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JF Calero - Director Sizzle Reel

"Sizzle Reel" of my work as director

Talk About Apples (Sound Bite) Episode 6

In this episode of Talk About Apples, Dr. Apples knew he had a work on astral projection in traveling back into his physical body the same way he left. He couldn’t remember much from mini experiences. Soon, the process become a second nature to him. By the age of 14 he became agile. Think he had mastered the technique. He describes his experiences with his mother, Miss BaRule.

Talk About Apples (Sound Bite) Episode 2

After amassing 74 different dolls each one acquired during each passing birthday, Dr. Apples grew frustrated of only having clues to the whereabouts of his mother but no answers. But first, to understand where we are going it's important to understand where we came from. We learn of Dr. Apples' childhood, where he grew up, what he liked, his relationship with his mother, and much more. His mother was a remarkable woman unto her own right. She was frequently found conjuring spells and brewing potions to help heal the locals. Be sure to listen to find out more about where everything began for our magical and mysterious Dr. Apples.

Bubbly Brown Sugar | Season 1 | Episode 1| #Dating #Love…

Unknown to each other in real life, Bubbly Brown Sugar tells the story of two soulmates, Jewel and Caleb, meeting in their dreams. This is the beginning of their journey to finding each other when they wake up.

Who is Dr. Apples?

On his 16th birthday, Dr. Apples®’ mother was kidnapped by fairies and replaced with a doll. Each year, on his birthday, Dr. Apples® receives a doll which has his mother's essence.


This is from my current screenplay, Craig Wolf. This is a fantasy, horror fiction story that takes place in Shadowed LA. (Los Angeles). Since I love acting, performing and sound design, I thought why not create a podcast telling this story.


Be careful what you wish for...

Booktrailer Guardians of the Gates

Booktrailer of the Urban Fantasy Novel Guardians of the Gates that is available to be turned unto a screenplay. Contact me for possibilities and exchanging ideas.
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