The Stage 32 Videos: Covid19

Book of Mormon parody (COVID - The Musical)

Stream this song: - More info on

CHEEKS | a short film

Shot in our backyard during quarantine 2020. Inspired by real events. Starring Danielle Burnett and Logan Ward

The Mish Mash Show Presents: "The Cure for Corona"


We The People - Promo

Written by Chris M. Rutledge "The year is 2024, Chicago. Most of the world has survived the coronavirus (COVID-19); however, the United States is recovering from a war with China on U.S. soil dubbed the Twitter War because it started over…a Tweet. Russia is now a new ally and has a huge presence and political influence in the U.S. A resistance faction of antiheroes formed during this time known as “We The People”, who plan to overthrow the fascist regime and install new power restoring democracy in America before another election is stolen.⁣"

Corona Blues Season 1-Finale Trailer

Actors across states came together during a Pandemic to bring awareness and entertainment using their cell phones to help create a masterpiece

My Story on 'What Lockdown Has Meant For Me'

Written by Nicholas and filmed on a phone

Surajit Khanna | Covid-19 Risk to African Americans

According to Surajit Khanna, the US is now the hotspot of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the black Americans seem to be the hardest hit. The recent study carried out by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has shown huge disparities in the confirmed cases and deaths among African Americans. Explores the likely reasons for this.

New York City during COVID-19 lockdown

I had to pick up some things from my office and wanted to avoid the subway so decided to ride there and along the way capture some shots of the city on my iP...

20200329 | TMD COVIDEO 01: Sh!ts F&%*ed Up

While we are all at the mercy of COVID-19, I am putting up videos daily (or whenever I feel like it) singing a "quarantune" for you all. This one is called M...

The John McCormick Story * 29 april - Theater from Home

On February 22nd. 1945 an American B24 Liberator crashed in the fields near a town called Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. The crew of nine made it out alive and split up to find a safe hideout. Wastegunner John E. McCormick from Scanton, PA left alone. Dealing with a bitter cold without food, afraid to show himself, he eventually came in contact with the Dutch resistance. They gave him a choice: either hide and wait the war out or join and fight. John McCormick choose the latter and joined the armed resistance. For weeks he participated in many actions until his story comes to a tragic end on April 29th. 1945. Exactly 75 years later Dutch actor/storyteller Laurens de Groot tells this true story in all its detail, bringing back alive the heroic actions of an extraordinary, ordinary young man from Pennsylvania. So that we never forget… Buy your tickets here:

: COVID-19 ; Trilogy : Behind the Scenes Featurette (2020) -…

Dear Viewer, This is the Official Making Of for B. K.-Z.'s : "COVID-19 ; Trilogy : Behind the Scenes Featurette" (2020). Tagline: ... Status: Complete. Synopsis: Coming soon... Additional information: The Behind the Scenes Featurette of : "COVID-19 ; Trilogy : Behind the Scenes Featurette" (2020) will be a part of Funeral Master’s "Funeral Coma: Eternal Funeral Places : Part Three" (0000). Best Regards, B. K.-Z. a.k.a. F. M. COPYRIGHT © 2020 FUNERAL HOME FILMS

COVID-19 E.I.N.S.: E.scape I.nto N.ature S.pace (2020) - Official…

Dear Viewer, This is the Official Short Film for B. K.-Z.'s "COVID-19 E.I.N.S.: E.scape I.nto N.ature S.pace" (2020). Tagline: E.scape I.nto N.ature S.pace Status: Complete. Synopsis: What started in the province Hubei in the city of Wuhan from China as a new infectious plague in December '19, spreads now over our planet Earth. And humanity must once again fight together against an invisible little deadly enemy called COVID-19 (stands for Coronavirus disease 2019)… ...On a quiet cold morning in March 2020, a European of German nationality Long-Haired Natural Redhead White Male Survivor escaping the city of Darmstadt from Hesse, Germany to searching for salvation outside in a forest. But what he finds is only a isolated Wilderness of never-ending silence and the coronavirus behind his back. But he breathes, runs and prays for his life. Will he getting an reply from GOD...!? Additional information: The Official Trailer and the Short Film of B. K.-Z.'s "COVID-19 E.I.N.S.: E.scape I.nto N.ature S.pace" (2020) will be a part of Funeral Master’s "Funeral Coma: Eternal Funeral Places : Part Three" (0000). Best Regards, B. K.-Z. a.k.a. F. M. COPYRIGHT © 2020 FUNERAL HOME FILMS
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