Anything Goes : Here's a question that everyone has an answer to: Which movie ending shocked you the most? by Meir Sabbah

Meir Sabbah

Here's a question that everyone has an answer to: Which movie ending shocked you the most?

Mine would have to be "The Game" 1997

Sam Peterson

I think mine will have to be Orphan that's got a very unexpected end

Kamala Lane

The Skeleton Key

Sofia Tchernetsky

The MIST !!!!

Patty Sandoval Sralla

The Mist.

Mike Byrd

Primal Fear.

Mark Souza

Carrie - what has since become a cliché was a first in that movie. The Usual Suspects - Verbal Kint is Kaiser Soze: come on. Memento - because of a long term memory problem, Leonard would continue killing John G.s for as long as he lives.

Raquel Deloatch

The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Way We Were, In A Lonely Place, Dead Again

Meir Sabbah

Alex, that was freekin' hysterical

Beth Fox Heisinger

The Usual Suspects and The Crying Game.

Alex Sarris

Thanks Mike. I use S32 as a tool to make ppl laugh.

Meir Sabbah

You're good, I'll give you that

Raquel Deloatch

Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)... Love the ending.

Richard "RB" Botto

Very clever, Alex.

Richard "RB" Botto

I'm on board with all who mentioned The Mist. Absolutely did not see that coming. Stunning.

Roderick Walker

I would have to say I Am Number Four 2011.

Gabriel Dalguntas

gotta be The Mist for me and Fight Club just cuz its a really inceptiony movie.

Christopher Hart

It's a tie between "Six Sense"and "Identity"

Janet Scott

I can not remember the name of the movie.. The one where the underground tunnel collapsed....I thought the ending to that was.... WHAT! The folk were all going to drown if they couldn't get out... There was a dog... I think Sylvester Stallone was the Hero.

Lew Riley

"The Crying Game" (1992). Still not fully recovered.

Marco Pieper


Alfred Renaud

50 Yards to the Outhouse - written by Willie Makeit, directed by Betty Wont ;)

Bobby Reed

Sixth Sense

Immanuel Baldwin

The Color of Night

Ryan Henry Knight

The Mist and The Sixth Sense, definitely.

Cynthia Garbutt

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Dominic Luongo


Derek Williams

The Exorcist

Derek Williams

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Semeona Hemson

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Kevin Wesley Goodson

The movie SEVEN with Brad Pitt, the best ending ever!

Jeffrey Hoffman

The Shining

Paul Mailhot

The Empire Strikes Back

Brian Flinchbaugh

Primal Fear, FIght Club and The Usual Suspects are among the best endings I've seen.

Richard "RB" Botto

Primal Fear is a really good one. Forgot about that.

Babz Bitela, President

Primal Fear tied with Plant of the Apes. (the original)

Ray Anthony Martinez

The Usual Suspects

Janet Scott

Bruce Willis.... The sixth sense.....

Armando Alejandro

Shutter Island and The Dark Knight Rises

No Le Picante

Kill Bill Vol. 2. I expected a much longer fight scene!

No Le Picante

Hide and Seek! too

Keon Akoum

Saw 3

Tabitha Baumander

to be honest I cant think of one

Randall Roffe

Easy Rider. I thought a cool film when I was young, but I strongly dislike it now.

Eric Perez

Lady in the water

Peter Savigny

Agree with "The Game". That and "Jacob's Ladder".

Richard "RB" Botto

Been up there twice, Brian. Last time about 3 years ago. Fascinating.

Donald H. Steward

I would say for me personally "Waiting for Mr. Goodbar"! that ending still disturbs me to this day!

Roetta Collins

A Perfect Storm - I swear I thought it was going to have a happy ending and I cried like a baby!

Paul Mailhot

I mentioned Empire Strikes Back, but Shutter Island got me too.

Alfred Renaud

Okay let's try this again: i'll go with The NeverEnding Story. I mean the very moment the end credits started rolling i cried foul on principle....

Judy Mora

Dear Doby,The Game! That's one of my favorite movies! Also , I like the 5th Element, and Earth Girls are Easy, both have predictable endings but who's counting? I enjoy your braying Donkey! His teeth look 10 yrs old! I have 20 movie Horses ( including Pixie Dust a Littke Donkey thingy) in Malibu. Also other movie animals, hounds, cats , tame Lambys.Please call WHEN ( not if) you need Any animals , especially HORSES! Judy Mora( 310) 961-1584

Lew Riley

Judy, I believe "The Game" was the first film mentioned in this thread. The only "The Game" I know was the one written by the Nazi "O'Brien" in a very funny Seinfeld episode.... I offered "The Crying Game" to the mix. I'll have to see "The Game." I'll also have to see "The Mist," which was mentioned a lot. The most-mentioned is the most-worthy "The Sixth Sense."

