The Stage 32 Videos: Mental Health


This is the trailer for my film called THE P.A.C.T. It is a mental health care drama in the category of Law&Order or CSI with a comedic feel to it ye...


Personal project. Novella, screenplay, audiobook in final draft stages. Synopsis in profile.

Stuck with You

A little something I made in the peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic isolation: Sometimes making the most of the quarantine depends on who you're stuck with...(CW: Violence, Language, Blood, Mental Illness) Inspired by #sheltershortsShel...


"Ralphie's 'Blue" is the story of a hapless but likable, regular guy named Ralph Monti, a man with two strikes against him. One, he works nights and weekends as an umpire, but he can’t seem to get past little league. Two, it takes him a fistful of meds every day just to keep it together. Ralph’s game takes a dramatic turn when he meets Chase, the charismatic leader of a “men’s group.” Chase takes Ralph under his wing, introducing him to his group – The Order - at a weekend retreat in the mountains, where Ralph encounters a committed band of dangerous white nationalists, more accurately, White Supremacists. (Ironic, because Ralph has a black girlfriend but Chase has an “alternative” approach to Ralph’s medication, which proves tantalizing to Ralphie.) Chase intends to shape Ralph into a dangerous weapon to be used by The Order as part of their plan of attack. Can Ralph help foil the event before it's too late?

Good Grief Pre-Launch Kickstarter

Hi people! When my mom died I realized I didn't know how to grieve, and no one around me did either! So I decided to make a film about it. The script has won a bunch of awards and now I'm running a pre-launch kickstarter campaign. By pledging $1 you can support women directors and get a 60% on some pretty cool awards. Go to to make your pledge!

This is Corey Dixon..

Corey talks about Mental Health, Acting, Singing and his story.. Video Created by: Justin Pascua

The Dark Places - Official Trailer

The Dark Places Director/Producer - Tommy G. Kendrick Writer/Producer - LeAnn Morris DP/Editor/Post - James Burgess Composer - David Michael Hyde

Jones | Official Trailer

Trailer edited by Justin Ferrato for the award-winning JONES. Aware that her drinking has become destructive, Jones takes a go at living the sober life. Not wanting to be someone else’s problem, she pushes away help and comes face to face with herself and her lack of control.

'better.' teaser trailer Check out our campaign with more information and an extended trailer with cast and crew talking about the project

unBalanced Official Trailer

Official trailer for the film unBalanced. Shedding light on mental health issues, through laughter. We shot this with a $0 dollar budget but it’s such an important subject and carries a stigma that needs to be removed.
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