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12 Days of Creative Collaboration - From Concept to Distribution: Get Your Film Made

Day 12: Film Distribution

In our 12 days of creative collaboration, you now can get your film out to the world. It's time for your film to be seen by audiences and with a variety of new distribution options - limited theatrical, VOD and more, you have plenty of options to get your film distributed - we're here to help you!

11 Things You Must Do Before Approaching Distributors

Netflix, Amazon & Hulu: Distribution 101

Self-Distribution: Limited Theatrical (or Limited Platform) Domestic Release

How To Find Distribution For Your Indie Film


Day 11: Marketing Your Film

You've made your film, it's made it past post production, and now it's time to get it marketed and out to the world. We're here to help you navigate the fun part of marketing your film:

OK, You Made Your Film, So Now What?

Planning The Best Film Festival Strategy For Your Film

How To Understand, Identify & Secure A Sales Agent


Day 10: Post-Production

"It's a wrap!" never really is a conclusion of your, it's time to find your film in post production. It takes a tremendous army of talented post-production professionals to help make the footage you've shot come to life. We're here to help you with the following webinars:

Post-Production: Finding The Film

DCP 101 - Your Ultimate Guide to Digital Cinema Packages For Filmmakers

How To Develop Your Narrative Voice As An Editor

Filmmakers: Get the Best Music for Your Movie


Day 9: On-Set Film Production

The day you step on set to yell "Action" is always an exciting time for any filmmaker. Just as pre-production had many moving parts, your film set is equally as busy. We've pulled together some great Stage 32 education to help your production set run smoothly:

Directors: How to Get Believable Performances from Actors

Production Coordinator Master Class: Be A Unique & Efficient Production Coordinator

DIY Cinematography

10 Things Every Filmmaker Needs To Know About Lighting

The Indie Guide to Costuming the Cast

The “Art” of Craft Service


Day 8: The Casting Process

If you are an actor, when a film is in pre-production it’s time for you to be prepared to bring your “A” game when auditioning for roles. We have brought in some of the top people working in the industry to talk through nailing the casting process:

How to Impress a Casting Director

Actors: 10 Tips To Booking Work That No One Is Telling You

Making The Audition Yours


Day 7: Creative Pre-Production

Now that you have the business in order it’s time for the fun part – the creative pre-production process! We’ve brought in some of the top executives and producers working on making your creative pre-production goes smoothly and you can make your movie magic happen:

Pre-production: The Film Director's Process of Discovery

The Casting Process: How To Create A Great Ensemble Cast For Your Film

Location Scouting 101



Day 6: Pre-Production Business

Once you’ve been greenlit, it’s time to to get to work on making your film, but, you need to make sure that your business is in order before you do. We’ll help guide you through some of the steps necessary to make sure your pre-production business runs smoothly:

Get Smart, Get Legal, Get Protected

Film Pre-Production Step by Step Guide

Budgets, Cash Flows, & Cost Reports

Production Insurance 101: Everything You Need To Know To Insure Your Independent Film.

Day 5: Crowdfunding - A New Way to Raise Funds For Your Film

You have the option to raise funds for your film through crowdfunding if you're electing not to do traditional film financing. Now, more than ever, there are many ways you can successfully fund your film through rewards-based and equity-based crowdfunding. We'll help you navigate the difference with some of the top experts in the industry:

Your Keys To A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

How to Finance Your Project with Equity Investors Using the Internet

Advanced Crowdfunding For Filmmakers Master Class


Day 4: Traditional Film Financing - Microbudget to $3MM

Your script is ready, now it's time to raise money for your film. No matter what your budget, we've brought in some of the top producers to teach you how to raise financing for your script from micro-budget up to $3MM:

Season of Learning  Giving Season of Learning  Giving  Season of Learning  Giving


Day 3: Your Pitch - How To Get the Most Success In the Room

Now that your script is ready to go into the market - it's time to pitch! Here are some webinars from incredibly accomplished producers to teach you about how to be good in a room - plus, some production companies & managers who are taking pitches this week!

Season of Learning  Giving Season of Learning  Giving Season of Learning  Giving

Click below to pitch your project to:

Viewfinder Pictures - The Men Who Stare At Goats, Saving Mr. Banks, Suffragette, Jane Eyre [2011]) and John Henry F**king Browne

Route One Films - Free State of Jones, Tallulah, Last Knights, A Walk in the Woods, Equals, and Secret in Their Eyes

Good Universe - Don't Breathe which has grossed $150MM off its $10MM budget.

26 Keys Productions - 6 Keys Productions is run by Noah Hawley, creator and showrunner of award-winning FX miniseries Fargo and the upcoming FX series Legion.

Art/Work Entertainment -They represent writers like Eric Heisserer, writer of Arrival, Light's Out, and The Thing.

Day 2: The Script - Perfecting Your Script

The heartbeat of any film is the script. If you need some technical advice from accomplished development executives making some of the best films today, check out some of these great webinars:

1st, 2nd and 3rd Act:

Season of Learning  Giving Season of Learning  Giving Season of Learning  Giving

To help with some of the nuances of your script, we also have advanced webinars to help you perfect your writing technique:

  Season of Learning  Giving  Season of Learning  Giving Season of Learning  Giving

Day 1: Networking - It's All About Who You Know

Any great project all starts with a great team, and, in order to have a great team you have to network. Honing your craft is only part of your job of being a creative - networking is 50% of of your, get to it! Here's some great webinars that will help you with networking, no matter what your discipline or location:

Season of Learning  Giving Season of Learning  Giving Season of Learning  Giving 

Season of Learning  GivingSeason of Learning  Giving Season of Learning  Giving


About the Season of Learning and Giving

This year we introduce our Season of Learning & Giving on Stage 32. We make it our mission every day to encourage and support every creative, no matter what age, skill level or location, to reach for their dreams. So this year, Stage 32 is supporting Kids In The Spotlight: Movies By Kids, For Kids, an organization which provides mentors to train underprivileged youth who are in the foster care system to create, write, cast and star in their own 10-minute short films. We are proud to announce that we will be donating a portion of Stage 32 Education and Happy Writers proceeds throughout December to this amazing non-profit.

This means that simply by furthering your creative and career goals, you will also be helping foster care youth realize theirs as well.

Pretty rewarding, no?

To kick off our Season of Learning & Giving, and in the spirit of the platform, we are launching our 12 Days of Creative Collaboration initiative called From Concept to Distribution: Get Your Film Made. During the next 12 days we are going to take you through each step of what it takes to to get a film off the ground and to an audience. In short, we will be providing you with all the tools necessary to give you the confidence and tools to launch your next project. If that isn't cool enough, while you're learning you'll be also be providing help designed to educate and empower the next generation of young filmmakers.

As always, thanks for the love, support and for participating in our Season of Learning & Giving!



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