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FORTRESS (1985) Santa is Scary!

This is an Australian made for TV film that has remained memorable to me over the years. It still holds up quite well even now, especially this scene here.... and there is an HD version of this film out there somewhere... for those who have never seen it.

Malachai's "Eat You Alive" Stare! CHILDREN OF THE CORN (1984)

One thing that's always stood out to me when rewatching this cult classic is how well edited it is ... Sure we can talk about the iconic music and a lot of other things that the film got right ( on a budget of only 800k ) but for a Stephen King adaptation, Children of the Corn has always remained memorable to me... and that slooooow unsheathing of the knife is great! - REPLAY

They Never Gave Up on You - WHITE SQUALL (1996)

Great Scene & Soundtrack (not all of it) & one of Ridley Scott's most underrated films. Based on a true story in which the brigantine ALBATROSS, a school ship, went over in a White Squall. Three students, the wife of the captain, and the cook all perished in the freak accident. And speaking of a white squall, does anyone know what one is?'s described in the screenplay as a wall of wind and water, something rarely ever seen at sea... a freak storm so to speak. Check out part of the soundtrack here @ >

Wade takes Action! The River Wild (1994)

Kevin Bacon has played some great characters over his career and his diversity as an actor is top notch... but he's also played some memorable villains in the past... and in The River Wild... an #underrated 90s thriller (1994 was a fine year for movies) he plays Wade... a cold... calculated... and charismatic murderer who will stop at nothing to get down river!

JAWS ENDING... quick snippet...

When great directing, editing, music, and stunt work all merge brilliantly.

Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (1989) Donovan's fate...

^ Identifying a scene from an older movie that features horror in it (although is not a horror movie per se) but is CREEPIER, SCARIER, better executed, and more EFFECTIVE overall than what is offered in most modern horror films/ remakes of today...

Jake Winter Newberry | Dramatic Scene | Detroit Cycles

Jake Winter Newberry | Dramatic Scene from Detroit Cycles Agent: Desi Nicole, MSTA | (661) 380-2865

Analyzing a Scene -- Tristan's Revenge / Legends of the Fall (1994)

Walking out of that tent like a boss! -- Such a great scene ...let alone a criminally underrated movie & probably Pitt's best performance to date. -- Just look at the way the Camera slowly pans up on the Germans ...almost like it's Tristan's P.O.V. (although it's not) go along with that haunting theme as it builds (the late & great James Horner) well as the LOOK in Pitt's Eyes... Love the film... One of my favorites of the 90s! -- So Powerful.

VID#5 - Christmas 2018, Hanging in my office...

Such a truthful moment ...captures the holiday so perfectly ...but I look outside on this day and it doesn't feel like Christmas. Just outside my office window, there is GREEN... there is SUNSHINE... but there is no snow... Merry X-Mas to all!

The Path We Take - short film (2016)

Scene of short film The Path We Take where Abby is going on a hike with her dad. Her dad gets injured at the beginning of their trip. But he is not the only one injured. Director: Renee Ruben Cinematographer: Yann De Moerloose Producer: Marijn Liek Actors: Lydia Cashman and Paul Coster Shot in Auvergne, France (2016)

Alles klar (Original scene)

Sophie, a lone office worker in Germany, receives a most unusual client who quickly turns her world upside down. Genre: Action/Adventure Cast: Vanessa Leinan...
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