The Stage 32 Videos: Shorttrailer

The Wolves of Willloughby Chase

Trailer for the production of "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase' by by Joan Aiken and adapted for the stage by Russ Tunney. It is 1832. Wolves roam England, te...

'Minding Mama' - short Pitch film

'Minding Mama' is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction adventure penned by EJ Jackson,. At an undefined time in Earth's future, humanity is on the brink of extinction. An event the remnants of humanity know as 'the burn off' has all but destroyed the ozone layer - Earth's surface is little more than a dust bowl. Humans live underground, struggling to eke out an existence using hydroponic farms to create food. In one small community, only FarmBots Cyril and Celia venture above ground. Their purpose - to breed UV-resistant plants capable of surviving on the inhospitable surface. But Cyril and Celia are old, and beginning to malfunction... A young mother, desperate to save her son and suspecting that the surface is not as deadly as they have been led to believe, embarks on a perilous journey to find other survivors, and the truth... This short trailer was filmed and edited by Sue Turner of Elephant In Scarlet CIC (who also provided video effects); story-board by/directed by Dan V Shaefer (Film Story Boards) who also provided panel art & robot concept art; music by Matthew S Thomason (MS Thomason Music) ; Costume Design & Concept Art by Amanda Fullwood (Dark Forge Productions); with Kate Davies-Speak ('Dead Air', 'Barge People', 'Horizon' web series) as Mama and the voice of David Learner ('The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' stage/tv, 'Knightmare')

Commercial_1 (1).mov

Trailer for upcoming short film "Dead Hand" Coming this summer 2019

Trailer - November plum

Watch this little teaser for my short movie "November Plum" ~ Watch movie here: (password: np1)

Paid in Full Teaser (2018)

This is a teaser to the short film, Paid in Full. Release details coming soon! Actors: Brittney Dubose and DJ Lawrence Written and Directed by: DJ Lawrence Shot and edited by: Kin869

JFK JR. - Teaser Trailer #1

Biopic film about JFK JR. from 1968 until his death in 1999. Written & Directed by Darius Burke

A Silent Place - Trailer

Trailer for the new horror parody short "A Silent Place". A loving homage to "A Quiet Place".

LITTORAL Official Trailer

Love, mutual origins between cultures, memories and… Water; All are shared beyond boundaries and land limits. Drought might not be just the draining of water, but, drying out of many historical roots and memories of different nations and people. “Littoral” is a glimpse along of this drought shoreline.

Long Gone - Trailer

Long Gone is a short film I wrote the screenplay for and was released in 2017. The full film is available on Dan Douglas's (Director) website via this link -

Nightmares - Trailer

The trailer for a short film I worked on back in 2011. I even made a short cameo as one of the corpses/zombies. Fortunately for everyone, this is my one and only appearance in front of the camera. Check out the full video at Mitsuko Studios Youtube page -

"Love in the Future" TEASER TRAILER #2 - Science Fiction /…

Written & Directed by Darius Burke , in partnership with Cinematographer and Assistant Director Melissa Fidler, Presents... this short film titled "Love in the Future" , which follows the story of A young couple living in Hartford,Connecticut in the year 2060 adjust to living in an entirely technological atmosphere. As they walk around the city , they begin to try to understand how the U.S. National Security Agency and social media companies manipulated the population by allowing giant tech companies to profit off of excessive technology usage and mass surveillance.
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