The Stage 32 Videos: Drone

Drone Piloting Montage Final.mp4

This short montage is a compilation of the drone shots me and my classmates took after being briefly introduced to the uses and wonders of a drone.

Drone Footage Montage

A small project to understand Drone piloting turned into a nice complication

Lets talk Mood

In this drone shot, I wanted to show how colors can be one of the factors than can have an affect on the overall mood

BMW Socal Car Event

Took a look at Socals BMW event, where car lovers get to show there master peace! I also have a expertise in flying drones..

Drone Test Footage

Holy Stone HS720E drone in follow mode

Airbear Video additional work 2020 Showreel

Additional aerial projects updated onto a supplement showreel for 2020

0101001101001110010001100100001101000011 (SNFCC)

Screenings & Awards - Winner, Berlin Flash Film Festival, Germany, May 31, 2018, Super Short Drone category. - Winner, InAir.Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May ...

Drone Video Sample-River

River shots using DJI Mavic Pro

Zefred Zteadicam - Quadcopter/Drone/UAV/RPAS aerial…

My new drone demo reel, featuring some footage from Canada and France, interior, exterior, all shot legally with my faithful Phantom 4 :)

Directors Reel 2020

Glad to show you all my Directors Reel for 2020! Everyone have a Productive Year!!!!

Demo 2018

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