Screenwriting : Using Celtx by Nicci Hartland

Nicci Hartland

Using Celtx

Has anyone used the Celtx program to write their screenplays? I was wondering if it was worth downloading.

E.B. Laird

It's not as good as Final draft or Movie Magic but it's good enough if you can't afford the others right now. The finished project basically looks the same you just have more tools and gadgets to help during the writing process with the other 2.

Simon © Simon

LOL Worth downloading.....Yeah since you have to get on an exercise bicycle to download it. LOL! Ouch.. the pain, my stomach from the laughter....Yes, I use it.

Eoin O'Sullivan

Celtx and Trelby are both excellent. I use Celtx and it's perfectly capable at setting out a script.

Michael J. Hitchcock

I've been using Celtx since I started writing. I tried a couple other products along the way, but I have always gone back to Celtx. Easy interface, good formatting, and I like the extras. Best possible price, too.

Nicci Hartland

Free is always good but sometimes free can be just a waste of time.

Eoin O'Sullivan

I never say no to a free beer . . .

Kira George

It is all I use... It is free, but this free is worth more than its price... :)

Jack Teague

I use it. Does everything you need done and there is a freeware version. Use it until someone wants to buy something you've written and wants it in another software.

Rashaad King

Definitely worth it. Got a script circulating in LA right now and I used it. So, until you can purchase FD, take advantage of it while it's FREE.

Forrest Rawls

I like Celtx and Fade In because of their mobile apps for Android. Both work well one is free the other is $50. Mobile apps are $5 for both.

Robert Hadley

Use what ever you can. As long as you are writing and your format is correct that's all that matters to be honest. When your able to buy something, Final Draft is worth the money it cost.

Tony Treloar

I use it and it's fast, easy and intuitive. Definitely worth a download!

Nicole M. Sartain

It's the only one I have ever used. It does get the job done! It was suggested to me by an Academy of Art screen writing instructor. I like it and use it for all my writing projects.

Brian Flinchbaugh

I use Celtx for all my writing and I love it. I have the lifetime subscription and it was a great decision. It's a great to format and back up your work at the same time. It's definitely worth the download.

Massimo Gallina

I'm in the process of writing my first short film with Celtx. It's a great program, maybe not the best one obviously, but it's free and free is good.

Angelica Louise

Great for Learning about formatting and writing those first scripts and its free!! But I'd defiantly recommend final draft

Cynthia Garbutt

I've used both and they each have pros and cons. FD is film industry standard, so that speaks for itself. However, Celtx has some features that are brilliant, esp internet interactive, graphics etc (for linking images, video, music to the script notes) that FD/8 doesn't have. I've been considering buying FD so I contacted them and asked about their CS dept about the internet feature, which I stated that Celtx has, to which they responded it should be forthcoming in the next FD version, 9 that'll be, whenever it comes out. You can also use FD's free demo, but you can only save 15 pages at a time. My SP is in parts, until I get the proper programme. I think I'll wait until it gets the internet interactive upgrade, cause if I buy it now, I'll have to pay the additional price for the upgrade. BTW with Celtx you can pay as you go, monthly or whatever, if you don't want to commit to it from the start.

Cynthia Garbutt

PS Check out the price for FD/8 on Stage32, tab "$Market" tab "software" you can get it with a discount, only $71.10, it's on offer until 30 Sep '13. Cheers

Ian C. Glover

its more than worth it, its my life saver. The only thing you need to convert it to PDF when your done with the file because the .celtx no one but someone who has the same program can open. I hope this helps :)

Nicci Hartland

Thanks for all the advice guys, I would love to get FD but alas the pennies are not there yet. Will have to get these awesome scripts written and then upgrade. Thanks again.

Ren Kennedy

Everything I've written has been on Celt-X and I love it - it's easy to use and has a lot of options - it's pretty basic but that's what I love about it and you can convert things to PDF easily and print them out and they look great - legit formatting I see no downside to working with Celt-x.

Armando Alejandro

I found it to be pretty good... I just stick to the free copy...

Brandon Parham

Definitely worth it. You don't have to download anymore, it's on the cloud.

Alex Sarris

If you want to take your screenwriting serious, buy Final Draft. It is pretty much an industry standard and the iPad version is affordable.

Nicci Hartland

Would love to but don't have the money right now

Peter Campbell

Hi Ellexia. I've used both Celtx and Movie Magic Screenwriter. Each has pluses and minuses, but I feel the bottom line - though some might dismiss it - is that anything is merely a formatting program designed to help you and production. If you have a GOOD IDEA that's the key. * Soapbox Moment for the Day *

Nicci Hartland

@peter yep that is true you can make a bad movie out of a good script but you can't make a good movie out of a bad script. The story is the key.

