Event Starts: Thursday, Mar 5th at 6:00PM Stage 32 March Meetup!

69 Attendees

Jason Mirch Jason Mirch Organizer
creative executive, producer, screenwriter
Elizabeth Karr Elizabeth Karr + 1 Guests
actor, producer, theatrical producer
Jessica Dardarian Jessica Dardarian
actor, singer
Monica Fowler Monica Fowler + 1 Guests
author, dancer, researcher, screenwriter, singer
Sabrina Bell Sabrina Bell + 1 Guests
acting teacher, actor, agency assistant, business development/sales, choreographer, dancer, director, host/presenter, manager, marketing/pr, musician, singer, stage director, stage manager, theatre director, voice actor, voice artist, wardrobe supervisor
Darryl Conover Darryl Conover + 1 Guests
actor, screenwriter
Martin Elias Martin Elias
Tarah Long Tarah Long + 2 Guests
other, screenwriter
Tennyson Stead Tennyson Stead + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Tivoli Silas Tivoli Silas
actor, author, crew, director, editor, filmmaker, photographer (still), producer, production assistant, screenwriter, script supervisor
John Andrew Gearries John Andrew Gearries + 1 Guests
actor, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
George Barbakadze George Barbakadze + 1 Guests
director, filmmaker, screenwriter, theatre director
Steve Desmond Steve Desmond
director, screenwriter
Christopher Platt Christopher Platt
Michele Noval Michele Noval + 1 Guests
acting teacher, actor, agent, art director, crafty, dancer, director, host/presenter, makeup artist, narrator, performance coach, producer, singer, sound designer, stage manager, transmedia producer, voice actor, voice artist, voice designer
Jimmy Prosser Jimmy Prosser + 2 Guests
director, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Ryan Shovey Ryan Shovey
director, screenwriter
Ray Izad-Mehr Ray Izad-Mehr + 1 Guests
McKenzie Van Dorne-Rice McKenzie Van Dorne-Rice + 2 Guests
filmmaker, manager, producer
Michael Lopez Michael Lopez
filmmaker, screenwriter
Kit Leonard Dennis Kit Leonard Dennis
actor, director, editor, screenwriter, singer, songwriter
Paul Jerome Paul Jerome
actor, content creator, filmmaker, producer, voice actor
Jon Sanhueza Jon Sanhueza
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Zoey Grayce Zoey Grayce
Mark Anthony Mark Anthony + 1 Guests
Wahayn Inello Clayton Wahayn Inello Clayton + 1 Guests
Richard Kim Richard Kim
Stephanie Franklin Stephanie Franklin + 1 Guests
comedian, content creator, researcher, screenwriter
John Flanders John Flanders + 1 Guests
actor, dialect coach, director
Ken Foley Ken Foley + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Yissendy Trinidad Yissendy Trinidad + 1 Guests
Karina Xavier Karina Xavier + 1 Guests
Kristin Mock Kristin Mock + 1 Guests
actor, author, content creator, creative executive, screenwriter
Elizabeth Frank Aka Liza Frankiw Elizabeth Frank Aka Liza Frankiw
actor, prop master, set decorator
Jennifer Mims Jennifer Mims
actor, dancer, editor, screenwriter, singer
Scott Fales Scott Fales
filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Scott Fickas Scott Fickas
content creator, director, screenwriter
Jonée Shady Jonée Shady + 1 Guests
Clayton Borders Clayton Borders + 1 Guests
Taylor C. Baker Taylor C. Baker
actor, content creator, screenwriter
Sabrina Garcia Sabrina Garcia
actor, producer
Anais C Sancetta Anais C Sancetta + 2 Guests
crew, production assistant, set decorator
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Stage 32 March Meetup!

Where: The Phoenix
8480 W 3rd St.
Los Angeles, California
When: Thursday, March 5th
6:00PM - add to calendar
Meetup Organizer
Created 2 weeks ago
Updated 2 weeks ago
About the meetup

We've got an amazing LA-based community and we're excited to have everyone mix and mingle on the first Thursday of every month!  Come kick off March with your fellow talented screenwriters, filmmakers, producers, actors, actresses, and craftsmen & craftswomen!

As always, the festivities start at 6pm at The Phoenix in Los Angeles! Get there early for Happy Hour drink and food specials until 7pm! Then stick around to connect with your fellow LA-based creatives to talk about the projects you're working on! 

There will be writers, directors, producers, and actors all in the mix! Already this year there have been several new collaborations to come out of the Stage 32 meet ups! 

If you are in LA, come on out and get in the mix!   

Jessica Dardarian

I plan on coming.

Stephanie Franklin

I will be there, friend in tow. Thank you Stage32

Tiffany Johnson

Great events. Probably one of the least pretentious, and laid back LA events I've been to. Good people and you can definitely get out of your comfort zone and be yourself with this crowd. Thanks Stage 32 for putting these things together.

Gene Cartwright

I plan to be there.

Peggy Papas

Gutted peeps. I am in fact visiting L.A. (from the UK) 29th Feb - 5th March for my 40th birthday celebrations but flying back the evening of March 5th. Such a shame as would have absolutely loved to have attended this meet-up! x

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