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Voice for the Voiceless | Screening

Documentary - "Voice for the Voiceless" This film has a good purpose - to overcome stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV, to destroy stereotypes and misconceptions. The film raises an important social problem of our world.Recall that the film "Voice for the Voiceless" became the winner, prize-winner and finalist of many international film festivals, including in the United States. For example, in 2019, the film was awarded at such American film forums as the Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival (Washington), JellyFEST (Los Angeles); in 2020 - Show Me Justice Film Festival (Warrensburg, Missouri), Utah Film Festival & Awards (Utah). The geography of film screenings is quite extensive. The film was seen by residents of Romania, Australia, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Portugal, the United States, India, Spain.


Christmas Special features HeadChef Semanti's recipes for Crusty Fried Chicken wings, Garlic Yogurt Dip, Spicy Tomato Salsa, hearty green salad, Orange Marma...



Beige opening.mp4

Thanks to Jack Mullin and Lea Peterson for composing the original music for the opening title sequence of Beige on Both Sides.

Glow - Official Trailer

Where do we go when we see nothing but darkness? Watch the official trailer for Glow, a feature film about the hurting city. Visit t...


Creator by: Ameer Sorrell Animation WGAE: 126637 '' Make way for CAMP-GETTEN'' Bombs falling from the sky left and right Summer about to begin with a bang! Welcome to Camp Apocalyptic BOB! We aren’t you’re ordinary sleep way camp. Where, your kids make dream catchers, fish in clean lake, tell camp story, eat good 5 star’s meal, we aren’t anything of those things at all. We’ll that other camp across the lake where you can meet zombies, befriends aliens from another world, play dodge-ball with mole people, be kidnaped by radioactive mermaids, have a sleep over with big foot, see ghost and a three eyed fish named Goldie. Apocalyptic BOB summer camp is on another level of experience of crazy fun. Place where you don’t know, if you going to leave with your arms or leg but you’re going to leaving with survival skills. Will if you survive to the end

Eliminated Trailer Two with Audience

Short Film. Eliminated. Fun Teaser. Forgotten Artist Productions.

Walking Points - A documentary about the cure for cancer

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