrats. And thanks again for letting me read it a year or so ago. You inspired me to write a similar venture based on my family history ... going from 1860s Prussia to 1920 Sacramento. I haven't entered it into any contest as it probably needs to be written as a novel. Again, congrats Jan.

Ian O'Neill

Good on ya!

Richard "RB" Botto

Great contest, great accomplishment and (clearly) a great script, Jan! Congrats!

Vince Conside


Pat Savage


Tetyana Conrad


Pamela Bolinder

WOW, Amazing! Happy for you.

James Drago

Good for you!

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