Judy Mora

I believe ' The Game' he means is the one staring; Mike Douglas and Sean Penn. it is a thriller about a brother( Penn) who puts his brother ( Douglas) in a 'game ' with out his knowledge! I almost forgot ' The Edge' w/ Alec Baldwin & Elle McCfersen & Anthony Hopkins! Check that one out! Ps I love Seinfeld reruns , and New Adventures of Old Christine ( Elaine!) FUNNY!

Janet Scott

DAYLIGHT.... I thought the ending was too abrupt... felt like the writer didn't know what to write, so just wrote an ending to get it done anyway. Came away thinking... really enjoyed the movie... BUT! The ending could have been done differently. Would like to have seen the DOG saved.

Lew Riley

Yep, Judy, when I went to answer your post, I was shown the very first post, and the post-er nominates "The Game." However, he didn't describe the pic as you did. Now, I'm itchin' to see it! I wish they'd show reruns of "New Christine"; I've never got into that one--though I did fall immediately for "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Meir Sabbah

Lew and anyone else out there who haven't seen the game yet, PLEASE do! if you're itching for an "off your seat suspense" turning into a "fall off your seat" ending, just do the right thing, watch The Game.

Richard "RB" Botto

The Game is pure fun. Smart script, great direction from Fincher, and a controlled performance by Douglas. Suspend your belief a bit and go for the ride.

Harry Johnquest

The end, profound and vivid, if not shocking, is exceptionally memorable -- as was nearly every scene in the movie "Citizen Kane." The ending, when a child's sled emblazoned with the name "Rosebud" is tossed into the fires and burns, has emotional impact that still hits hard over the decades. Thank you, Mr. Welles.

Christopher J.hines

Se7en. Sixth Sense. Usual Suspects.

Tamir Yardenne

6th Sense, one of my all time favs.

Dominic Luongo

The 40-Year-Old Virgin, I did not expect a dance number.

Dominic Luongo

@Cory Once it hit the "Let the Sunshine In" part, the credits did roll, but there was the whole "Aquarius" bit before that. Either way, the question was "Which movie ending shocked you the most," and to that I would like to submit Exhibit A:

Amber Dannehl

Invasion of the Body Snatchers(1978) version I honestly wasn't expecting that end, Leonard Nimoy's(I think) character to look up at the camera and make that sound. so memorable but shocking

Stephen Vani

The Usual Suspects, gotta love Kevin Spacey.

Meir Sabbah

Nice to see the resurection of this post!

Bobby Reed

The Sixth Sense

Amber Dannehl

there's one that didn't so much shock me as confused me the first couple times I saw it, the final scene in 'A History of Violence'. Having a silent scene as the end of that movie didn't quite make sense until several re-watches later when I watched a bit closer and picked up on the subtle things in it. You don't need anything except the character's movement to make a good scene... uncertainty from both, one looks up, the other looks up they both appear to see what they were hoping to, relief. roll credits. The music didn't hurt the scene either, it was there but it didn't overwhelm the scene like it could have easily done if done wrong.

Ellecina Eck

The Prestige. That one demands multiple views!

Michelle J Kenoyer

Usual Suspects. Kevin Spacey's character being (SPOILER ALERT) just freakin' blew me away.

James Breckenridge


Madeline Romine

I would have to say the movie identity with John cusack and primal fear both of them just blew me away

Terence Rosemore

I can't believe no one said Arlington Road

Mark OFuji

The Mist.

J. Jim Hayes

Just recently. It has to be 'Prisoners'.

Randall Thomasson

Hitchcock's 'Psycho' 'I'm not even going to swat that fly'

Charles Rule

The Usual Suspects-(not sure if I got the title right)-Kevin Spacey...The end really upset me. I loved it!

Michael Jennings

Seven, The Usual Suspects, and Fallen all have excellent endings, especially Seven, which introduced the element of revenge (Wrath on the list of seven deadly sins) at the end of the third act as a motivation for Brad Pitt's character. Absolutely brilliant maneuver! My favorite, though, has to be the ending of an old Sam Peckinpah film called THE BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE. If you've never seen this film, watch for it. It's a classic. Jason Robards, Slim Pickens, David Warner, Stella Stevens, Strother Martin, L.Q. Jones, R.G. Armstrong... what a great cast and story!

Gabriella Gill

The ending of London Boulevard. It was a terrible ending, not only shocking. Everything you'd assumed would be the payoff in the movie was destroyed in the last 30 seconds before the credits rolled.

Catherine Eveleth

The Sixth Sence.

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