The Stage 32 Videos: Crimethriller

The Hostage 2021 Teaser1 (Crime Drama)

This is the first teaser for "The Hostage" which is due for release in the Summer of 2021.It is a thriller that blurs the lines between right and wrong. Ever...

One finger missing! (Envelope)

A Psychiatrist wants to prove his diagnosis but puts himself into danger, because one of his patients is probably an uncaught serial killer.

Short Concept Trailer for "Wicca Vendetta"

Short Concept Trailer for "Wicca Vendetta" (A modern day witch has spirits of women tell her where their murderers are so she can avenge them, while a police detective tries everything to stop her).


A trailer I personally made for my upcoming Australian crime thriller, Spiral. It will be released by World Castle Publishing. Hope you like it.

Abgerutscht - Trailer / NAP | FILMWORX

Lars Eder ist ein Kripobeamter, der vor allem mit Drogendelikten zu tun hat. Verhängnisvollerweise ist er selbst drogenabhängig. Er stellt seinen ehemaliger Freund Mert, der sich für einen langsamen Entzug entschieden hat, zwingt ihn, den Stoff abzugeben und der Polizei das Versteck des Dealers preiszugeben.

HitMan 4 Hire



Baltimore Crime Bosses Fighting for Territories when the supplier wants it all body start to drop.


"Destiny" is a story about a psychic girl who helps people with her readings. Until the moment when she foresees her own dead.

Sadam Hussaini Showreel 1

Sadam Hussaini -The works Original Soundtrack Song Name: Opression Performed by: FLAW Written by Sheraz Ahmad and ...

Ultimate Insomnia Animosity.mp4

I am proud to share to all my Stage 32 creatives my short film, about Bryce Harold, an computer engineer who is distancing himself from his troubled and dangerous past of gun smuggling.
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