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How to Create an IMDb VANITY Link

HOW TO CREATE AN IMDB VANITY LINK! You can post YOUR IMDb Vanity Link in the comments under the video at...

The Available Wife trailer

The Available Wife, directed by Jamal Hill, is a romantic original feature written by Tressa Azarel Smallwood (BET's All In), Terayle Hill (Deuces) and Kyju...

Sociopath Trailer Rated R EXTREME LANGUAGE NSFW

Sociopath inspired by actual events ‘Sociopath’ is a powerful story of one woman’s struggle to fight through the fear a deranged stalker has thrust upon her. A fan gone mad. Inspired by actual events, Tressa Graves, tells her story through a screen adaptation as writer and assistant director. She puts her character, Michelle Teague, into an unrelenting horror, through the deepest and darkest mind of, Rod Hunter. Michelle, not only is forced to deal with Rod, but, his two evil cohorts, Oli and Rian as well. In the day and age of the internet, like-minded and evil people are able to easily find each other, making stalking even more dangerous than before.

Funeral Coma: Eternal Funeral Places: Part Two (2019) - Official…

This is the Official Trailer 2 of "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places : Part Two" (2019) from Funeral Home Films. Film: Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places : Part Two Tagline: Only the Forgotten Ghosts remember the Past Label: Funeral Home Films Release year: 2020 What is "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places"? After a idea (by Funeral Master, the man behind Funeral Coma, a One-Man-Band from Southern Hesse of Germany) started Funeral Master back in 2008 the filming on the small cemetery of his previous very little town Malchen for the plan to create a music video for Funeral Coma. After re-watching this first video, Funeral Master decided to filming on more cemeteries and in forests (woodlands) and the idea for "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places" was born... Back in 2009, Funeral Master created his own film label "Funeral Home Films" and in 2016 the first film "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places : Part One" was released and distributed through "Funeral Home Films" and is still available. With "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places" Funeral Master would like to honor the German Expressionist movement from the 1910s until the 1930s. Silent films like "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (1920), "The Golem: How He Came into the World" (1920), "Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horror" (1922), "Faust - eine deutsche Volkssage" (1926) or "Metropolis" (1927) are amazing film works from Germany. And with the music of Funeral Coma, Funeral Master want honour a little bit the "Neue Deutsche Todeskunst" movement. "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places" is supposed to be a trilogy. Now it's time for "Funeral Coma : Eternal Funeral Places : Part Two"... Synopsis: Coming soon... Best Regards, FUNERAL MASTER COPYRIGHT © 2019 FUNERAL HOME FILMS

Helen Kent Showreel

New Demoreel


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