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Spotlight Season 1 Episode 12 ConCarolinas Short Film Programmers…

SEASON 1 FINALE of Spotlight is up!!! It's been a great season and we finish strong with an inside look at not just how a film festival like ConCarolinas Short Film Festival, a 10-year tradition at ConCarolinas, operates year to year but especially in this strange year. How it audibled and was able to still pull off a very successful, some might say the most successful film festival to date. Joe Compton sat down with the organizers and programmers that made it happen Bill Mulligan & Jason Gilbert. A lot of great tips for filmmakers and insights here. Hope you enjoy the last episode of Spotlight for the Season.


On their way up to Bishop Falls to celebrate their anniversary, a young couple gets stranded on the road, and their weekend trip turns into a nightmare as th...


STORMCHASER is an award-winning "Featurette" (27:12 RT) and Backdoor Pilot/Proof of Concept for an episodic anthology series I'm developing called DISASTER CAPITALISM. To open up more avenues for traditional shorts programming + a wider audience, my team and I also created a streamlined version of the story with the short film, FLIP THE SWITCH (14:51 RT), which is now a Finalist in the fantastic STAGE 32 Short Film Contest. Thank you, STAGE 32! #FlipTheSwitch #ChaseTheDream #KeepTheFaith #KeepCreating #NeverGiveUp #StoriesTransform

The Seasons of Saguaro Sam

A time lapse of Arizona's seasons, or lack thereof, that features a saguaro cactus.

The Interrogation

Prime8Vision Presents The Interrogation. Starring Tawan Gaston and Angel Morris Detective Cameron Marcus works to solve a difficult case and quickly learns t...


Shane Knight is a man whose voice alone can stop a man’s heart and He's the ruthless, cold-hearted leader of the Knight organization. Shane has grown tired of the never-ending cycle of war with his rivals, the Russian Fedorov brothers, the Gemini Twins Organization and other families within the criminal underworld. He has a plan to unite them all into one empire under his leadership. Shane is helped by his oldest son, Payne Knight, a sadistic madman who is most loyal to his father. Cynthia “Cyn (Sin)” Knight is a beautiful and deadly siren of death to anyone that threatens her family. Bishop Shane Knight is the youngest and possibly the most dangerous of the three Knight children. Shane is well on track to accomplish his goal, eliminating all that oppose his plans. On the happiest night of his life, despite numerous warnings from his siblings that he shares a psychic connection with that they call bridging, Bishop abandons his place by Shane’s side to be with his new love, Sydney Barrett, a young med student that has shown him a different way than the world of violence he’s used to. Bishop’s happiness is short-lived when he learns that he has been betrayed by his father and offered up as gift to his enemies to ensure their loyalty to Shane. Bishop now must use every ability he has to save Sydney from Payne. After a difficult fight, Bishop is left with no choice but to call for help to protect Sydney and start his war against his own family.

From Slamdance 2020: Narrative Shorts Block 2 Roundtable

We originally aired this on our Facebook Watch show on Sunday Feb 2nd, 2020. This was a round table discussion where we brought in the filmmakers from the 2020 Slamdance Film Festival's Narrative Short Blocks 2 and had a great discussion about short films and being at the festival. Joining us for this discussion were Kyle Sims and Owen Lazur of "Our Boy", Levi Holwell of "A Walk Down To Water", Gewan Brown and Anton Fresco of "Museum of Fleeting Wonders" and Aaron With of "Out of Tune". All their links are below: FILMMAKER KYLE SIMS Website: Vimeo: Instagram: FILMMAKER OWEN LAZUR Website: Vimeo: Instagram: FILMMAKER LEVI HOLWELL Website: Vimeo: Twitter: Instagram: FILMMAKER/PRODUCER GEWAN BROWN Website: Vimeo: Twitter: Instagram: FILMMAKER/CINEMATOGRAPHER ANTON FRESCO Website: Vimeo: Instagram: FILMMAKER/MUSICIAN AARON WITH Website: Facebook: Vimeo: Instagram:

