Introduce Yourself : A look at a trailer for my latest short film. by Steven Payne

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Steven Payne

A look at a trailer for my latest short film.

I think sometimes our work can be our greatest calling card, so here's a link to my trailer for a short film I did entitled 'The Hum'. I hope you like it.

Alexander Liquori

Looks interesting, can't wait to see it.

Scott Whenman

Nice, suspenseful. Great job.

Lowrie Fawley

Awesome! Can't wait to see this!

Craig Cothren

Very good work. I got involved and when the clip was over wanted to see the entire film. Great!

William W. Ryan

You got my attention!

Valerie Hill

Great! Yes I got caught up in the drama of it all.

Adela María Bolet

Wonderful intrigue. Keep at it!

Greg Rempel

Nice trailer. Good luck with the film.

Craig Cothren

nice work

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Nice work. A real grabber. Thanks for sharing.

Robin Mcdonald

Great job

Justin Imbody

Nice work man! Hows production on it going?

Robert Francis

wow this is excellent! I did not expect the twist

Steven Payne

Thanks for all the kind words. The short is finished and I'm seeking a couple of festivals to shoehorn it in.

Ronald R Bush

Three of my pet peeves: random sex/nudity. over use of curse words, and toilet scenes. Hopefully, your trailer contained the brunt of the nudity and the rest of the short contained substantial character and plot. Good luck.

J. Louis Reid

Enjoyed the trailer. If the film lives up to it, it should be really absorbing.

Steven Payne

Thanks so much!

Mike Colonna

Nice work....hope to see the final product soon.

Leland Shook

COOL. Shared and tweeted.

Juliana Acosta

ooohhh, interesting plot line.

Diane Kryzaniak

Thanks for he invitation Leland.

Craig Cothren

Just watched this again. You did a great job in creating dramatic and visual tension. You will do well. Hope you break out. What film festivals are you going to apply to. If you want I can see what is involved to get you into the Louisville Film Festival. Craig Cothren502-608-9585 if you want to text me for fastest response.

Craig Cothren

Sent your trailer to 580 FB friends many are based in LA to see if they can help you get this in film festivals where they are. Also, some live in the UK and Australia so why not try international too? Can't promise you anything but wanted to help you push your ball up the hill. Craig

Angel Matheson

I'm definitely intrigued.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Craig Cothren. What a terrific colleague you are for helping Steven. I'm impressed. I'm happy you're here with us.

Craig Cothren

I am only pushing button on the computer but when I see great work always want to help. It is one thing to make something great, it is quite another to get right people to see it. I just believe this work by Steven is very deserving. What goes around sometimes comes around maybe years later but why not be positive?

Valerie Hill

Craig Cothren you are great, you are quite right about just getting the right people to see it, it just takes one pebble thrown in the pond to start.

Steven Payne

Craig Cothren, thank you so much for first the kind words, and secondly for the added push. That's what I hoped this site would be, a great place for people to help one another. I actually am going through Withoutabox and FilmFreeway to find festivals both national and international that I think will be a good match for the film. That's not a guarantee that they'll accept it, but it helps. About to start working on another short film once I get back from vacation, and with all the shorts I'll have then I'll direct my attention on promotion and getting them into festivals.

Peter Bartels

Steve, great trailer - I hope you have great success with this project; it looks great.

Pat Savage

Good stuff! Had me drawn in and the ambient music is important to the tension of the film. Kudos & good luck!

Madalyn McKay

Really looks good. Please keep us updated with progress.

Dawn Gonchar

Welcome Steve! I enjoyed your trailer, very intriguing I wish you the best of luck!

Amyana Bartley

Great concept!! Looks intriguing:)

James David Sullivan

What about the buzz?

Patricia Parrish

I enjoyed your trailer good luck with that. Here is some of my work to listen to and watch . ww

Christine Boulware

love the idea...can we exchange contact info?

Alan Knittel

Steve, I AM TOTALLY INTRIGUED! If this trailer is even remotely representative of the story line and based on a phenomenon that's truth or fiction , you've got a compelling concept! Really, all the best with it! Is your idea to develop it further into a feature film?

Steven Payne

Christine Boulware, we can exchange contact info. You can email me at

Steven Payne

Thanks for the kind words, Alan Knittel. It is a 16 minute short, but I certainly wouldn't mind expanding it to feature length. I have about 3 shorts that I really think would work as features - that's one.

Alan Knittel

Steve, I'm always intrigued by what the budget is to actually rent cameras, lighting, sound and crew and pay some actors to film 16 minutes of a project. Did you rent a Red Epic, for instance? I know another director/screenwriter here that took her project and filmed segments of it with acting students, but she and her husband spent tens of thousands. I'm asking because filming a teaser for a feature length screenplay might be my goal to peddle to producer/investors.

Jeff Guenther


Steven Payne

Alan Knittel, thousands aren't needed. I have a digital camera I bought (I wish it was a Red), I have my own LED lights, halogen lights, and a good mic. The actors I cast through Craigslist and usually end up with theatre actors, thus my out of pocket on most of my shorts is very low. It really gets down to having the idea, and having the talent to bring it to fruition.

Alan Knittel

any chance of divulging just what equipment you used? Late model Canon 60d, perhaps? I really like your composition in some of those shots, particularly the shower, the CU of the faces against the sky from below. Bravo, Steve! I could learn much from you. I never get to Chicago, unfortunately.

Steven Payne

Alan, thanks for the kind words. And as to the camera, I just used a Canon Hf S10. Yep. Good lighting kept the image crisp - it does record in 1080p after all. I can control my exposure with the camera which is an important thing for me. Worked just fine.

Steve Neill

Excellent and I can relate to the subject matter. ;)

Steven Payne

Thanks Steve. I've heard from a lot of people about the subject being one they are either familiar with, or can relate to.

Steve Neill

Well its real and no one is sure what it is. It can even be recorded with the right equipment. Either way a coll bases for a film,

Steven Payne

The sound I used for the hum in the film is actually a reported recording of the actual hum. Belgium I believe.

Jeff Guenther

The Hum is a result of some primeval force not remembering the words.

Steven Payne

Thanks for the kind words. I might have a shortened version of this film appearing in a festival soon.

Eric Gilmartin

Looks and sounds intriguing! It is indeed a real topic of speculation, if not a confirmed phenomenon (just yet): Will look forward to seeing the finished film. Good luck with it!

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