Screenwriting : Just for fun. Complete the thought... by Chad Stroman

Chad Stroman

Just for fun. Complete the thought...

Writing a new screenplay is like...

Chad Stroman

(Ok. I'll start)

...starting a long hike up a mountain. You can see the object you want conquer but sometimes the details of the path to get there aren't readily apparent.

Adam Harper

...navigating your way out of a maze made of brambles - much more enjoyable with a map, and without the blindfold.

Sarah Clarke

playing D&D with yourself

Diandra Anne Mamo

. . . unravelling a sculpture out of fresh marble :)

Tony S.

crawling across field of broken glass to reach a washboard road where you'll be dragged behind a pickup to arrive at a beach where a tsunami hits to be swept away to a field of broken glass.

Martina Cook

...marriage - so what Tony said :)

John Iannucci

Walking through a portal into a new unknown land

Roberto Dragonne

Giving birth to a bunch of people at the same time.

Marcus McClellan

Jumping off a high dive, and doing a belly-flop

into my personal well of pain....

David Downes

living in van down by the river. Oh, wait...

Todd Bronson

a slow climb up a rollercoaster to an adventure of the imagination.

Anu Deshpande

having a pizza after months of diet... :)

Rob Ewing

Wiping your %%s with silk with occasional bouts of scraping your forehead against a cheese grater.

Jemma Hooper

... a battle between your creative self and the in-built slacker that inhabits all of us. Those of us with focus and drive can make it happen. Those of us who like left-over pizza and kahlua just a little too much will be inclined to struggle. ;)

Vic Burns

Hanging out the laundry. Necessary and extremely dull in equal measure. But what a feeling when you’re done... (see also changing duvet cover).

Tom Stohlgren

Watching a movie premier in your mind!

Dan Guardino

Like starting another job.

Joe Diamond

Listening to the cacophony of voices in your head and treating them as if they're actual people. It's a form of controlled schizophrenia.

Doug Nelson

...beginning a new voyage.

Chris Courtney Martin

...starting a new life.

Natalie Farst

Telling a new story that you feel needs to be heard

Peter Roach

letting others see your DNA.

Cherelynn Baker

meeting new friends!

PJ Edwards

dancing in the street

Mercedes Street

accidentally going to an AA meeting when you were looking for book club

Ellison Wright Baldwin

trying to write something better than the last screenplay I've wrote.

Rayn D Smith

reading that great novel you just can't put down.

Mike W. Rogers

finally feeling like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Doug Nelson

...plunging blindly down the rabbit hole.

Victor Titimas

Going to war.... The first 30 go easy, then you fight for each page, each row-I swear sometimes the screenplay has a mind of its own, like it purposely places errors for you to struggle with

Patricia Poulos

having a void within you have to keep shoving stuff into - spitting it out - chewing - spitting - more in - digesting then repeating again and again. And don't forget about the formatting.

Constance York

Being GOD. Creating life and death, joy and misery.

Wal Friman

the boat trips between the islands as a kid. You enjoy the company, the ride and the locations, but are freaked out about those rocks luring just below the surface.

James DuBose

"If I were writing a script I wouldn’t have been able to do what happened naturally in each of these shows ...” -- James DuBose

Zlatan Mustafica

Like going on a first date… You never quite know how it´s going to turn out. Will there be sparks? Are you going to stay the course? Is it boring? Any butterflies deep down in that stomach? Exciting… And sometimes painfully bad...bad...bad... :)

But in the end... Hapy to have done it, to do it and keep on going on those first dates. Methaphorically speaking, of course :)

Patricia Poulos
Patricia Poulos

Can think of nothing more terrifying than first dates. But when its over it's over. When you begin a script, it's never over. You struggle for ideas, characters, and story then you rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. Even when you shelve it as finished you rewrite. It's never over - never until it's sold or...

Pamela Bolinder

For me, it's like going on a vacation to a new place, a new adventure, new challenges! It's exciting! Creating is just fun.

