Success Stories: FEB'12 I am now a repped screenwriter

I am now a repped screenwriter

In less than a month being on this wonderful website, I found an agent on here. I contacted them and was signed two weeks later. This is really an awesome place to network.

Kim Thai

That's wonderful! Would love to hear more about your story and how you met your agent.

David L Tamarin

How specifically were you able to find an agent? Congratulations I just joined the site but have seen a lot of opportunities for writing, acting, producing, PR and legal work

Stacey Chehardy

The first few days I was here, I made as many connections as possible, commented on posts that interested me. It wasn't long that I saw an agent comment on someone's post. I clicked on their profile and found their web site. I went to their web site and saw that their submission policy is a query letter and first 15 pages of the screenplay. I sent it and three days later I received an email stating they wanted to sign me. Fortunately, they have two offices, one of which is only 30 miles from me. The company is owned by three people. The person who read the query and first 15 was at their other office, so I met with the other two owners. They had not read my query or first 15 but met with me based upon the recommendation of the other. I went to the meeting prepared. The two asked me if I brought a copy of the screenplay, of course I did! When the 'main' owner took it and opened to page one, she started saying, "No no no no no, this is horrible!" My heart sunk. She grabbed a pen and began circling all over the page.... apparently it is a 'no no' to use 'ing'. I did not get defensive, I saw it for what it error in format - she had still not really read the thing. Two hours later (and even they were surprised they spent so much time with me) they handed me a contract to sign. Long story short - I got involved in this site and worked it; I have a hook in my screenplay; I am easy to work with and receptive to constructive criticism; I was not nervous, was myself and eager to learn. If anyone follows those steps, they can get an agent too. Another source of contacts is the 2012 Hollywood Screenwriting Directory available at the Writer's Store (I think there is a link in the Marketplace link above. Best of luck to you!

Robert Destefano

Congrats on your success!

Kev Minton

Congratulations! Good luck with your project!!

Sivaraj Pragasm


Stacey Chehardy

thanks for the well wishes, it is appreciated

Ntinos Tselis

Congratulations Stacey!!

Keverne Eason Mapp

First of all,BRAVO Stacey! always happy to hear that you did the right way.You requested my friendship only yesterday,so I'd like to offer you my sincere felicitations again on your new contract,and having ask me in,plus your very smart comments on one of the discussions we're following..!!

Chaitanya Kulkarni


Giordano Trischitta

Wicked! Congrats!

Malcolm Carter

YEAH, Stacey! That's what's up!!! lol.... congrats!!!!!

Virginia Shine

That is wonderful!

Fernando Buson

Oh my, that's wonderful! Congratz!

Stacey Chehardy

Thank you all for the congrats, it is really inspiring to me and I do appreciate you all.

Jason C Killpack

thats great Stacey!

Shondra Marie


Vanessa Johnson

That is so amazing!!!

Geoff Breedwell


Joe Orlandino

Congrats !

Chip Street

That's great, congratulations! I'll be curious to follow how having representation enhances your career...

M Powers

Wonderful! So happy for you!

Shabazz Ray

Congratulations Stacey! :)

Stacey Chehardy

I am truly blown away by all of your well wishes, you are amazing people, thank you!

Linda Summer

Fantastic news Stacey - many people produce their best work later in life. Just goes to show that it is never too late to chase our dearest dreams.

Marcus Hanftaler

Great news Stacey! All the best to you!

Leslie Trotter

Congrats Stacey...your success is what I pray for daily.

Stacey Chehardy

Thank you again for all of the well wishes, it is truly inspiring and I am grateful.

Peter Campbell

Congrats Stacey. Good to hear.

Kevin S. Birnbaum

Wow! Great work. Now try not to pull your hair out when dealing with your agent.

Jack Teague

Fantastic! Congrats!!

Stacey Chehardy

Lol Kevin, thanks for the warning! Thank you all for the congrats and well wishes

Daisy White


Michele Fano

Lovely! Congratulations!

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