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Horror Short Film “Frost Bite” | ALTER

A young girl lures a mysterious figure across the frozen wasteland for reasons unexplained. “Frost Bite" by Andrew Hunt Subscribe to ALTER on YouTube: https:...

Demo Reel - Trunk

Reel form the short film "Trunk"

Drugs and Chocolates

A kid selling chocolates door-to-door to raise money for a trip to Disneyland encounters a drug dealer as a potential customer. #ShortFilm #DrugsAndChocolates


Meat Market is a reflection of what extremes men go to try to meet women. No matter what the circumstance, if he is put in a room alone with a woman he will still try his best lines on her. Join us in one of these situations where Adam is attempting to seduce Eve with no better material than 'Animal mating habits'... . Will Adam succeed where other men have literally fallen flat on their faces, or will he just be another failure, destined to grovel at Eve's feet? 2- Meat Market is a reflection of how women have been and are being objectified. Pressure for the body beautiful these days could find you in an expensive 'Meat Market' looking to sell or buy spare body parts. You too can preserve donated parts in your local plastic surgeon's freezer, waiting for the day you need a new face or arm. Meanwhile some of our body parts are having fun, treating the freezer as if it were a night club. Adam does his best to corner and tantalize Eve in an age old game of love and seduction. He brings up the most absurd examples to try and woo Eve in a sad attempt of flirtation. There is no escape for Eve.. She has only her wit to out smart Adam. CONCEPT "Meat Market" examines inherent male dominance in our society today, coupled with the desire of looking beautiful at all times. This film deconstructs the 'horror' genre rendering it a sophisticated "black comedy'.The idea stems from the notion that men will try to seduce their object of desire in any situation, even when they are dead or are violently incapacitated: What will happen to society if people keep changing their faces? Will there be stock faces that people can choose from? These are some of the issues underlying "Meat Market" The themes touched on in this film question the importance of cosmetic surgery and its worth, how it is bought and sold and what effect it has on society. We are exploring the possibility that plastic surgery is not as important as we make out and that it can be dangerous and violent. MEAT MARKET SCREENINGS/AWARDS: Hollywood Film Festival 2005 ( Nominated) Icastelli Animati -- Official selection MUFF 2004(Melbourne Underground film Festival) -- Winner Best short AVA -- WINNER Gold medal -- Australasian Video Awards LA International Film Festival Alameda Film Festival (San Francisco) Sour Grapes In The Realm of The Senses (winner Bali screenings) Fiztroy Shorts Love your work Canal + (French TV) Net TV ( mobile shorts) 100% Art Festival Israel 2005 Pedrito Film festival -- South America The Other Film festival 2004 Cast Lacey Fitzgerald Todd James Matt Osbourne Hamilton Moore Melissah Commens Ryan McCarthy Paul Farrell

Ruth - Music Excerpt

After the railroad forces her alcoholic husband to move North, Ruth DeLay­–a pregnant, destitute mother of four–desperately seeks an unregulated abortion in order for her family to survive the Great Depression. A film by Shannon Jarrell-Ivey. See the trailer here:

CAPTIVES - Short Film

A bright conflicted scientist pushes the moral boundaries to find a cure and save her husband. The mutated virus she is fighting against has already infected half of the human population, turning them into the monsters called captives.

"Hatchlings" Official Trailer

Directed By Catharine E. Jones Written By Adam James Jones Produced By All Girls Media & Enedina Films Mary Burch is in the fantasy business. A night spent in her house is a night spent with your deepest desire in the flesh. And in the year 1972, when so many loved ones are overseas, missing, or worse, business at the Burch House is booming. Unfortunately for Mary's customers however, nights end while desires only grow stronger, and before long visitors are sacrificing their very souls to stay in Mary's macabre bordello of dreams. All the while the house continues to feed, until the wall between fantasy and reality finally cracks.

Drug Dealing 191 with Igor

By Steve Ryan setthief

RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin - Multi awarded…

RINGO ROCKET STAR AND HIS SONG FOR YURI GAGARIN (2017) is a 10 minute, multi awarded short comedy film, with a crazy ear-worm soundtrack. The film is about a gipsy guy who thought he could be famous by writing a song for the first man in the space...


a short collection made from trailers and short clips of films I've written and directed.

From Slamdance 2020 Its Been Too Long Interview with Director…

From our recent trip to Park City, Utah and in covering the 2020 Slamdance Film Festival Joe Compton sat down with the director of the very funny short film It's Been Too Long, Amber Schaefer. We talk about its tongue and cheek fun and its future existence. You can learn all about it and It's Been Too Long in the links below: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Vimeo:
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