Filmmaking / Directing : 5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Finalists are Announced! by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Finalists are Announced!

I am pleased to announce the finalists are now announced for our 5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest. These talented filmmakers are in the running to advance to be selected into the 5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Program...please join us in congratulating them!

Felix Pineiro

It's truly an honor to be included amongst this group of filmmakers in the Finals. Congrats cast & crew! Thanks for the continued support Stage 32!

Mike Smith

Thanks Stage32 for including "Kismet" as a finalist!! Congrats to all of the finalists and everyone who participated in this competition. Can't wait to watch everyone's films!

Here's a sneak peak of "Kismet":

Grace Yee

Thank you Stage32 for this incredible honor and recognition!! The "SHIRi" team is THRILLED!!! Thank you @wallybirdproudctions! Congratulations to all the finalists!!! We cannot wait to see your films!!!

Gretl Claggett

The FLIP THE SWITCH team is honored and I'm over-the-moon with gratitude to be included among all the talented filmmakers as a Finalist! THANK YOU Stage 32 for your support -- and for all you do to inspire, inform & help indie creators! Best of luck to everyone! Looking forward to seeing your films... Till soon, #FlipTheSwitch #ChaseTheDream #KeepTheFaith #KeepCreating

Michael Trainotti

Congrats to all the finalists!!! The ONE DARK NIGHT team is thrilled to be included among all these amazing filmmakers!

Spencer Glover

Congrats to everyone on the finals list! Honor make it this far in the competition! From the cast and crew, thanks Stage32!

Nic Penrake

My daughter, Shiona Penrake, and I are thrilled to find our film Look Inside in this year's finals. Congrats to all those who have made it this far. Happy to have connected with some of you already. All the best.

Shiona Penrake

Woo! Well done to those who made it this far! Can't wait to see your films! :D

Paul Ménagé

« SANS DIRE AU REVOIR » is a finalist !!!!!

Thank you to the entire STAGE 32 team for giving visibility to the short film format! To encourage young directors! And give them a chance to come forward. It's fantastic to see a platform bringing together so many film buffs and professionals.

Thank you to the whole team and to the actors of my short film, you were fantastic!

Stéphane Monpetit, Renaud Roussel, Magali Semetys, sincerely thank you! Good luck to everyone !!

Gwenn Joyaux

We're so happy we've made it this far! Thank you so much Stage32 team. This is such an honor.

Congrats to everyone here! You all are great!

Joshua Shepardson

Congratulations to all the finalists! The Merrick Carlyle Has A Problem team is incredibly excited to have made it this far. I felt great just being able to have made a film that I loved with some of my absolute favorite people, but to have professionals and strangers tell me that it's actually a great film, too, is overwhelming. I have high hopes now for the rest of Merrick's festival run, and I wish you all the best of luck on this contest and all others as we await the final results this week

Diane Foster

Congratulations to all the FINALISTS!!! We are ecstatic that our film "SHIRi" has been selected for this incredible honor with all of you!! Everyone at WallyBird Productions, and Team SHIRi including myself, our Writer/Star Grace Yee and Director Micah Coate are so thrilled!! Thank you Stage 32 for championing indie film and giving us this opportunity!!! We are so very grateful! Looking forward to watching all of your films! Big Hugs!!

Seamus Waters

Such incredible news to have The Invisible Boy included amongst such a strong group of finalists. As a film that's only beginning it's festival journey this is such a welcome boost. Thanks to Stage 32 and congrats to the other finalists, I hopefully will get a chance to see your films at some stage. As always if anyone has any questions about filmmaking or festivals in Ireland just reach out! Cheers, Séamus

Michael Hull

We are so honored to be in this group of amazing Stage 32 finalists. Thank you Stage 32 for the recognition and good luck to everyone. Michael Hull, Producer/Director

Leo McGuigan

We’re beyond thrilled to have THE INVENTION named as a finalist in this year’s contest! It’s been such a thrill to see some of the incredible work being put out by a group of wonderful storytellers. Good luck everyone!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Congrats to all the finalists! Great work, y'all!

Grace Yee

Thank you Karen!!

Congratulations to everyone!!!!!

Tayo Amos

Thank you Stage32 team for selecting A BLOSSOM IN THE NIGHT as a finalist!! Definitely validating to see a story that showcases a black girl in sci-fi be chosen. Fingers crossed to be selected and congratulations to all the other finalists! If you're interested in learning more about the project, let me know as we are developing the feature version.

Seamus Waters

Hey all! Hope everyone's having a super weekend! We've just released the trailer for 'The Invisible Boy'. I've left it below if anyone wants to take a look.

Grace Yee

Congratulations to all the FILMMAKERS!!! Team "SHIRi" has been such an honored to be surrounded by incredibly talented and diverse group of creators! Huge shout to all the winners! Thank you

Stage 32 for this recognition and this incredible opportunity!!

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