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where am I?

I am about to embark on a journey......where does it take me...... I don't know...

Democracy Down: Raw Files - Doug Casey

#DemocracyDown #DrewMedia "Democracy Down: Raw Files" are the lightly edited raw interviews that we're releasing weekly as we compile the feature documentary...

Democracy Down: Raw Files - Larken Rose

About "Democracy Down": Is democracy finished an organizing technology? Democracy, arguably an upgrade from aristocracies and totalitarianism, may have reached its conclusion. "Democracy Down" is a project - and an upcoming feature documentary film - that explores the conceivable future of human organization by drawing upon extensive interviews with thought leaders across the political and philosophical spectrum. Will Democracy persevere? Will absolute, individual freedom arise, or will we revert back to totalitarianism? It may be time for Humanity to transcend to wiser and more dynamic systems of organization. Through a holistic and hopeful lens, "Democracy Down" aims to elevate this transformation to the forefront of human consciousness.

gio perez actor reel

Giovanni Perez Actor Reel. Hello thank you for watching my reel and thank you for your consideration. I'm a film maker, actor as well as a stunt performer and choreogra...

Video (1).MOV

The MOB in Vegas never charged for parking!!!

The Process Trailer 1

Jin Okubo Film coming in March. Are you ready for the process? #film #indie #filmmaking #filmsnotdead #imdb #filmfestival

Drama Reel 2019.mp4

Check out my new reel for 2019!!!

In Breach

Will Anita Argent be able to help Rosie Ferdin Cruz get her to get her landlord do the right thing?
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