The Stage 32 Videos: Cinema

Patriot's Precision: Mel Gibson's Tomahawk Choreography Unleashed…

In "The Patriot," Mel Gibson's character, Benjamin Martin, wields the tomahawk in a gripping and memorable sequence set against the backdrop of the American Revolutionary War. I demonstrate a simple upswing and hack down on the musket with a finish. Trained extensively for the role, Gibson seamlessly integrates historical accuracy and visceral intensity into the choreography. The choice of the tomahawk as a weapon adds a unique dimension to the combat scenes, symbolizing the rugged resourcefulness of the character. The choreography, a collaboration between Gibson, the fight choreographer, and the director, is designed to balance brutality and finesse, showcasing both the raw power and strategic skill of Martin. The sequence not only serves as a visual spectacle but also contributes significantly to the character's development and the overall narrative, leaving a lasting impact on audiences as a standout moment in the film.

Film Production Demo Reel - Hulon E. Crayton II

This is an example of my work, which showcases my ability to Produce Video, Direct, Film (Camera), Edit, Color, and Master audio. Work in the realm of commercial, corporate, films (movies and documentaries), and music.

"The Best Day of Your life" movie trailer

Dir. Aaron Dougherty and the Director of Photography is me!

Cinematography Reel | Bradley J. Lincoln

A collection of some of my work as a cinematographer/DP on various short films, and music videos from 2012-2023.


A showcase I edited of some of the film and Virtual Reality projects I have worked on as CamOp, DP, Director and VR Creative. For more of my work:

Featured Work

Playlist featuring some of my work in Cinematography projects.


Digital Awakening" is a thought-provoking short film that explores the concepts of simulation and reality, drawing inspiration from both "The Matrix" and the philosophical discussions surrounding simulation theory. Set in a near-future dystopian society, the story follows a disillusioned young programmer who begins to question the nature of his existence.


Trailer for WALTER and the TIGERS, my 23 minute documentary examining the behaviour of Tiger Sharks in South Africa and how they get killed in the local beach nets.
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