Acting : What Might Have Been:Short Drama by Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell

What Might Have Been:Short Drama

This wonderful project was written,produced,filmed and shot by Tommy Kraft. This short Drama follows a young bookstore owner, struggling with the death of his father, and makes a startling discovery that could change his life forever. Hope you all enjoy it!

J. Brian

Nice. Of course, with most short films, you're always left wanting more or wandering what happens next.

Michael Campbell

Thanks J.Brian, and thank you's good you guys liked it! enjoy the day

Dee Kelly Barrett

Hello Michael, I enjoyed viewing your short. I really enjoyed your character and the great expression given throughout the film....

Michael Campbell

Thank you Dee, I'm glad it caught your interest!

Johanna Marshall

fell into the emotion of it all Michael.......wanted to know what the next phase is.............enjoyed it!

Michael Campbell

I really appreciate that Johanna! Thank you

LB McGill a lover of books and bookstores, I loved the setting, I thought it was beautifully shot, and your acting was well executed. :) Has it been submitted to film festivals?

Simon Burgess

Congratulations Michael, impressive piece beautifully shot

Michael Campbell

I thank each and everyone of you for your feedback. and yes the film has been submitted to a film festival.

LB McGill

ah, very good Michael, keep us posted. Looking forward to watching your career :)

Victor M. Samuel

Solid work, I'm just a photog, but I can see you in bigger productions. Keep up the good work.

Jaye Golightly

Great acting Michael. I thought the guy in the movie was a great actor - then I realized it was you! Great movie, great actor!

Michael Shandrick

Michael, you're a natural. Wonderfully shot and edited. with crisp natural supporting cast. The writing really captures a moment, especially for writers like myself who have had supernatural experiences among the shelves. thanks for sharing.

Michael Campbell

I'm most appreciative of all your feedback. thank you

Kerry Lloyd Whitehouse

i thought you were?it was very well done.I congratulate you on a great performance

Michael Campbell

Thanks so much Kerry! :)

Dave Stair

Like it Well shot. Well Played. Congrats! Good on you.

Michael Campbell

Dave thanks! I look forward to making greater progress

Lawrence Costales

Your performance was solid, nothing to worry about. I do have a critic but I'll send you a message instead of posting here.

Bhavnisha Parmar

What I loved most was the beautiful balance between strength and vulnerability. Keep it up!

Gary R. Moor

Well done Michael. I was going to watch just a bit of your film to see if it was any good. I got involved, watched the whole thing and I was actually moved. So you did a good job. From a movie nut's perspective, I was hooked by your presence, so you could have downplayed the sighing and downtrodden body language a bit - more subtle, more effective, but it worked the way you did it. You got something there. Look forward to more.

Cynthia Garbutt

Brilliant - you're the best of the lot. All I'd say is a bit more frustration about the financial situation while on the telephone, would have been more true to life. Those people bug the hell out of you. I thought your actions, reading the document, setting it down, thinking, balling it up, tossing it, picking it up again - all excellent. Good reaction and response to Ben and Murray, also the phone call with Abbey's mother. Totally loved the flashback with your Dad and the poetry. Keep it going.

Phinias B. Elijah

Wow man, this is great Michael, well done for real.

Frankie Pace

Christmas is just around the corner so here comes Frosty the Snowman... No not the kind of Frosty you think This Frosty is a mobster...I'm a little over the top on this one but it's good ..check it out....

Deborah Roberts

he looks & feels very Evil to a dam good film & GR8 acting to

Deborah Roberts

typical Santa Pissed as a Fart no wonder he hurt him self

Andres Torres

Great Acting

Julia Parker

Nice work!

Sandra Reed

Powerful message and excellent acting!

Bruno Xavier

Hey Michael really good work, nice and natural. On another note I do think the film is way too long and slow paced for what its about. The story could have been told in half the time. However you should be very happy with your work.

Mark S. Schroeder

Hi Michael, I watched your Short and found you to be able to carry this story all the way through and I was moved by your emotions. I hope that opportunity stepping stones come your way so you can continue climbing up into more and more professional roles to keep you busy throughout your career and you do have a wonderful Acting career that lies ahead of you, so never let doubt enter your life. You are good and just focus on getting better and better. Good Luck! And remember, the more you do the luckier you will be. Sincerely, Mark S. Schroeder

Brad Watts

looks good bro !!!!

Leah Mae Brine

Good job :)

Wayne Brett

Well done Michael!

Lee Stevens

Did you ever hug your adopted mother in rehearsal,or try to talk about or create the mother son bond? There must have been something you liked about working in your fathers store,it might have been nice to see a suggestion of it. No on else is working in the store you didn't lock the door or turn out the lights! So you broke the 4th wall because you were not committed to the part.Your awareness of where you are in the frame is good with a smooth delivery.Great short films while the staple of film schools are really the hardest films to make.It forces a sort of Zen Mastery on top of the need to just learn the basics but they sort of serve the need Take them for what they are worth, a sketch.

