Introduce Yourself : Hi from the London area by Diane Knight

Diane Knight

Hi from the London area

Good morning everyone, I have just joined so thought I would pop in. My husband (writer/director, producer) and I have a production company , I have never been that great at the whole networking thing, usually the head down get on with it type, but this year I am making an effort to change that ...we currently have 2 features in post, so I'm looking for distribution for those and another in development. so here I am, be gentle :)

DJ Far

Diane, great to see you "coming out". Welcome to the community.

Margaret Taylor

Hi Diane. A pleasure to meet you.

Romulus Hotea

Welcome to Stage32 Diane.

Solgerd Isalv

Be brave! It's hard for most of us!

Bill Blackwood

Hi Diane, wolcome to the network explore chat and have some fun

Tim McLaughlin

Best of luck with your projects, Diane!

Mark Saltman

Hi Diane- welcome- Im also an occasional shy person- but am breaking out to try and get to connect with more great folks :)

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome, Diane. Great to hear that you are taking an active interest in networking online. I truly believe that you're only as good as your network. In the digital age using social media is imperative. Great to have you here!

Brenda Iovino

I know what you mean Diane. I'm an introvert and networking has never been my thing but it is made so much easier here on Stage 32.

Richard "RB" Botto

Appreciate the support, Brenda!

Michael Wearing

Hi Diane with your experience I'm sure you'll be an active and useful contributor to stage32. Great to have you on here.

Shawn Speake

Welcome, Diane!


Welcome to Stage 32 Diane!

Diane Knight

thanks so much for the warm welcome! I look forward to getting to know you all a little better and hearing about your experiences/projects :)

Gian G. Foschini

Hi Diane, Welcome! If you need anything in Italy, please don't hesitate to contact me as per your convinience. :)

June Wood

Hi Diane, welcome and good luck with your projects :0)

Johnny Farrell

Hi Diane; nice to meet you. I'm a UK based actor and obviosly interested in your European projects. Here are my details; Kind Regards Johnny

Charmaine Branco

Hi all great to read the buzz from sometimes sunny SA -can anyone please tell me how I can get a script together of a true life story in the quickest time and who to trust to send it to Thanks a mil

Toby Roberts

Hi Diane. I'm a London based writer/director. Would love to hook up for a coffee and a chat. Please get in touch. Cheers, Toby.

C. D-Broughton

Toby, I really enjoyed your Spoilt Broth. Diane, welcome aboard.

Rona Topaz

Welcome Diane. Great to see you. I'm an actress based in London and Glasgow. Full Equity, 22 years exp. Also new to networking!

Kevin Golding

Hi there Diane,you've jumped the first hurdle. This is a very welcoming and supportive community. All the best to you both with your current and future projects.

Denise Buckley

Hi Diane, It's great to know there are a few UK's about. I'm from the Lake District, an author, but hoping to break out into script writing

César Amaro

Hi Diana. I am Cesar Ortiz Amaro. Actor. We hope to stay in touch. Greetings.

Liz Leonard

Hi Diane Great to see someone from the London area. I am an actress/writer and hope to stay in touch. Here are my details:

Fred Galle


Doug Stephenson

Hi Diane, welcome and good luck with your projects.perhaps one day we can work together

Susan McEvoy

Hi, Diane. Great to hear your story. I have a script that takes entirely in England. I will either shoot it in the US or partner with a production company in the UK. Contact me if you want to discuss it for a future project. We can also discuss your distribution question. Thanks.

Bob Conder

Hello Diane, Welcome to the world of networking! Contact Brandon Purdie at He has distributed a few films for my friends and they are very happy with his company.

Denise Buckley

I would like to know more about you, and what makes you tick. Some say I'm nosey, but I'm just interested in eople

Denise Buckley

I'm interested in people too

Paul Hulm

Welcome on board Diane. If you ever need music for your projects, check out my sounds on my homepage or

Chris Calzia

Welcome aboard, Diane! There's lots of networking to be done on Stage 32! Go get 'em and drop me a line when you've got the time.

Bob Brill

I'm trying to pitch my london/york based script to someone over there. It's a dramady/black comedy/very unique script. any thoughts on trying to pitch and to who? my email is as I'd rather not discuss details in an open forum. Thanx Bob

Nicolas Laget

Hi Diane! I am a composer and sound engineer. Here to help if you need me.

Rafael Piovesan

Welcome Diane, I'm writer, actor, singer.

Simeon Oakes

Welcome Diane. Sounds great! I'm a classically trained London based actor. Do you have any new projects in the pipe lines?

David M Hyde

Welcome Diane, I'm not from London, but am currently pitching my current script which is based in London. I'd love to have you read it if you are looking for a project.

Diane Knight

just popping back in, thanks for taking the time to welcome me and all the network requests I will get around to answering all that have inboxed me, there just is never enough hours in the day are there! looking forward to speaking with you all in more depth :)

Mark Levine

Greetings, Diane. Love Stage 32. I will be coming to London in September for a rehearsed staged reading of a play. Will reach out to you and all London based Stage 32 folks as September approaches. Best wishes to you and your Husband!

G. K. Holland

awesome keep on truckn' Diane. You know when we step out into territory we're either unfamiliar with are afraid of on some level we usually find that place to be a great new command post. In other words your effort to step up and do something you were not so used to doing before will most definitely pay off due to the sincerity of your effort to do so. Best to you & your husband,

Colin Guest

Hi Diane, Good to see another English person on Stage 32. Although I am English I have lived in Turkey for the past 25 years and busy writing my memoir re working in 15 countries spread throughout the Middle & Far East & North Africa. This I think has possibilities for a TV series. Anyway Good Luck to you and your husband.

April Ranck

Hi Diane, good to meet you.

Shannon Moorland Hunziker


Marlene Hamerling

Hi Diane. I understand completely. I'm usually focused on projects and getting done what needs to be done. But, as time-consuming as it may be, the whole social media thing seems to be the way to go, so I'm investing in it, as well. Wishing you all the best... and I look forward to our being connected.

Bob Brill

As much as it is often a lot of BS, social media isn't going away and you can't ignore it. Often times I wonder why so much effort gets put into something which you cannot see a return on $$ investment. As it turns out though because of the "trend" we have to do it. Eventually it will somehow pay off. If not for us, for the companies which spring up telling us if we pay them to do our social media we will get "more" hits. Of course they are the ones getting the paycheck. I have not gone that route yet, still doing it on my own. Right now I'm at 1100 Twitter Followers and I facebook and Google but still have not joined the others such as Instagram, Pinterest and whatever other type comes down the line. I'm spending time every day doing it.

Brenda Iovino

For me I started Twitter a couple years ago to help with my book sales. Still a question. But now I'm doing a crowdfunding to help with taking a play of mine to South African Fringe Festival in July. It's not my thing being such an introvert but social media, like so many say, is here to stay.

Bob Conder

I was involved in the feature film "Freetown" through social media it has been booked in areas not previously scheduled. Purdie Distribution has done a wonderful job of promoting and exciting the audience for the film. Christian Jenson of Xortium has built a business out of promoting individuals through web and social media sites.

Marlene Hamerling

Thanks for the lead, Bob. Always good to know the name of a legit distributor. Also... I've been freelancing my whole life, and I've learned a few things about how to get work (haven't been thrown out onto the street yet:-)) I posted in the Lounge under Promotion, since that seemed the logical place for it. But it does address this whole issue of social media. So you might want to check it out.

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