Andrew Petersen

I used Celtx. For a novice like me, it was perfect.

Ryan Henry Knight

Yes. It is definitely worth downloading.

Robert Kane

It's amazing!

Chris Leonard

You may want to try, it's free as well, and saves files online so you don't have to worry about losing them, though maybe inferior to celtx in ways I'm not aware of.

Janay Nyesha Jackson

Yes I use it and its good. I found out about celtx from my screenwriting class

Meir Sabbah

Celtx also can be saved in the clouds to be accessed on any computer. The most amazing tool that I found are the notes. You can share your file with a friend and he can review your script and add notes anywhere on the script!! Wether it be a typo or an idea on a line or anything, these little buttons pop up all over and you fix everything until you're done! Another great tool are the sluglines, they are grayed out during the editing to easily locate scenes and remain white when exporting as PDF. They have an Android App that SHOULD NOT BE USED. I downloaded it and after opening my file, it screwed up the entire formatting of my script. I had to spend 2 hours fixing it.

Marco Pieper

Celtx is great, until you start rewriting your script. It offers me no usable tools for that (like simply bookmarking lines in the script, the only thing I really need).

Douglas Strait

I've used it and it does fine, but Final draft is better. Celtx doesn't automatically advance dialogue and scenes to the next page when you run out of room at the bottom. The writer has to do that. If you find that other screenwriting software is too pricey, Celtx is a good substitute.

Sarah Walker

I tried using it briefly, but it was no where as good as movie magic. But as Douglas said, if you can't afford more expensive software, Celtx is a good substitute.

Ben Felix Spencer

Celtx is great. The best for me is the mobile apps as well, write on your ipad, then it's synched to all devices, everything's saved in the cloud so you can access your celtx scripts from any computer. It doesn't let you customise anything -- but maybe this saves me procrastinating too much! Why pay more? LOL Celtx should pay me something I reckon!

Scott Gunn

Celtx is great, especially for the price. And it is easy to use. The only problem I've had with it was that the font spacing or kerning seemed to be different from other writing software. A couple of years ago, I wrote a script intending to keep the number of pages below 120 pages. In Final Draft and Movie Magic, the script was around 115 to 118 pages. In Celtx, I could not get the pages below 124. At the time (a couple of years ago) there were some comments about this on their support page. Maybe that issue has been resolved now.

Janet Biery

Got it when I was doing Nanowrimo's script-frenzy. I bought Movie Magic several years ago, but it's on another computer and I havent' figured out how to transfer it. Thought Celtx is easier to use. Only thing I've completed a script in.

Alain Tartevet

I use Celtic for shorts and feature films and it is a great software. I love it. You can always switch to final draft later if you feel like you need more features...

No Le Picante

It's free so it's def worth downloading!Its a great program starting out. when you feel comfortable with script/screenwriting structure I say then upgrade to Final Draft.

Albert Barrera

I've used it before and found it easy to use.

Patrick Hampton

Its free and more then enough for any screenwriter to write a screen play.

Graham Inman

It's very good and if you decide to use it, it's worth paying for the upgrade as well.

Dennis P. Mitchell

It is a very good program. It is in ways better than Final Draft.

Tim Spears

It's great! Plus it's free so there no real risk involved.

I-Esha Henderson

I've used celtx for years. I've placed in contest and about to option and you can't tell the difference between it being celtx or final draft or whatever lol

Juan Pete Diaz

You will love it!

Melinda Heaney

its worth it. its like a free version of final draft just without some of the unnecessary perks

Alita Simpson

Its brilliant just like Final Draft, well almost, definately worth downloading,

Dustin Bowcott

Definitely worth downloading. Seems glitchy to me though. I downloaded it, used it to write one script and then reverted to my template in Libre Office Writer. What I didn't like about it was all the distractions and the lack of a function to save more than one copy of a script. In writer I simply click 'save as'. I could not find that feature in Celtx. So it lacked in something important and gave me a load of faff I don't need. If you really want to be filling in character information rather than writing, then Celtx may come in handy. Otherwise I don't see the point in it. A simple template in your office word program will suffice.

Dustin Bowcott

Thanks Jacqueline, I just checked again and there it is. I may give Celtx another go, what i did like about it was the predictive scene headings and character names. It saves a little time when you get used to it.

