The Stage 32 Videos: Indie Filmmaking

Vanished - Heavens Gate music video

This is our first official music video collaboration with the very talented Danny Jones. He composed the score for our feature film, Vanished in 2013. His re...

The Text Teaser (Pamela and Greg)

There comes a time in every single relationship, whether married or seriously dating, when a tough and delicate conversation must be had. In scene 18 of the ...

"The Text" Campaign Trailer


Ghost Tale trailer

When an estranged couple work on a fixer-upper, they quickly discover the house has a dark history and must work together to stop a ghost hell-bent for vengeance.

The Lumber Baron (2019) Official Trailer

I was Art Director for this micro-budget indie film. We're proud of the results!

Crossroads Season 1 Episode 2 Indie Author AJ Mullican & Indie…

Welcome to another episode of Crossroads. This is Season 1, Episode 2 and this show is about the unique connections and contrasts we have as artists. Each episode we bring together 2 artists to have a one on one conversation about life, art, and talking shop. As will see with this first episode that features 2 amazing artists A. J. Mullican and Nicole De Meneses. A. J. is an indie author who does a lot of her own stuff when it comes to putting out a book in true Indie DIY fashion. Nicole is a filmmaker who is very much alike in that DIY aspect but they also both share the idea that there needs to be more diversity in everything not only they do but what is out there. They have a great conversation along those lines and beyond. Below are the links to these two awesome artists, please go and follow them and check out their art after the show. AJ MULLICAN’S LINKS: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Podcast MUSES AND MURDERERS SPOTIFY: ANCHOR.FM: NICOLE DE MENESES’ LINKS: WATCH NIGHTCAP FOR FREE: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE CHANNEL GHOST OF STOW LAKE FB PAGE: GHOST OF STOW LAKE INSTAGRAM PAGE:

Batman Fan Series Opening

Opening I did for a fan series.


Short Film | Spring 2020 starring Kevin Kolack | Patricia Damon Ronelle Thomas | Dan Truman | Charley Tucker director of photography John Mastriano music by ...

Indie Filmworks - Episode 17 - Stepping Back To Move Forward

Indie Filmworks is a platform for filmmaker Nathan Suher to share his experiences, knowledge, and tips with other creatives working in the low budget/micro budget independent film industry.

Indie Originals 021

More hot new indie music by Danielle Durack, Shawn Butzin - Music, Annelie Eriksson, Alto Key, Bianca Jazmine, Matt Ingram Music, AIR APPARENT, Moonlight Drive-In, Vihads21, Best Not Broken, Chasing Shadows, and @JohnieJupiterLong on Episode 21! Listen to the show at, and enter our #INDIEMUSIC COMPETITION now at!
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