Callum McKay

If I was being topical, writing a new screenplay is like supporting your team at the world cup. Starting out full of optimism and expectations of greatness, then very quickly the reality of a grinding slog kicks in. There's momentary flashes of brilliance that you will harp on about to anyone who will listen, but ultimately you come away saying stubbornly and proud, 'next time will be better'. The whole thing is tough, but you know it's worth it and would do it all again.

Doug Nelson

...a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get.

Anthony Moore

Facing the biggest bully you've ever seen and know that you'll get your butt kicked but you go into the fight anyway hoping to at least finish with all your limbs in tact.

Patricia Poulos

Callum, I think you've described the feeling we all share.

Patricia Poulos

Doug, this is the reason I can't understand how it is said you write your Logline first. You know you need the box of chocolates (Logline) but until you start eating you're not sure (or at least I'm never sure), where each thread will lead me. Hence, must wait until I've finished - and then some - before I can comment on the whole box. Thank you Doug.

Rachel Teo

Going on an adventure where your journey is the best reward and you are happy, regardless of whether you arrive at the destination or not.

Aray Brown

Opening Pandora's box

James Drago

Starting or finishing?

Litho Freeman

... the day when construction starts on a new house that you've been dreaming of.

You have the plans, the drawings laid out, and the image of the house when it's finished, but along the way your fighting weather conditions to get things in place, you begin to worry about the fixings that will drive the inside story of your household, and you find yourself kind of regretting even taking the project on at times.

Then, with determination, will, and a refusal to leave the plot of land half empty, you and possibly a partner, finish your beautiful, elegant, household.

....Then you add more stress by then trying to sell it lol.

Yvonne Herr

Embarking on a journey into the unknown, exploring unfamiliar territory, discovering the treasure within you that’s been hidden for so long and bursting at the seams with excitement because now you can share it with the whole world!

Mitch Bechtold

...taking a break from my current script.

My goal is to really focus on one script and grind it out, but it's difficult because it's much easier to have a new idea and start writing that. The really challenge is focusing on one all the through completion.

Tony S.

romping and gamboling with unicorns and fairies in pastel-hued fields near rivers of milk and honey under a purple sky and vibrant rainbow. Then a mean and green ogre invades. He wields a big club studded with adamantine nails and bellows, "YOU SUCK!"

Chad Stroman

Stanley N. Lozowski Not sure if this was intended for me. I don't write any music. I very much enjoy music however.

Stephen Olson

Writing a new screenplay is getting a monkey off your back.

Kevin Carothers

Is a three month period where all you ask yourself is "...what happens next..."

Bill Costantini of the most enjoyable experiences in the world.

Mary Goldman

riding a roller-coaster you've never ridden before.

Michael L. Burris

Crumbled characters of a grandiose sensationalized self unless its a rue story. Perhaps there is still some of that in those as well.

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

..the beginning of a venture.

Rutger Oosterhoff

It's like "Dr. Who" meets "ET" meets Mr. Brown.

Stepping in to an antique English phone booth thinking it's the Tardis. And after deluding yourself you've come to your sences, trying to phone home. Stepping out of the booth all confuced, you bump into a Bobby who arrests you for 'misuse' of public property. While driving you and his white ass to the police station - he tries to convince you he's really Bobby Brown; writing a screenplay about his life. You find a fake gun on the back seat and try to shoot yourself... before Bobby who took too much Brown crashes full speed into a real phone booth.

Kevin Carothers

slapping myself silly to stop the following distractions.

*. Netflix / Cable InstantWatch

*. Twitter / Facebook

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

like eating a potato chip. No writer can do just one.

Tony S.

boofing in the Devil's Triangle while ralphing many, many times during a FFFFFFFourth of July Beach Week.

John Iannucci

When i get to the end - torture - like watching the news channels this week

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

taking a deep breath, like a whale, then submersing for hours, weeks, months, a whole universe unto yourself, then finally, you rise, break the surface, spout a stream of story for the world to see, and hope someone catches a glimpse of it, appreciates the beauty...

Pamela Bolinder

Sarah! Your eloquence made me smile! Nite.

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