Douglas Strait

Celtx isn't bad. Personally, I see it as great for a writer whose budget won't allow them to purchase the more expensive software. It gets the job done. However, there are issues in screenplay structure that are automatically fixed with Final Draft that one doesn't find with Celtx.

Dustin Bowcott

I've just remembered something else I don't like about Celtx, there isn't an English version. Unless I downloaded the wrong one. I have the American-English version. I hate ugly red lines under my work. Sometimes it actually catches me out and I need to double check, only to discover that I am right after all. Hopefully, it's just something I'm missing again.

Andrew Finn Burhoe

Celtx is great if you don't got $100 to spend.

Andrew Finn Burhoe

Andrew - go to a college near you where they sell it. See how much it is and ask a student to buy. Know several people who did this to buy AVID dirt cheap.

Dustin Bowcott

Thanks but that doesn't work for me, I have US only. Maybe it needs an update or maybe it's a compatibility issue with Ubuntu.

Andrew Finn Burhoe

Dustin email celtx. By far some of the most resourceful tech support I've had the pleasure working with.

Ben Felix Spencer

Log onto, go to the Desktop bit, scroll to bottom, Free Dictionaries- download "British English" , et voila, pas de probleme ;)

Vienna Avelares
Dustin Bowcott

I rewrote a short using it yesterday (after deleting the old editable file by mistake), and it went well. I suppose I could be tempted to move away from the Office program I've grown to love. Clicking on the pdf tab now and again gives me a good idea of how many pages I've done. But in a way, I like not knowing what page I'm on. Is it possible to import .odt files into celtx? I'll find out myself in a while.

Andrew Finn Burhoe

That PDF section screws with you. What I often do is: Click print under celtx tab In print window. Click on preview. Then in preview I review how pages I have. Tends to be 1 to 2 pages more than celtx. I often tell them about this and they say keep doing what I'm doing. Final draft has the feature of telling you how pages you have and by 1/8s. Celtx need that.

Dustin Bowcott

Maybe the .pdf is messing up because you have different sizes for printing than you do viewing the .pdf? There is US letter size and A4.

Kirk Johnson

I use celtx and know others who do and everyone loves it, especially for a free product.

Andy Moseley

Celtx is great for screenplays, not as good for stageplays. There's a free download version with less functionality than the paid version, but for me it gives you all you need.

Ian C. Glover

celtx is great. its how i write my scripts.

Bill Beatts

If you are after a good scriptwriting software (and yes used to use Celtx) would recommend Adobe Story. We use the professional version but the free version is excellent for starting off. Personal opinion from an Adobe user.....

Anthony Cawood

I use Celtx and love it, for me the fact that it's on PC, iPad etc (and all free) is great... icing is saving to Cloud so I'm always working on most recent version of a script no matter what device!

Alain Tartevet

Sure! Download it! It's great and it's free! I use Celtic and love it.

Russell Buchanan

Celtx is grea for me, there are others with high credentials but on a former thread I kept seeing comms about their flaws, Celtx i nice and simple, also makes you red your typing more due to it's simplicity, hat's where I findmy mistas and can improve the story and flow.

Richard Trombly

Celtx is great. It is a simple interface and it is free in its basic form. Use it free until your big movie comes in and then pay them the premium membership so they can keep supporting the community of film makers .

Richard Trombly

It also outputs in .PDF or in rtf so if others demand it in another software, it can be transferred. The online collaboration is very useful since I like to have some trusted readers tear apart my writing as I do it...

Janet Biery

I loved it when it was free. Not sure what to do with the four scripts and one short I wrote in it.

Richard Trombly

Janet Biery , it is still free

Jane Schnitter

I used Celtx before I could afford Final draft

Richard Trombly

I switched to celtx after having paid for final draft... celtx had less crashing and better accepted alternate characters , useful if you type in other than English...

Richard Trombly

I found with Final draft that after every sentence I typed,I had to hit CRTL S ....

Jamie Pugh

Celtx is very easy to use and a very effected software.

Evan Kubena

Yes, very useful.

Peter Campbell

It's usueful, and I HAVE written on/with it -- but I still like going back to my screenwriting roots: Movie Magic. (bottom line though, if you have a good story to tell , Movie Magic - Celtx - Final Draft...they're all formatting tools. The best resouce is You.)

Forrest Rawls

I like Fade In and they also have a mobile app. I use Celtx for comic scripts and others, but I'm moving more toward using Fade In more often.

Cecil E. Davis Jr.

I do. I have written many scripts with it and like it better than final draft.