DeadLine - Horror Short Film

[ Turn on the caption ] Synopsis: a young staff coming to work in the afternoon, his friend warning him to be careful because in the evening the office will be quiet because many employees have finished their work. his friend says " Take care in the evening the office will be more crowded and you must go " Director/Writer/Cameramen/Editor: Dean Mhm Cast: Hanef Yude Febre #shortfilm #deadline #horror

Fix This Up with Handyman Mike - Horror Comedy Short

TV personality Handyman Mike has a new project: fixing up a house for a family of the undead. Written & Directed By Brian Carlin Produced by Andrea Hays and Brian Carlin

Time to Go Indie Now 43

Welcome to Time to Go Indie Now, Episode 43. We are back with some great segments and are so happy to usher in this busy fall season for us. GO INDIE NOW STORE for all your shirts, hoodies, and miscellaneous gift items/ideas KONN LAVERY REVEAL DESIGNS FOR LOGO WORK (He did our new logo) IN THIS EPISODE: (1:22) Marketing Tips with C. L. Cannon: Teasers and Sharing Your Work (6:32) Indie Music Review with J. D. Estrada: AMANDA PALMER (15:04) Helping Hands for our Indie Friends: Kickstarter for Bruce Solheim’s SNARC Comic and Voting for Zev Howley’s Short Film RESTART (19:34) Indie Movie Review with Jin Okubo: STEVE DESMOND’S MONSTERS (22:25) Indie Book Review with Julia Allen: KATIE SALIDAS’ PRETTY LITTLE WEREWOLF (29:21) New Releases: Unseen (short film) by Elizabeth Blake Thomas, Demonkind (novel) by J. K. Allen, Along Came The Devil II (feature film) by DeVan Clan Productions, In the Blink of An Eye (Anthology) by Roxton Press (42:12) Indie Brew Review with Joe Compton: JACK PORTER BRITISH STYLE ALE (48:51) Featured Filmmaker JIN OKUBO FEATURED FILMMAKER: Jin Okubo TO SEE THE PROCESS WEBSITE FACEBOOK YOUTUBE FRIENDS WHO NEED A HELPING HAND: SNARC KICKSTARTER by Bruce Solheim & Gary Dumm VOTE FOR ZV HOWLEY’S SHORT FILM RESTART NEW RELEASES: -UNSEEN SHORT FILM -DEMONKIND by J. K. ALLEN -ALONG CAME THE DEVIL II PRODUCED BY DEVAN CLAN PRODUCTIONS -IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE ANTHOLOGY PRODUCED BY ROXTON PRESS JD’S INDIE MUSIC RECOMMENDATION : AMANDA PALMER Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: JIN’S INDIE MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: MONSTERS by Steve Desmond Watch the Movie here: Website: Facebook: Vimeo: JULIAS INDIE BOOK RECOMMENDATION PRETTY LITTLE WEREWOLF by KATIE SALIDAS AUTHOR WEBSITE: FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE: TO GET PRETTY LITTLE WEREWOLF: GOINDIENOW SEGMENT PRODUCERS AUTHOR/MUSICIAN J.D. ESTRADA Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Amazon: AUTHOR/FILMMAKER JIN OKUBO Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: Amazon: C. L. CANNON LINKS Writer Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: Amazon: AUTHOR/PUBLISHER JULIA J. K. ALLEN Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Amazon: Visual cutaways in all segments were provided by Deposit Photos WeVideo FreeSound Flaming Text

Odd Stranger

An 8-year-old live the misadventures of their sexuality on an adult world that is not prepared to treat initiation will pre-adolescence of their children. Odd strange, part of the poem by Carlos Drummond de Andrade. The film takes us by Childhood Innocence 80s, surrounded by enormous social pressure of definitions of sexuality.
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