Audrey Noone

Hi Michael! You have a great screen presence. You seem to have a good sense of timing, and you communicated a depth of feeling that went beyond the words.

Wayne Brett

Yes it was weird you didn't lock the shop door when you left!

Tony Folden

Excellent work! You owned it. Nicely done.

Shirley A Johnson- Smallwood

Very nice. Loved your character.

Orestes Matacena

Great work Michael! BTW, I am delighted to have connected with you. Make History! Become a Backer and receive many Rewards! Share with family & Friends. Befriend me on Facebook. Visit

Frankie Pace

Your acting is organic except for those heavy breath moments which tells me that you're pushing it. Your pacing is good which brings out the reality of your character. I can't say much for the other actors..Well... yes I can. They seemed to be working on the surface of their characters rather than going internal...Again I put your work up there with the likes of Don Cheadle........

Timothy Patrick O'Neill

You're a great actor! Remember what Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart said, " I pay no attention whatsoever to anybody's praise or blame, I simply follow my own feelings.

Michael Campbell

I cannot thank you all enough for both your support and criticism. It always helps to have a second or third opinion, especially pertaining to any fumbles they may have been made during the process of my craft. I do however wanna point out TWO things: 1. The director FOR this piece was persistent in NOT allowing me to turn out the lights and lock the door lol, 2.the emotions given from the character were strictly the ideas of the director also.And although I had an opinion of my own, He knew how he wanted it his film, so I gathered and delivered. The heavy breathing was all me, and all on me, fumble!!! again thank you all, and have an outstanding year!

Michael Shandrick

Oh Michael, the stories I could tell. As a writer I've seen directors, producers and actors maul the words. On a few rare occasions I've seen all the above come together and this is what I dwell on. My advice: Do the Work. Show up and give what you got. Let the universe take care of the intangibles.

Adela María Bolet

I enjoyed watching you and your subtle changes of mood. Touching story. Keep at it.

Mark Morlock

Very well done. How often we forget or neglect the important people in our lives. Very poignant.

Carin Moffat

Really enjoyed your natural and subtle performance...great job!

Ernie Rowland

Nice work, nice story.

Lydia Nicole

Good work.

Carol Giordano

nice, would like to know what happened

Stephen Ossias

That was very moving. Nice work. Where does it go from there?

Nick Simons

Nicely judged performance. Good Luck with it.Nick Simons

Anisa Nyell Johnson

Luved it! You did a great job carrying Most of the short! I could see you truly understood the character! Keep it up! Anisa Nyell

Mike Wurst

Nice solid performance, not overdone, honest; and well done by Mr. Kraft as well. Good music, sound and editing.

Anne Turolla

Very sensitive interpretation !

David Dion

Nice performance Michael...all the best in the new year.

Michael Campbell

Thank you everyone for both your support and critic. create an amazing year!

Jaimee Wolfe

You are very natural, I really believe your emotions. I want to buy the violin from you. I know how to play.:)

Tom McElroy

Very, very well done my friend. Lovely script. Excellent production values. Your performance is real, grounded and nicely layered. Kudos!

Michael Campbell

Thanks so much Eva!


Great story engaging.

Victor Stapelberg

It's VERY NICE and filled with touching moments. I loved especially THAT LOOK down the corridor filled with books. TRULY UNIQUE and most probably so compelling to many people. I had one with my father nearly 99% like that but under totally different cirumstances. Another one I keep close to my heart is with my grand mother. The music was VERY nice also.. The set ..I guess you had the privilege of a real bookstore that's got soul!

Joyce Leo

Powerful, soulful!

Stacey Genève Travis

This is such an awesome short film. I can resonate all to well with the message/title, “What Might Have Been”. The saying is true, “Life is short” and we all need to live our dreams today because there are too many people in the grave who have made sacrifices and never got the opportunity to fulfill there dreams and will never know, “What Might Have Been”. This short film has truly encouraged me today and no matter how hard gets I will never give up or sacrifice my dreams and what I am purpose to do ever again. Thank you so much. Keep doing what you do. I wish you all the best and many blessings.

Elijah Eskin

Definitely the best short film I've ever seen

Colette Guimond

Awesome Performance Michael and great short film

Michael Campbell

I'm very thankful for every critic. I Hope you all create a wonderful year

April Ranck

Michael, great short film: good acting and lighting. Well done


Very good all around.

Victory Ledgerwood


Michael Campbell

Thank you to you all!

James David Sullivan

"For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these...."

Michael Campbell

Haha thanks James, I appreciate you for taking the time to view this project

James David Sullivan

You are very welcome! Keep up the good work!

Vincent Lowe

Big smiles. Nice work!

Michael Campbell

What an awesome compliment, :) thank you

Race Robinson

very well made Michael, I enjoyed it, well done

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