Acting : Echelon 8 by Gary Craig

Gary Craig

Echelon 8

The film Echelon 8 just hit Netfix! Here I am in one of numerous scenes playing FBI Section Chief Mark Warren. Actor Rick Lohman plays my CIA counterpart.

Bryce Bullis

Now I'll have to get Netfix so I can see if you got Wescott...

Kristine Fambrough

Excellent! I'll catch it on Netflix.

Gary Craig

Thanks Bruce

Paul Sumares

Boy, that looked like a lot of fun to play! You did a great job, Gary. I want to see it now.

Gary Craig

Thanks Paul. It was. I actually had alot of acting chemistry with Rick Lohman who played the CIA chief.

Karen Buckton

"Sitting there on your little high horse." That's a new one. Well done Gary!

Gary Craig

Totally agree. For some reason they wanted to stay away from the harsh languge. Fucking high horse would have been better, and "cut the shit" instead of "cut the crap"

Chuck Dudley

You have a great look Gary! Great delivery too -- oh I guess they call that good acting. Nice work!

Gary Craig

Thank Chuck. Really appreciate the kind words

Richard "RB" Botto

Great job, Gary!

Gary Craig

Thanks Richard

Carlos A. Samudio

wow, love this exterior acting..very rough and hard edged, great delivery on lines too..very believable!

Gary Craig

Thanks Carlos. Love playing a hard-ass even though I'm equally comfortable with comedy

Carlos A. Samudio

I would like to see more comedies actually. Looking to branch out that way. I def. do not like producing dramas.. more action/comedy/ thrillers are more up my alley. :-)

Gary Craig

Sorry John, none of your comments make any sense what-so-ever. Ya gotta go pal!

Harry Thomas

Great video clip...

Pat Yeary

I'm a believer! Good work!

Jack Teague

Pretty Work, Gary!!

Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi

Nice work. You have great screen presence.

Gary Springer (Renegade)


Joseph de Cross

Cut the crap and give Gary the damn Wescott! Excellent job. I wish Petraus would play Brian's part! I could see you both pushing it to the limit (on a 30th floor)!! Congrats Gary!

Natasha Dixon

Great work. Congratulations!!

Travanti Waller

That was a dandy little scene. Good scene work.

Gary Craig

Thanks David!

Gary Craig

Thank you all for the encouraging comments, much appreicated

James Holzrichter

Nice now you know I am going to have to go watch it. :)

Gary Springer (Renegade)


Ron Brassfield

Nice job, Gary.

Benjie Anderson

Sweet, Gary! One of these days when I grow up...

Russell Bolding

Awesome job, Gary! You can play my mobster any day of the week! :D

Jewell Williams

Great Job!! Gary, I will look for this on Netflix and watch the whole thing. Cool I am only 1 degree from knowing famous people. :-)

Marlene Dollinger

Really cool Gary.:-). I absolutely liked it and will check on Netfix..

Kev Minton

You have a good look and timing on screen. Nice clip.

Gary Craig

Thanks Kev!

Gary Springer (Renegade)


Imani Allen

Go ahead now!! Congrats!!

Sean McPherson

Nice scene, Gary! Intense!

Gary Craig

Thanks Sean

Jacquelynn Sirach

Great! I'll definitely catch this on Netflix.

Lori Rae Martin

Nice work. You intimidated the heck outa me. :-)

Brownie & Billy Wiseman

looks like a good movie

Gary Springer (Renegade)

thks Gary Springer (Renegade)

JD Beales

Nice clip. I'll check the film out.

Gary Craig

Thanks all..thanks Mary and Lori. Hope I didn't scare you too much Lori!

Sharon Agina

I look forward to watching it.

Lorraine Eubank

Verrry nice!

Jewell Williams

Just finished watching this on Netflix. You did a great job in all your parts.

Gary Springer (Renegade)


Gary Craig

Thanks Jewell

Matt Milne

you play the dark veiled undertone very well.

Gary Craig

Thanks Matt!

Gary Craig

Thanks much Mary

James Holzrichter

Watched it last night. :)

Elan Barnehama

very cool

Alessandro Luz Braz

Very good, guy!

Ashley Chikonde

Nice suit Gary! You killed it!

Gary Craig

Thanks and thanks!@

Josh Mihal

nicely done Gary.

Albert Barrera

Fantastic work, Gary.

Sandra Santiago

Awesome. I just put my 3rd youtube video up, let me know what you think Gary

Gary Craig

Thanks Albert

Sultan Giglio


Kalvin O'Neal

Great job!

Gary Craig

Thanks for the compliment Matt, but apologies for my next sentence....I'm not in charge of the site, and don't control what stays up and what doesn't. But again, to you and all the other professionals that commented..I really apprecaite the kind words!

Gary Craig

I'm very surprised that it's still there..and delighted at the same time!

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Matt. I just addressed this to you on FB. Seems as if you are posting this everywhere, so allow me to comment here as well. Trending criteria is a work in progress. There are nearly 100,000 people on this site, and literally tens of thousands of posts a day. It's easier said than done as to how the trending posts are compiled. Having said that, we're fine tuning all the time and are working on this as we speak. Remember...There are only 2 full time people who work on this site....and the site is free. There is a ton to cover every day...I ask you to be patient. Thanks. RB

Gary Craig

Marc, the actor in the chair is Rick Lohman.

殷 宏新

Although is a small piece of lens, but very comfortable and natural good negotiator, Gary Craig.

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