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Wendy Casey

Driven Screenwriter

Hello, I'm Wendy Casey and I'm a wga screenwriter. While I have been writing for several years, my first break came almost two years ago when I landed my first Hollywood writing gig for Cineplex. I managed to write my way past the other writers and now hold the position as lead writer. Not only do I write for Cineplex, but I also form writing teams for individual titles that will soon be airing on ABC TV and the CW networks. When I am not writing for Cineplex, I am writing my own screenplays. To date, two of them are under option and one is currently in consideration with Millennium Nu Image Films. I thank the team at Stage 32 for making this site for all of us in the entertainment industry. That first break I mentioned was found and made on this site.

T Mike Ryan

Hey Wendy - awesome intro. Wish I could say that for myself. I wish you all the best in your writing and hopefully your options go through! Talk to you again sometime.

Donna - Marie

Hi Wendy That's fantastic. Do you wish to share what you did? For example, post a project on Stage32?

Wendy Casey

Thanks Donna, I simply made up my mind and started querying my scripts like a mad woman with VERY thick skin. It takes a lot of rejection to get one yes. ;) I didn't let it get to me.

Donna - Marie

Good for you. I'm having one of those years. I'm making good progress too. I have two of my projects currently with two different big production companies. Fingers crossed :)

Donna - Marie

It's hard the life of a screenwriter; you write like crazy; rewrite, polish. Then you have to make time to network and establish contacts. Then you have to send out your work to all these contacts, many of who will not have time to read your scripts. You have to have thick skin in this industry, but once you're in and you do a great job, it will all be worth it!

Margaret Peirson

Wendy Congrats on your success, and much more to come.

Patrina Reddick - Pimosh Publishing

Nice job Wendy - just one question: how did ur pitch get through the door? Was Cineplex ur 1st step or did u meet someone who pointed you in the right direction?

Wendy Casey

Great question. Working with Cineplex helped me hone my skill in screenwriting and gave me the confidence I needed to push forward. BTW. One of the most important things I have learned is to keep learning and honing the skill, because there is always and I say always someone out there better than you. No one pointed me in any direction, with my own work I merely took it on all by myself and started knocking on doors. It really helps to get people to like you first and I am a talker. LOL Thank you for your comment.

Karen Franklin

Hey Wendy, your success is envious and inspiring! Like Patrina, I would love to hear more about how you got the break with Cineplex. What kind of writing are you doing for them? Keep up the good work! Karen

Wendy Casey

Thank you, Karen, I write whatever the assignment is, even if it is outside my genre of choice. I learned during my grad work, at OSU, in writing, if one can write outside of her own style and mimic that of others to a tee, one can write anything. Combining styles and genres still leaves the door open for one to leave his or own mark. ;)

Patrina Reddick - Pimosh Publishing

I'm excited to know that women are truly making a living with the pen - however, it's difficult to get that BIG toe in ... How & through whom did u get ur 1st break ... The one all us hopefuls are praying for every day & night - please share?

Wendy Casey

It is within you, you have no other choice, you have to make or you feel like you have let yourself down. I found my first breaks on this site. I started making contacts and getting to know the people I hoped to work with right here.

Antonio Ingram

It is good to see that women like you reach for the torch which automatically makes you a role model to many other women. Because of my mind I have the upmost respect for women.

Patrina Reddick - Pimosh Publishing

Nice. Very proud of your accomplishments. I guess my next question (prayerfully not to offend) is whether you had Cineplex on your list of where to pitch, you sent a script - they liked it and the rest was history? That's great ... I'm going to look into cineplex tomorrow. Wish me luck?

Elizabeth Searle

Congrats Wendy on all of this and great to hear your first break came via Stage 32!

Wendy Casey

Patrina, No, I did not have Cineplex on my list to pitch to. A posting was made here on Stage 32, and I jumped on with a response. If you're looking for writing work with Cineplex, you would talking with me, the lead writer.. So, please do check us out and if you like what you see let me know and I would be willing to consider a writing sample.

Brianna Lee McKenzie

Great job, Wendy! You so ROCK!

Janet Scott

Nice one.... Hello Wendy... welcome.

Pierre Langenegger

What a fantastic success story, Wendy. Congratulations.

John Steinmetz

Hi, Wendy. …And I am a DGA television director in New York. I was staff at ABC for 30 years with notable credits. As you may know, the Networks do not keep a staff, anymore, only free lance. Perhaps, my skills would be applicable to one of your projects.

Ketorah Williams

Its lovely to hear a success story! rises our spirits!

Irina Schmedes

Hi Wendy! It's always good to hear about women who are succeeding in the male dominated world of screenwriting. I read somewhere that less than 9 percent of Hollywood spec sales were for scripts written by women. It's time to change those statistics!

Curtis Kessinger

Congratulations Wendy! You are a great example that putting in the hard work pays off.

Joseph de Cross

What a great journey, Wendy! Congrats as awell!

Nancy Ahern

thank you for sharing this!

Gloria Hass

Congrats!! Happy for you!

Victoria Spencer Smith

Best Wishes for New Option! Fearless is always good in our industry... stay clear and focused and I will go after the same as an actress. Sincerely, Victoria Spencer Smith

Diane Meyer

You are the Bomb, Wendy :-) And an encouragement for all the rest of us writers.

Richard "RB" Botto

I appreciate you sharing this, Wendy. You were one of our earliest members and I always remember how serious you took your networking. All that hard work continues to pay off. I moved this over to our SS section...Always great for others in the community to learn how a fellow 32'er found success. Thanks again.

Shara Lerman

What a great story! As an actress who is branching out into writing, it's always fantastic to hear success stories - particularly from other motivated women. Thanks for sharing!

Roy Gonzales

Very cool.

Patrina Reddick - Pimosh Publishing

Wendy - I have followed your lead & now I'm talking to a number of folks who I've scheduled Skype conversations with - one of whom is in India. I don't know not do I understand everything about post-production. However, I know enough to keep writing and to tell all my stories until I've exhausted the source. Thanx for your encouragement!!!

Phillip A. Daye


Des Nnochiri

Hi, Wendy. Impressive resume! Welcome to Stage 32.

Wendy Casey

Good for you Patrina! Just remember there will be scrapes and bruises during the journey. Best to you.

Frank G. Lind

Wendy, would love the opportunity to discuss what kind of daily writing habits you do and how you "wrote past" the other writers. Thanks!

Rose Sias

You go girlfriend! I need a writer to write a feature for me. Haven't found someone I can work with that can write action for a female lead that I can option and shoot. Any suggestions?

Julie Young

Thanks so much Wendy for sharing your success story.

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