Jason Bradford

I have used it. I am accustomed to Final Draft and it is the industry standard so if you are writing to sell you should stick with the industry standard. That said; Celtx is easy and serviceable, I have used when collaborating long distance,

Webb Pickersgill

Celtx is a nice free way to get started, and worth the download. Final Draft is the industry standard though.

Emi Sano

They both are industry standard, one's just free. They have their own interface you have to work with. I use Celtx when I'm collaborating with classmates because it's free and our teachers recommended it. I personally like FInal Draft. It's a lot smoother to work with and I don't get frustrated with is as much as I do with Celtx. :)

Webb Pickersgill

Scrivener is AWESOME!

Robert Sprawls

Scrivener is good, but it doesn't put continues on pages, so...however, I love it for drafting. I really like that binder and wish there was a focused screenplay writer that had the same. Celtx does to a degree, but not nearly as powerful as Scrivener's. But, as a screenplay writer, it's lacking. It lacks reporting, it lacks a vertical ruler or at the very least, pagination, it's reporting on length is limited to reporting whole pages, so five lines on a page reports as a whole page taken up.

Roger Blomquist

It is becoming more and more powerful all the time and I would say absolutely it is worth downloading.

Robert Sprawls

Eoin, what platform do you use Trelby on? I've used it on Windows and I find it sometimes loses the keyboard. I type and nothing happens. If they could fix that problem, I think Trelby would beat out Celtx as a standalone. I would like to see the FadeIn developers work on a collaboration system like FD's and a binder and index card system similar to Scrivener.

Sarah Prewitt

Yes, I have used Celtx before and I use it quite regularly. I really like the program and it has gotten better and better with its further developments. I would say, yes it is worth downloading.

Robert Sprawls

I think Trelby is a better choice than Celtx. Trelby can export/import FDX and export PDF. I couldn't find where Celtx exports PDF. Perhaps the one for which you pay a monthly fee provides PDF export, but I couldn't find it in the free one. But at $9.99/mo or $69.99/yr for a celtx subscription, I'd recommend FadeIn before paid Celtx. So, Trelby for free, if you're going to pay something, but can't afford a lot, FadeIn.

Anthony Cawood

Not used Trelby so can't comment but Celtx does export to PDF very easily and Celtx is also free - the paid version has some features, primarily collaboration that you are paying for. My feeling is that Celtx, Trelby and Writers Duet are all free - so try them all and work out which works best for you.

Robert Sprawls

Anthony, you're right. I apologize to Celtx users. I didn't expect a PDF process like that. Different than simple PDF exporting.

Anthony Cawood

No probs Robert - it isn't the most obvious process but you quickly get used to it! On another note I'm sure I read something the other day saying that Writers Duet now paginated as accurately as Final Draft (one of their boasts)... so it may be worth a look.

Mike Leins

Absolutely worth it. Its free, easy to use and gets the job done.

Stacey Genève Travis

Mike is right. Celtx is absolutely worth it. I have Final Draft 7 and 8 but I tend to use Celtx, unless I have t use Final Draft. If you are a beginner, it will save you money to download Celtx for free. I wish you all the best.

Louis Van Schalkwyk

Celtx is MUCH more user-friendly especially if you're just starting out.

Signe Baumane

I like it!

Jennifer Frankenfield

Yes. I highly recommend it.

Henry Blackshear

have been using it for years. Its a great program

Andrew Penner

The free version of Adobe story has all if not more features then Celtx and is free. I would recommend that one first

Bill Beatts

Would agree with Andrew on Adobe Story free version albeit we use the professional version too ... Bill

John E. Bias

I use the program for screenwriting mainly because I use the app on my iPad a lot. Then use the cloud to upload any changes to the laptop or computer when I'm ready.

Christopher Binder

Great program, go for it. Wrote my first feature in college using it and am writing my second one using it.

Steve Dawson

I use it, but industry standard is final draft, and they are not compatible.

James O'Hagan

Agreed, I use Celtx now, but it's a pain in the ass sometimes. I do like the cloud feature though so I can jump from my Mac, IPhone and iPad.

Robert Sprawls

James, you could get that from a cloud drive, such as dropbox or amazon's cloud drive. Admittedly, the space is more limited, up to 5Gig, but it's free.

Ken Koh

Celtx is good but Adobe Story is Better

Fernando George la la Cruz

I use Final Draft 9. Its the industry standard for screenwriting. Look into Final draft.

Ken Koh

Yes I use Final Draft, is the best but pricey.

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